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What is the warmest sea on earth?

kakoe more samoe teploe

Many people ask what is the sea is the warmest on earth? Answer: between the Arabian Peninsula and Africa is the warmest sea in the world – the Red sea. It is also the most salty sea, which is part of the World ocean.

41 grams of salt contained in 1 l of water of this sea. If you swam in the Red sea, I noticed that when you get out of the water, covered with a white, saline incrustation, and at the bottom you can see the salt crystals.

Another interesting fact is that in the Strait of Bab-El-Mandeb, at the confluence of the waters of the red sea and Gulf of Aden, not mixed waters of the Indian ocean and the red sea due to the different salinity.

The red sea is the most warm than some or even all year round. The temperature of the water even on the coldest winter days, the thermometer does not fall below +20 degrees Celsius, and in summer days can reach up to 31 degrees. The wind speed ranges from 7-12 km/hour. By area, the Red sea is about 450 thousand km 2. River it does not flow, due to this, it is still the cleanest in the world! Sea to the North has 2 of the Gulf of Aqaba and Suetsky.

Among the coral reef floats a huge variety of fish and corals hit their fancy shapes. Another interesting fact, why is Red sea called Red. This name it received through the reddish-brown shades, which are inherent to the coral and underwater vegetation.

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If you want to experience the warmth of the red sea, soak in the hot sand, enjoy the beauty of the underwater world, then you should visit such countries as:

  • Sudan
  • Egypt
  • Yemen
  • Israel
  • Jordan
  • Ethiopia
  • Saudi Arabia

On the coast of the red sea is a resort, as noisy, rave - Sharm-al-Sheikh. This resort is very was chosen by the divers throughout the coast there are coral reefs. Also a favorite destination for divers is the Gulf of Aqaba. In this area a huge variety of fish.

A very popular family resort - Hurghada. All entry into the sea under my feet you will feel only gentle sand, is the most suitable place for families with children. The most romantic resort on the coast of the red sea - Makadi Bay.