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What medicines to take with him to Egypt for the child, the medication list in the road.

Kakie lekarstva vzyat v Egipet

Another country is a big stress for human health. Many who love to relax and travel now convinced that to recover the vacation should be sure with your medications. Even if you are planning a vacation in a warm country, in any case, you will need. Climate change, complex flights, a new climate and atmosphere. A completely different food – everything is always there, so it's important to know what medications to take to Egypt, and which ones can be left at home.

All the details

The cases are different, as in the road or on the territory of another state you may become ill because you want to apply to visit the old Maxim – everyone needs to arm themselves in advance. Therefore, you need to record all the essential and start to pack. So, to start with in order to decide what can be difficult. You need to know the reaction of your organism to different types of impact, after all, the only way to make a list.

Today many travel companies provide recommendations about what to take on the road, but these tips can be called common. After all, we all have your allergic reactions and difficulties we begin, tell us about what should be in every medicine Cabinet. And then, we discuss in more detail and individual readings.

What to bring?

This age-old question, increasingly, is related to things. Many, going on vacation, forget about drugs, and to do so is prohibited. You have no right to put your health at risk, so you should know that you can take and what you need.

General advice says that in the medicine Cabinet of every tourist there should be some drugs, but only those that may be needed.

Therefore, all doctors recommend not to overwhelm your Luggage unnecessary and useless means. One of the factors that should also be taken into account is the security control of the country, which conceded not all chemical compositions.

Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the following medications. General list for everyone...

  • The necessary means for this country are those drugs that will be able to normalize the work of your stomach. The undisputed leader in this list is activated charcoal, which saved travelers more than once. Feature of this product is that it is not only the best absorbent, but also has very good disinfectant. Whether it will be useful to you, hard to say, but remember that if he's with you, it is the key to your health. In Egypt the situation is complicated, so try to ensure that fruit was always mytymi. It is important to have this type of special medicines for diarrhea and constipation, because the change of water can seriously affect your physical condition. These three important tools are the Foundation of your kit, but that's not all.
  • Important the and antiseptic, which, in principle, in the opinion of tourists, are not always needed, but can be useful. Iodine and brilliant green, means to wound healing (mixture of creams) – all it should be. Band-AIDS and bandages are the main friends of any tourist, so forget about them.
  • As Egypt is a Sunny country, it is mandatory for you will be special trains from burns. Even if you took five different creams from the sun, they are not curative, and therefore pay attention to these components of your kit.
  • Headache and migraine that torments tourists in the first days on another continent. So you need pain medicine. What it is, may well be the usual "no-Spa", which is considered universal.

kakie lekarstva vzyat v egipet dlya rebenka

Just as addition to the General list, the question - what medicines to take with him to Egypt can still be the following additional funds.

  • Antipyretics will be by the way, especially if you get to the time when the nights are cold and wind, and days are hot. As will be appropriate and special compounds for colds, which can be invaluable to you.
  • A sedative, such as "Valerian" or "Corvalan" are very necessary because not everyone tolerates exciting flights.

All of the above is those funds that are necessary, useful, required. After all, only they will be able to help you in an emergency.

kakie lekarstva vzyat s soboj v egipet

But this list is not final because it is important to pay attention to individual health. This means that each of us can be personal illness, which imply the existence of any critical means.

For example, if you have hypertension, then you are required the means that well reduce the pressure. If you suffer from asthma or other similar individual disease in your kit should be your "personal "medication", without which you dodifficult.

Important advice for tourists

If you have a similar disease well start collecting all your Luggage with this tool. And put it need as close as possible, the purse or the handbag where the stacked documents is ideal.

We're going to stay with the children!

This situation requires separate consideration. You understand that the health of your children in that case, it depends on your training. What she is careful and thoughtful, the better.

So, the child and his health needs to be safe, and therefore it is important not to forget, what drugs to take to Egypt for the child and where to focus attention.

kakie lekarstva vzyat v egipet dlya rebenka

If for an adult, any suitable drugs for children of different ages need to take other options. A lot depends on age. For example, doctors and experts believe that such a trip for a child under seven years, very bad influence on his health. But still, every parent, increasingly, to decide at what age to begin so exciting, but not always, safe trips. We'll make a list for children of the middle age group – from 8 to five fourteen years.

The effects from children's medicines should be about the same size as an adult, but it needs those drugs to which the baby has a good portability. The road is better to take those medications the child is already in part. If, for example, activated carbon fits all, the same "no –Spa" is not good medicine for the child's body, then better to choose something gentle.

Relative means from burns and wounds, then you can take the"BF-6" - it contains substances that well protects from salt water and some pain.

All other trains must have a narrow spectrum of activity, so children's first aid kit should be:

  • Antipyretics;
  • Special medicines from the pediatric allergies;
  • Painkillers;
  • Activated carbon;
  • Preparations for the normalization of the bowel.
  • All other elements of the kits, you shape according to the individual characteristics of the child.

spisok lekarstv v dorogu

In addition to the drugs, I would like to draw attention to the fact that in Egypt for your little one with your part needs to be established rules. Each of them is not just an element of education is what will protect the child from disease.

Let us remind you them:

  • You can't eat anything without your permission.
  • The time spent in open sunshine for a child should be limited.
  • The number of baths and time spent in the water should be intermittently;
  • Headwear for a child is the most reliable protection against sun stroke, because he had to wear it constantly.

Based on everything mentioned above, now you have learned the list of drugs in the road, which can be useful in Egypt. Remember that the holiday needs to be full and to be enjoyed, it is not a time when it is permissible to hurt. So relax yourself, teach your child to also get pleasure from such a beautiful country and always be healthy.