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What Souvenirs can you bring from Greece? Gifts from Greece.

Kakie suveniry mozhno privezti iz Grecii?

Greece is primarily a magnificent historical country with great ancient traditions. Greece located on the Balkan Peninsula and the surrounding Islands, Olivas several seas. In the East it is washed by the Aegean sea, the Ionian sea to the West, on the South by the Mediterranean sea and the Kara sea. Since Greece shares borders with all States at land and by sea route, so historically, in ancient times, through it ran a large trade route and it is valued to this day in many interesting goods.

What Souvenirs can you bring from Greece? In this country there is a huge selection of all kinds of Souvenirs for any taste. Each person will choose what he likes. Importantly, do not forget to take plenty of money for Souvenirs.

Traditional Souvenirs

First of all I advise you to buy Souvenirs - figurines of ancient gods which embody the history of Ancient Greece and its legends. In the figures presented Praxiteles, Seohara, Lisipp, and a number of other various heroes of Ancient Greece.

Also, traveling to Holy places, be sure to bring out the monastery icon. It will serve as a very good gift especially for those who believe in God and are actively involved in all Church activities.

Speaking of Souvenirs, be sure to mention the fact that Greece has a very huge selection of different products consisting of silver. Especially can please a women, choose a bracelet or a nice set of silverware.


Also Greece is famous for its pottery, especially a lot of them on the island of Rhodes. The influx of tourists this city is the second largest after Athens, because it contains all the beauty of Souvenirs of Greece.

Keramika iz Grecii

Olive oil

In Greece in connection with a hot and rainy climate a lot of olive trees. First and foremost, what to buy in Greece, it is of course olive oil, which is famous all over the world. On the market you can find fresh olives in bulk. And about the storage no problem - olives bathed in brine and stored for a very long time.

Cosmetics Greece

Most interesting is that in Greece you can buy the woman an original gift is a cosmetic that is made on the basis of olive oil. This makeup is very high quality and no allergic reactions from it should not be.


For lovers of sweets of Greece are suitable. In Greece there is a very huge selection of chocolates wrapped in a variety of interesting wrap of foil. But the amazing thing is that the candies are very different not only in appearance but also in taste that should please lovers of sweet. Candy is made from:

  • chocolate
  • fruit
  • biscuit
  • nuts
  • various types of spices

Konfety iz Grecii

Each sweetness is decorated in a very original, specially selected for different candy box that inspires and stimulates the appetite.

Leather goods and carpets

More famous than Greece, so it is products from silk and leather. Such diversity, as in Greece, if I am not mistaken, is not present anywhere else. It is primarily a large selection of wallets and belts. But most of all attract the eye, the rugs are handmade robots. They are made from natural silk, and they never appear dust mites. High probability that the person will not cause any allergic reactions.

Carpets are very expensive - from $ 1,000 up to $ 5 million. This is certainly a very serious and expensive gift that you can bring as a souvenir, but still. The interesting thing is that the warranty this carpet is 100 years old and any firm in which you bought the carpet, promises to fly to your country of residence and replace it if any defects.

Greek wine

Greece is also known for its alcoholic drinks, which are very large selection. There is a very seductive brandy Metaks, popular all over Europe and beyond. There is a large assortment of red and white wine - neither of which countries you will not find in the basements of such number of ancient wine with a rich amazing taste.

Vino iz Grecii

Also in Greece is the original feta cheese, which will go to any Greek salad. Visiting Greece is a must-visit city of Delos.

So, summarizing, we can safely say that Greece is a Paradise for those who want to find and to bring truly original Souvenirs and gifts that are not found almost anywhere else. In connection with its location, it plays a special role in the life of the whole of Europe to this day. Greece loves its history and so it sells very many figures which describes almost all life originated in those parts. Greece is unique in its traditions and none she can't take them away. They settled in the hearts of the people of this country.