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How to choose the right skis and poles for growth for child and adult: table

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The growth of an athlete — one of the main factorsthat must be considered when choosing skis. This parameter determines the ideal length of the sports projectile, and ski poles.

It is important to take into accountthat modern models are made from new materials, shorter than those used in previous decades.

So in that case, if you want to buy yourself or your child skiing, you should not rely on the figures that were previously considered generally accepted.

How to choose the right skis and poles for growth?

Usually ski for classic should exceed the height of the athlete at 20-30 cm from the Ridge model is much shorter, the excess is not more than 15 cm.

However, these recommendations and the figures that are presented in the table below must be treated carefully.

The ideal length of skis for two different skiers of the same height may vary considerably — it depends on the weight, the stiffness of the material and style of riding.

The higher the weight, the longer and harder should be the ski.

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Types of skis

To riding passed successfully, it is important not only to choose the suitable sized skis and poles.

The first thing you need to decide what ski to choose which type of sporting equipment you need, and for this we need to know where and how you intend to ride.

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Skiing for classic stroke is the best choice for those who often goes on the track. In the middle of such models is made of special notches that provide an excellent grip on the snow.


These skis are designed to move in skating style, when an athlete goes on a snowy road, and the technique of movement similar to the movement of the skater.

To ride thus somewhat more complicated than the classic style.


Mountain skis are designed for downhill slopes for skiing. They come in several types, each designed for a specific riding style:

  • the carving skis;
  • freeride;
  • freestyle;
  • a skiing tour and ski mountaineering.

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Cross country

Cross country skiing is perfect for country walks and simple hikes at close range.

It should be borne in mind that they are primarily intended to move on already utopiana snow, powder ski's better suited tourist model.

For a child

If you want to attach to ski walks childrento the selection of children's skis and poles must be approached even more carefully.

Because forces the child not so much, but in that case, if the model is chosen incorrectly, the riding he probably will not like.

And this impression may remain with him all his life, and to change it would likely be difficult.

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Choose ski boots and mounts

For beginners, a good fit system with automatic fastening of the Shoe. Advanced skiers prefer to use a manual bracket.

First you need to find comfortable shoes, and then select the mounts that come there. In order not to be mistaken with the size, you need to pre-purchase thermal socks for skiing and measure shoes in them.

It must be borne in mind that there are shoes for classics, shoes for skating and shoes combo that goes for both styles of riding.

The choice of skis is not such an easy taskas it might seem at first glance.

However, if you arm yourself with knowledge and you approach the matter seriously, to make the right decision will not be easy.

With properly selected according to the type and length of skis for your skiing or riding your kids will be comfort and security andsure to bring a lot of positive emotions.

How to choose the right skis, boots and anchorages, told in video: