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How to book a plane ticket online?

Kak zabronirovat bilet na samolet?

A lot of time consuming acquisition of tickets in cash Desk of the airline. Much quieter and easier to take advantage of modern tools and purchase a ticket using IT-technology. You know how to book a plane ticket online? This article will be useful and seasoned travelers, and those who are just mastering the basics of independent travel.

So, have you decided on a vacation destination and dates of departure-arrival. The time to take care of travel documents. This procedure took a long time, use the Internet and special programs for finding and booking plane tickets.

Booking tickets on the airline's website

This option is useful when you wish to fly aircraft of a particular company and know that they fly in your chosen direction. The website address of any company can be easily found on the Internet. The ticket search on the website, too, is not difficult. For example, you want to book a ticket on the plane of Aeroflot. The website www.aeroflot.ru.

What is needed for booking?

  • Passport regular or international passport
  • Bank card
  • Address your email (it will send you an e-ticket)

The booking procedure on the website of Aeroflot, as on the website of any other carrier, simple, easy, typical. If you ever on some website had to book a ticket, you can easily do it on the Aeroflot website.

Kak zabronirovat bilet na samolet Aeroflota?

Step 1 - Search

Go to the Aeroflot site and fill in the routing table:

  • Airport of departure
  • The airport of arrival
  • Date of departure
  • Return date
  • The number of passengers, children, infants, youth

At this stage, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the rules of air carriage of baggage and passengers, as well as with the rules of reservation and payment procedures. It is very useful to know. Only then can you start finding tickets by clicking "Find flights". The search takes a few seconds, and you get to the page "Reservation".

In the list that appears shows all the flights on your chosen departure date category of seats and prices on ticket. All rates already include taxes and airport fees.

Convenient for choosing the best rates is a table of prices on the dates closest to the target. If you do not have a hard peg to the date of departure, it is at this point, you can choose the very attractive price of the ticket, changing the date of departure.

Step 2 - Make a choice

Choose the departure time and return time, respectively, the flight number and note. Click "Continue".

Step 3 - Enter personal data

Fill the data on passengers. Features and order fill information is available right before your eyes on the website, so a little attention with this reservation stage you will easily cope.

  • The name to write in Latin letters as in passport
  • The number of the document to write without spaces
  • For a Russian passport "validity period" - enter any date later date of the flight

Also be sure to indicate the telephone for contact and email address (it will get an electronic ticket). Clicking "Proceed", proceed to the next stage.

Step 4 - Check

Check the result of reservation in the Basket on the right. There is a summary of the trip, the total cost of tickets, details of the order (the date of departure and arrival, the flight number, specify the time of departure, airport of departure and arrival). If something needs to change, such a possibility exists. You have to press the button "Change search settings".

If all suits you, read:

  1. Rules and restrictions
  2. The terms of the contract
  3. Rules of conduct for passengers on aircrafts

Put the checkbox "I have read" and press the button "Continue".

Congratulations! Your air travel. Your order rated code booking. It may be necessary in the event of cancellation.

Step 5 - Payment

It remains to choose the method of payment. Variants of payment of booked tickets on the Aeroflot website a lot. You can pay:

  • Bank map
  • Yandex-money
  • Webmoney
  • QIWI
  • In the shops of Svyaznoy and Euroset
  • In the Aeroflot office

If you are going to pay by credit card, can easily do so. For payment at hand for you except the passport must be a Bank card. That's all! Now, you can press the button "PAY". To the email address you will receive an itinerary receipt airline ticket.

This way you can book tickets on the airline's website around the clock, any day.

Booking tickets on the Internet using search engines

If you decided to book a plane ticket through the Internet, of course, useful to know about the existence of the special services that carry out search of tickets according to the specified parameters in the sea of offers from airlines, agencies and major reservation systems. For example, using Aviasales.ru, Onetwotrip.com, Momondo.ru you can find not only tickets at very low prices, but you can book a hotel, to rentcar.

Such search engines do not sell tickets, only finding the cheapest options. If found option you are satisfied and you decide to book a ticket over the Internet, is forwarded to the airline's website for reservation and purchase.

