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What money to take to Thailand with dollars or euros?

Kakie dengi brat v Tajland?

Everyone has long known that in Thailand a lot of robbers. Therefore, the theft there has always been, is, and probably will. For travel enthusiasts, or people who for other reasons have decided to visit the country, often the question arises: what money to take to Thailand, to have minimum loss in the exchange, and a maximum of comfort and safety. To to preserve your savings, you need to follow some rules.

This is especially true of a group of people gathered to visit Thailand for the first time. Most importantly - always carry a minimum of cash. This applies to the captured homes, even if it is protected.

What to take in Thailand: euros or dollars?

The most reasonable solution would be to borrow dollars. Especially to declare at customs can be quite a lot of money. The sum to 10 thousand dollars imported into Thailand without declaring. The import of the Euro will lead to a significant loss in the exchange.

Kakie dengi brat v Tajland - evro ili dollary?

Where can I change money?

Money changes in regular exchange offices. In the tourist towns a lot of exchangers. Therefore, it is not difficult to choose a suitable course. And you should not believe the acting skills of the guides that the whole way trying to scare tourists, telling about the problematic nature of the exchange. Tourists can only guess about the personal interest in the tour guide or the tour company.

Is it possible to use Bank cards?

Yes, there is such a possibility. The most profitable in Thailand to use local Bank cards, but you can Russian.

But in the case of the Russian maps used interest paid in the double size, which is not very beneficial if you love to save.

In this case, the safety cards are essentially the same. A savings account is more secure, but at the same time less comfortable compared to the current card account.

How to use ATMs in Thailand?

On the Islands quite often there is no electricity. For this reason, the ATM may not work. Therefore, to be in a stupid situation, its better to have some money to yourself. The magnitude of the sum depends on the personal daily needs of the tourist. There are also daily limits. In this case, there is a need to have multiple cards. You also need to consider the point that when withdrawing money in another region, the Commission will increase.

What to take with you when you travel to Thailand? Watch the video: