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What Souvenirs can you bring from Turkey?

Kakie suveniry mozhno privezti iz Turcii?

Vacationing with his wife several times in Turkey (Antalya, side) and every time when a vacation comes to an end - was wondering what to take for memory? What Souvenirs can you bring from Turkey for family and for friends and what to leave on the memory of the rest for myself.

Speaking of Souvenirs from Turkey come immediately to mind numerous shops and bazaars with a huge assortment of all kinds of works of art by local artists, products of the local factories, and other good things (not always of Turkish origin) from which the eyes diverge.

Usually, before to buy anything we decide who gets this one, where it should find and at what store is better to go - everything is easier: in any souvenir shop you can buy gifts and Souvenirs for all ages and for all your family and friends, and each will have a pretty decent set of products.

What to buy Souvenirs?

When I think about Turkey the first thing I remember of the sea and the Turkish red flags, they are everywhere - in homes, on squares, near commercial and industrial facilities and Souvenirs is no exception:

  • mugs one in the collection
  • tea sets
  • Mikey
  • lighters

For yourself, especially if you are rarely in Turkey may well take the Cup for coffee with the symbols of the city in which you are vacationing or Turkish flag, in addition a pair of red beacon which will be a good addition to your bronze tan.

Gifts for girls and women

For your ladies here you can find a big set of various cosmetics, but make no mistake - a lot here is not Turkish and imported! Pay attention to the country of origin on the label. From the original Turkish products I would recommend the soap, it's really a wonderful - different, weird and wonderful forms and in all sorts of flavors, for example: with bits of olive or peach fruits, with pieces of rose petals. Take small sets (even though they are cheaper), and one by one different types. Be sure to haggle, discount, you can get very significant.

Mylo iz Turcii

You can also consider various options of jewelry - earrings, bracelets, chains, pendants made of metal and silver, their choice is great. If you want gold, go to a jewelry shop, the prices will pleasantly surprise you (they are much lower than ours), and the choice is very happy. Not found in one store, go to the following - be sure there are more that a small part during the shopping do not have time to get around.

Souvenirs for friends

For friends (if the budget is tight) you can bring things like lighters and magnets with Turkish trappings. As a rule, in all the souvenir shops and shops you will see blue eyes (aka eye of God, he is protection from the evil eye). It is generally an unspoken calling card of Turkey. Image of eye on blue background everywhere - on packages, on signs, in jewelry, take a couple. There are different versions of these charms against the evil eye: in the form of pendants, brooches and bracelets, in the form of beads, and also charms which are hung near the front door, statues inlaid with shells and stones with the eyes, even the magnets with the mascots - there for every taste.

What to buy for yourself?

If you take a magnet for herself, it is better to choose the places where you've been or what would have been displayed things associated with the holidays and pleasant pastime.

If this is not enough and you want something more - then you direct road to the market. Here it is freedom.
Things is popular at home brands, well-known manufacturers at very attractive prices. It is no secret that many brands have their factories clothes (jeans, t-shirts, shirts, jackets, etc.) and haberdashery (handbags, belts, cosmetic bags etc.) in Turkey and that much of what is sold here - then imported to us and sold at exorbitant prices. So things bought here, you can boast of at home and it can also be a very good souvenir for you and for relatives.

futbolki iz Turcii

If things in the bazaars and markets for you is not very interesting to visit textile centers usually offer local brands, very high quality, but the prices are higher. However, choosing such as leather jackets and fur coats are much more and some offers are quite tempting.

Souvenirs and gifts for children

As for the Souvenirs for the little kids, then there is a little more complicated toys in the stores - most of them imported (and all that is imported is expensive), so you'll have to find a local Turkish manufacturers, otherwise put a considerable amount of money for a very ordinary toys.

If nothing found, you get a pirate bandana, sword Turkish nursery or children's airplane with a Turkish flag on the tail or a squirt gun. And child pleased and you , seeing what a child plays with these things, will remember the Sunny Turkish coast. But the gun and the sword is better to carry with a check not in the cabin, and in an easily accessible place (for customs inspection at the airport) - otherwise you may have issues at the airport.

And definitely don't forget the sweets - then theymany:

  • Turkish delight
  • candy
  • marmalade
  • candy

All with different flavors and different fillings. To take better no boxes in stores and confectionery in bulk, trying every name - the only way you are guaranteed to get something really good (for you and family) and will not be confusion when tasting at home.

Gifts for parents

If you are looking for a souvenir for the "older generation" then this role will fit perfectly decorative vases, figurines of camels and elephants made of wood and metals, inlaid stones, boxes handmade, brightly painted pottery, huge sea shells - these things are not cheap, but when sharply raises the question of what the mother-in-law without a gift, it is better to buy something worthwhile.

Where better to buy Souvenirs in Turkey?

If you decide to buy Souvenirs, it is better to go to the urban market, the market and street vendors, where you are guaranteed to buy exclusive items at very attractive prices.

The goods there can be bought in Turkish Lira, and us dollars, depending on what money you took. Of course, if you wander around the city and shopping is not not for you (you have more time, not money) you can go and not to go - almost every hotel has an indoor gift shops with a standard set and a similar range, but here the prices are higher and less exclusive. At worst, you can order your guide a trip to any textile centre, usually after visits you will be offered and Souvenirs.

If you are only in the airport I remembered that I wanted to bring Souvenirs from Turkey to your friends and family - and it does not matter: fluffy bears in the Turkish beacons, large plates with drawings and flags, fancy vases with Turkish symbols you can get here, but non-negotiable in euros.