Find tickets online with Aviasales

Quite a popular search engine for cheap tickets is Asiasales. Be booked there easily and conveniently. System Aviasales searches of air tickets to any destination in the world, using a database of five of the reservation system, over 40 agencies and 728 airlines. The search result is a list the best proposals among the many. The top offer is the most attractive for the price.

Even if you don't have to use this system, you will easily understand how to find the cheapest tickets in the direction you want. Convenient enough interface, links, and tips easier to find.

Step 1 - Search

On the main page in the sign enter the required data:

  • Departure city
  • City of arrival
  • Date of departure
  • Return date
  • The number of passengers, children

Kak zabronirovat bilet na samolet cherez internet?

Press the "Find tickets".

In the list that appears displays information about the cheapest options for the dates and time of departure, the airline, the availability of direct Agency through which you can book a ticket.

Step 2 - Additional data

If you are concerned about the problem, how to book cheap airline ticket, you should set the following additional parameters:

  • The class trip
  • Tickets go/back
  • The presence of direct links

zabronirovat bilet na samolet

Attention! Flights with transfers cheaper than direct flights. Tickets economy class is cheaper than business class.

In search of cheap tickets will help "Calendar of low prices". Here you can find the most attractive price for the selected direction. You might have to adjust the duration of the trip. If you are satisfied with the price, time of departure, flight conditions (direct or indirect), then you can press "Buy ticket". Redirected to a partner site.

Step 3 - Booking

You can now start booking tickets. This contains information about the passengers:

  • Name
  • Floor
  • Age
  • Passport data

oformlenie bileta

Also fill out contact information: phone, email.

Step 4 - pay the ticket

If you pay by Bank card, then you should fill:

  • Map view
  • Also the card number
  • Be sure the name of the holder
  • The card validity period (month, year)
  • CCV code
  • The name of the Bank

Well, that got to the last step! Now, you can press the button "PAY" and wait for email receipt of the electronic ticket.

E-ticket is by far the better paper!

Fading paper tickets. Internet technologies allow instead of a paper pass to arm a virtual ticket, which is no worse than paper. All information about the flight, the passenger payment for the flight Bank card is stored in the airline reservation system.

We recommend you to print the e-ticket with flight information and payment for presentation at the airport at the front Desk. But it's not necessary.

Five benefits of an electronic ticket:

  1. It is impossible to lose
  2. It cannot be forgotten at home
  3. It won't steal
  4. Print it on your home printer
  5. It can be for themselves, for relatives, friends

How long does the booking?

The airline determines the time-limit. What is the time limit? Remember, it's time to complete you are required to pay for booked tickets. The hold duration of the reservation depends on how many days before you reserve flight tickets. If the reservation is for a month or two, the order can stay more than a week.

If you are reserving for a few days before departure, will have to pay almost immediately. Unpaid prior to the expiration of the time-limit tickets are automatically cancelled.

Information about promotions and discounts airlines

Airlines often hold different promotions and discounts. Search engine tickets Aviasales provides all the options available to carrier at a specified date, including discounted tickets. Using the search engine, Aviasales, you will always be able to catch the cheapest option.

  • Discounts for various categories of passengers (children, students, pensioners, school)
  • Discounts for early booking
  • Discounts on inconvenient flights (very early or night)
  • Remains of tickets for Charter flights
  • In the "low" season
  • At the weekend
  • When flights connecting flights

As soon as there is action at the airline, attractive prices appear in the ticket search. In the low price Calendar , you can see the cheapest tickets for the month, respectively, to adjust their departure and arrival. You can save up to 50% of their value.

Attention! Discounts apply onlyon the base rate.

Advantages of booking tickets through Aviasales

  1. The maximum number of airlines
  2. Quick search
  3. Convenient interface
  4. Selection lowest prices
  5. Free use online and without registration
  6. Optional hotel reservation

How to return e-tickets?

If your printed e-ticket is not flagged NON REFyou will get your money back. The label means that it cannot be returned and no refunds. If you are unable to return the ticket it can be exchanged for another flight.

Remember! The Commission for the return of the ticket is higher the less time before departure. And the amount of refund is less.

To return an electronic ticket, it is necessary to contact the Agency where it was purchased, or airline.

Use the Internet to book and buy tickets at low prices, travel the world in comfort!