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How to book a hotel in Turkey through Internet?

Kak zabronirovat otel v Turcii samostoyatelno?

Increasingly popular among tourists become independent travel. This is due to the desire to minimize their costs to rest, be exempted from required routes and activities of travel agencies offered, create a personalized schedule of your travel and leisure. For such bold and decisive travelers don't want to learn how to book a hotel in Turkey alone. All in all, then, this would require the availability of the Internet, a Bank card (not in all cases) and some useful tips.

Should I book hotel in advance?

If you are planning a holiday in high season, Christmas and new year holidays, the most popular tourist destinations (such as Turkey), it is advisable to pre-book places in the hotel for your entire stay. Moreover, modern means of communication allow this to be done in a few minutes via the Internet. How to book a hotel via the Internet read on.

Rest of season is good because there are no crowds organized and free of tourists, hotels are lowering room rates, and in any town upon arrival you will easily find a cozy budget hotel with Breakfast, stay for a couple of days without reservation. Like prolong your stay, there will easily find another. Small private hotels, as a rule, do not have their own sites, not place bids on the Internet, but provide quality services that meet the highest requirements.

Reserve hotel through the Internet

Booking on the hotel website

Attention! Sometimes this requires at least a minimal knowledge of the English language.

If you have pre-determined check-in to a particular hotel in Turkey, you can go to his website. Many hotels offer on its website a standard form numbers. This greatly facilitates the procedure of reservation. How to book a hotel room? Simple, just four clicks:

  1. Visit the website of the hotel (knowing its name, the site address is easy to find in any search engine Yandex, Google and other);
  2. Free choose a room suitable for the price and quality;
  3. Check the possibility of free cancellation;
  4. Click "Book now" and wait for confirmation of availability of the room.

Very good the option of booking when payment is made at check-in. This insures you from financial losses in case of cancellation of reservation. Feel free to use the feedback with the hotel in case of problems. Personal contact, even through the Internet works wonders.

Booking through the service Hotellook

What is the service Hotellook? This is a multilanguage search engine for hotels from the creators of the popular search engine tickets Aviasales.

The search is performed among 548 000 hotels located in different parts of the world, and are available the best deals.

You don't have to sort through a lot of sites and hotels, details of accommodation and booking conditions, to write letters and wait for a response for the hotel. You do not need to compare the prices for accommodation in different hotels in Turkey. All it will do search engine Hotellook.

Convenient not only search speed, but also the availability of relevant information on availability, additional information on location, availability of photos of the interiors of rooms and apartments, real traveler reviews. All this will help to make the right choice that matches your capabilities and desires.

Instructions for booking of hotel Hotellook

Step 1 - Search

On the main page Hotellook in the upper right corner, select Russian language. Next, enter the city in Turkeywhere you are going to stay, period of stay, number of guests. Click "check prices" you will be taken to a page with relevant offers of places in hotels of the chosen city.

Kak zabronirovat otel v Turcii?

Step 2 - take out the wrong hotels

Since you are looking for the cheapest offer, you should set certain filters. They are available in the table on the left:

  • The availability of free Wi-Fi
  • Sort by popularity, price, hotel rating
  • The star hotel
  • The availability of Breakfast
  • The possibility of free cancellation of booking
  • The distance from the hotel to the centre of the city

Use the filters very useful, because of the large number of proposals will be selected the most suitable to your requirements.

Kak zabronirovat otel cherez internet?

Sorting by price will allow you to start browsing with the cheapest. This will considerably reduce the search time.

The service allows you to see the hotel location on the map of the city and also has photographs of the interiors of the rooms you book.

Step 3 - Booking

Choose the appropriate option number and "click". Systemredirects to the website of the hotel or partner where actually you go to the reservation.

We recommend you to choose the option of free cancellation. It is very comfortable, when suddenly the trip to Turkey will break or will be transferred to other periods. You will be cancel the reservation. Good idea to take a room with prepaid Breakfast and included taxes. Press "Book now."

kak zabronirovat otel samostoyatelno

Here is necessary to indicate the Surname, Nameand credit card number. If you showed up at the hotel and forgot to cancel the reservation, with a credit card will be charged the Commission. Payment possible on arrival.

What is the convenience of service Hotellook?

  1. The use of the service for free
  2. No registration required
  3. Multilingual site
  4. The ability to select any currency for payment from the ruble to Japanese yen
  5. More than 30 partner sites for booking hotels
  6. Convenient interface
  7. The presence search filters
  8. Excellent search speed

And yet, there is a possibility to choose a hotel near the specified landmark. How this is done, see the video:

And this is a partial list of the attractive aspects of search engine Hotellook. If you purchase tickets on the website Aviasales.ruto book a hotel by yourself in any country and any city can Get through that is built into the structure of the system for searching airtickets. It is very convenient. That is to say, the tickets and the hotel to be ordered "on the spot".

If you are thinking how to book a hotel in Turkey via the Internet, all of the above suggestions will help you to do this. Easy and convenient to use the proposed service and to reserve a room at the lowest price.

Can I expect discounts?

Usually, when hotel rooms are the last for a certain period, there is a price reduction from 20% to 50%. Knowing this and continuously monitoring the situation, it is possible to catch this discount and to book a room through the Internet at a low price, as on the hotel site or through any site-battery.

Significantly lower prices on the hotels in Turkey in the "off season". Thrifty travelers often use this, by booking in advance a room through the search system.

Use modern means of search and booking of hotels, travel the world cheaply, easily and comfortably! Happy travels!