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What excursions to visit in Turkey, where to go?

Kakie ekskursii posetit v Turcii?

Tourists who are going on vacation in a foreign country, expect it and often wonder, what excursions to visit in Turkey. The variety of tour programmes of educational and entertaining nature are inexhaustible in this country. Maybe that's why the next vacation in Turkey opens up new and amazing places associated with its history and present.

Saturation excursion programs

Most tours offered to tourists that day. Early morning need to leave their hotel. In the evening all come back. Longer trips can take two days. Program them richer, and experiences behind them, which you can take after a rest, there will be more.

Too many interesting mysteries and mysterious places keeps the Turkish side. Fully grasp it in one period of rest is impossible and could not be anyone else. Completely satisfied different preferences of those who choose, on what to see and where to go. Sometimes the choice may depend on individual interests. It is clear that there is something to choose. So, in a way!

Not by bread alone, and live the wonders of the world tourists

The splendor of Turkey were not only in the sea, the Golden sand and the wonderful climate. Touching the historical places of this country promises to be unique. Worth to see two of the Seven known Wonders of the world. This is the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus and the Mausoleum of Halicarnassuslocated in Bodrum. The answer to the question: "What excursions to visit in Turkey?" - suggests itself. To dive into the atmosphere of antiquity and Orientalism you need majestic.

The legendary city of Ephesus to the present day preserved and gave contemporaries the impression from the meetings with the Virgin Mary and the Apostle John. The city became their last refuge. Close to the house where Mary spent her last days. Despite the fact that Ephesus is considered to be an object of pilgrimage, here you can find a secluded area to make his opening, albeit small, but full of pleasant experiences.

Available in Turkey and the Eighth wonder of the world, which is called Pammukale. They say that those who have not seen it is a fantastic place, one of Turkey did not happen. Translated from Turkish it is an amazing word as "Cotton castle". It can be considered a monument of nature, which she created herself without human help. World health organization, UNESCO listed it in world heritage list of humanity.

Kakie ekskursii stoit posetit v Turcii?

Isn't it wonderful when streams of water flow down from the mountain cliffs for centuries, creating a white stone waterfalls, dazzling shining in the sun. Eternal water does not simply bored through the stones, she has created a huge terrace with shallow pools.
The healing properties of hot springs of Pamukkale, was discovered by the Romans over two thousand years ago. Here, the water never drops below the temperature of the human body. During the tour you can rejuvenate in the pool of Cleopatra in her ancient recipe. Walking around the terraces open wonderful view of the ancient city of Hierapolis.

The Museum under the open sky

Most places in Turkey and it is possible to call. They are created like nature, and masters of ancient times. They contain naturalness and uniqueness of the extraordinary possibilities of the creators of entire cities.

Cappadocia is one of the most unique and interesting places of Turkey. Unreality and irreality of an existing landscape create a volcano and natural phenomena, living near this giant. Among the beautiful valleys surrounded by huge boulders which from a distance look like mushrooms.

na kakie ekskursii sezdit v Turcii?

Eye see amazing rock formations, among which once housed entire cities. Their inhabitants massacred in the rocks underground house that tourists now seem like a lost world. Once it appeared the first Christian Church. Have survived to the present day and the Byzantine art, which are carefully preserved in Cappadocia.

One day during a holiday in Turkey certainly need to allocate for a visit to the ancient state Lycia. The Church of St. Nicholas in Demre is a place of pilgrimage for tourists. They rush there to see the theatre and tombs hewn in the rocks and come down to us preserved. The Church transfers its positive energy until the next visit, which will probably start once again in Turkey.

Sea excursion on a yacht to the island of Kekova will continue to receive unusual impressions. Miss the opportunity to see the Byzantine city, which as a result of tectonic shifts went under water, it is impossible. Once it was a coastal city, and now it can be viewed in the clear water off the coast of Kekova.

Big cities

Holiday in Turkey will be incomplete, and the experience is incomplete without sightseeing in Istanbul, the legendary Constantinople. He is the face of the country, which today successfully combines European and Asian appearance. The blue mosque (pictured (which is the largest in IstanbulTopkapi Palace and Hagia Sophia can be included in the tour program.

