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What money to take to Turkey: dollars or euros?

Kakie dengi brat v Turciu?

When we are going on vacation, especially abroad, we naturally want to spend that time as best as possible, not indulging in anything. Therefore, Turkey is one of the most popular destinations for our tourists, as the resort often all-inclusive, but even with all this money You will need. In Turkey, a very large number of all sorts of souvenir shops, bazaars, where You will not be able to resist buying a souvenir, transport rental services, as is the opportunity to visit a different kind of tour.

Now answer the interesting question of how much money to take to Turkey, dollars or euros? It should be noted that it is better to take to Turkey dollars, because the price of present goods is the same in dollars and euros.

It is convenient to use plastic cards. Cashing money is in Turkish currency at the exchange rate of the Bank card which You use.

This is the best option. But, if you still decided to use the Bank services, it is better to cash a large amount, as per withdrawal fee is charged at the rate of three dollars. Best to check, before departure, with a representative at Your Bank about all the nuances.

Kakie dengi brat v Turciu: dollary ili evro?

ATM in Turkey

Where to exchange money in Turkey?

It is not necessary to change money in hotels, the rates are unfavorable. It is possible for this purpose to use the services of mail. Always carefully counts the money, it is often the case when tourists are cheated. Better to have a calculator.

In order to relax and have fun on Your vacation, visit the tour to try some of the most popular Turkish dishes, buy some Souvenirs for the relatives amount 650 - $ 700 would be enough.

How can I save money?

If Your budget has a limit, remember that to save money, by purchasing vouchers on tours of the country does not have guides who You meet, and the city. Guides can tell you what city the tour operators do not insure their customers that their buses are always traffic accidents, but it rarely corresponds to the truth, as they pursue profits.