Golubaya mechet v Stambule v Turcii

Worth visiting the Church of Constantinople and the Fair Egyptian spices in the capital. The final chord of impressions during the trip is recommended to put on modern Turkish factory of leather products. Here is what to watch and what to buy. Turkish leather is valued in the world because it is the best.

Northern Cyprus is a Turkish territory, so the tour does not need a visa. In one day you can fly to from Antalya and visit the ancient city of Salami. The city and the ruins of the Olympic temple of Zeus, the port theatre is an incomplete list of landmarks. The old quarters and the Venetian city walls of Famagusta can be the following objects of the tour. Museum of Mustafa Pasha and the dead city of Varosha will never be forgotten.

The historical capital of Cyprus, Kyrenia. The Abbey of Bellapais and the castle of the knights, placed in it, are the chief historical value. To finish the excursion one-day mini-tour, you can stroll through the old port of Kyrenia.

Small towns and Islands

It is impossible not to mention such important sites of Turkey like Marmaris, Bodrum and others. They can also give surprising discoveries every vacationer. For example, ancient Bodrum traditionally consists of a local historic beauty: the fortress of St. Peter, Myndos gate, wall classic antique theatre. For each of the objects has its own story, interesting fact or legend.

Sightseeing tour of Marmaris is not only visiting the ruins of an ancient fortress. The suburb of Icmeler keeps a lot of secrets that will open to tourists.

The ancient city of Troy (pictured) has the status of an archaeological monument, which will open the house of Schliemann, Odeon, and place of meetings, called butevery. Ancient houses and shrines have been preserved to our days, and in the Museum of the archaeological findings can be seen with a Trojan horse, or rather its modern model.


The protected natural place of Dalyan is cherepashek island. It was chosen by the sea turtles "Caretta Caretta". Here is their rookery. The birth of the little turtles takes place in the summer. This Ordinance unforgettable, so it's worth a separate tour to Dalyan.

Memo for the modern traveler, going on trips

Not to feel sorry about the precious time spent, you need to remember a few rules that will make your stay and tours in Turkey for effective, memorable and useful.

  1. Planning. Today, for this is the presence of all
    the information base. Just open the Internet and see that the offer of a travel company on holiday in Turkey. If dazzled, then proceed to the second rule.
  2. Choice. Getting to this stage, you need to talk to seasoned travelers. Among friends, neighbors or colleagues will surely be those who brought a lot of impressions after the tour of Turkey. People are willing to share not only experiences, but images that enhance the effect and value of the visited places. You will have the same experience or photos, but much better and your.
  3. The pricing policy. Excursions are often not included in tours, but that is no reason to abandon them. Regardless of the place of stay in the country there are always available places that you can visit with your family without compromising your budget. Here, too, runs a search on the Internet. The main thing - correctly to ask a question. Where for free.... And so on. It is difficult to make a choice? Read paragraph 2 of the memo.
  4. A camera or other modern gadgets. Any visit historical places during the tour – a memory. Today, thanks to technology you can take photos much. Choose interesting angles, full-fledged objects, solid person to have something to look at and show others, not to apologize for the bad photo.
  5. Please share your impressions. Do not overfill yourself with them, let the emotions come out. Tell us about your tours to friends, colleagues, share photos immediately at the scene. Modern technology allows us to make via the Internet. In return you will get a lot of interesting information and will open new possibilities and places where to visit next time or just immediately.
  6. Go back to Turkey again and again without fear that the tour is over, nothing to watch, and so on. Don't fall into the trap of their own limitations. Turkey is a country where historical attractions are reliably maintained, and the new yearly and daily are opened or created.

Remember that in the modern world two things are important: information and communication.

The importance of the first described above, and the second will help you to find the best options for your program of tours. Create it yourself with the help of the Internet, advice from friends. Ask questions travel agencies and just on the forum. The usefulness of this is obvious. You will learn a lot and will spend unforgettable holidays.

Uniqueness of Turkey is that there is no other place like it. Question about what excursions to visit in Turkey, it is not necessaryin General, wherever you went. Here you can always find one area that is unique and at first and second visit. This is a country where rest easy, because the alternation of active excursions and holidays by the sea charges a special positive. This is never get bored!