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What city in the world: the large, small, Northern, long, warm?

kakoj gorod samyj bolshoj v mire?

The journey is open, it's meeting new people and new cultures, communication and cognition – knowledge of the world and himself. Someone who appreciates peace and solitude, going into the protected wilderness areas, and others like the bustle of cities, the pulse of the freeways and the lights of the big cities.

The biggest cities in the world

samyj bolshoj gorod - SHanhaj

When it comes to the largest city, it is possible to allocate several villages. If one city can be considered the largest by population, the other by its length.


Currently, the city of millionaires, there is almost each country. But there are countries, which include 10 or more such cities, for example, China, India, Brazil, Russia, Indonesia, Japan, Nigeria, South Korea.

  1. The largest city by population, Tokyo is the capital of Japan, the city of historic monuments and skyscrapers. The population is 37.5 million.
  2. Shanghai - "Eastern capital" of China. Opium war, British and Japanese occupation, brutal battles during the revolution and reign of the triad had a chance to experience Shanghai.

    The city withstood all the tests turned into a huge modern metropolis.

    The first settlement on the site of Shanghai emerged in the early eighth century, however, the status of the city he received in 1553 and until the nineteenth century remained in the shadows, it's a relatively small number of historical sites in modern Shanghai. However, he has something to surprise visitors, being actually the largest city in the world (more than 24.2 million inhabitants), it is the most important economic, transport, industrial and cultural center of China and the world.

  3. Karachi is the heart of the East. Amazing tropical climate, crystal-clear waters of the Arabian sea, ancient FORTS, the ruins of medieval settlements, and, along with that of the modern financial Corporation, the largest industrial enterprises and the best in the Islamic world, the education system – all the town of Karachi, located in the South of Pakistan.

    The population of the city exceeds 23.5 million people. The city abounds with historical, cultural and religious monuments, there are many parks, beaches and hotels. Thanks to this, Karachi is one of the most attractive tourist centers of the East.

  4. Beijing is the modern capital of China (21.7 million inhabitants) is one of the oldest cities.

    The legendary city of JI, once situated on the site of modern Beijing, was founded in the early 1st Millennium BCand 473 BC, became the capital of the state of Yan. That is why Beijing now – not only political but also educational, scientific, and cultural center of China, attracts millions of tourists and thousands of international students.

Behind the four leaders follow:

  • Delhi – capital of India, with a population of 16.5 million people;
  • Lagos is the largest city in Nigeria and Africa, more than 16 million inhabitants.
  • Tianjin is the third largest city of China, with a population of 15.2 million;
  • Istanbul – the capital, the largest industrial and cultural center of Turkey, 14.2 million people;
  • Guangzhou is a metropolis in southern China, the population reached 13.1 million people;
  • Moscow is the capital and largest city of Russia, 1st populous city in Europe and 10th in the world, bole 12.3 million inhabitants.

The largest

Krupnejshij po ploshadi CHuncin

A less common way to compare the size of the city – the area of their territory.

Among all cities in the world championship by the territory belongs to the Chinese city of Chongqing – to 82.4 thousand sq. km.

The area of Chongqing is approximately equal to the square of Austria and almost three times the size href="http://tour.liketourist.com/strana/evropa/belgiya/na-karte-mira-8/">Belgium.

Followed by two more Chinese metropolis: Hangzhou and Beijing. Their size is respectively 16.8 and 16.4 thousand sq km.

These are followed by:

  1. Brisbane, Australia – 15.8 thousand square kilometers;
  2. Asmara, Eritrea – 15.1 thousand sq. km;
  3. Chengdu, China – 12.4 thousand sq km;
  4. Sydney, Australia – 12.3 thousand sq. km;
  5. Tianjin, China – 11.9 thousand sq. km;
  6. Melbourne, Australia – 10,0 thousand square km;
  7. Kinshasa, Congo – 10,0 thousand sq. km.

The longest

Classification of cities by the length or by the maximum geometric distance from one end to the other, is rarely used and indicates not so much on the size of the city, how many features of his plan. Usually extensive city located at the shoreline in mountain or hilly areas, in the areas of deposits of natural resources.

The longest city in the world - Mexico city, capital of Mexico. The city is surrounded by mountains. With an area of 1.5 thousand sq. km length from North to South its territory is 200 km away.

Second place is spread out along the Black sea coast, the longest city in Russia is Sochi – the length of the city from the river Shepsi to border with Abkhazia is 148 km.

"Bronze" gets Krivoy Rog, located in the South of Ukraine. With an average width of 20 km, its length is 126 km.

The length can also boast:

  • Beijing, China – 107 km;
  • Tokyo, Japan – 92 km;
  • Volgograd, Russia – 90 km;
  • Canberra, Australia – 90 km.

Major tourist centers

Today, tourism is one of the leading positions in the world economy.

More popular

populyarnyj London

According to official statistics, often the object of visiting tourists is London. The capital of great Britain takes up to 20 million foreign tourists annually and the income from tourism exceeds 15 billion US dollars.

Going to London for the sake of historical, architectural and religious sites, cultural mass activities.

The second place is the capital and largest city of Thailand is Bangkok, which annually attracts 19 million tourists. Bangkok is one of the fastest growing cities in the world, both geographically and economically.

Visitors of Bangkok attracts a rich historical and religious heritage of the city, museums and Buddhist temples. In addition, a developed entertainment industry, restaurant and hotel business supported by the authorities at the highest level, which also has a positive impact on the inflow of foreign tourists.

"City of love" Paris, located in France, has taken in this ranking the third place with the attendance of 16 million. Paris famous architectural masterpieces of different historical periods, museums and art galleries, gardens and parks.

The modern metropolis

The most technologically advanced city in the world can be called Seoul, the capital of South Korea. The city of skyscrapers, a city, bringing together dozens of the biggest industrial corporations working in the sphere of modern technologies, and thousands of small firms. And while he managed to stay clean and comfortable for its residents.

The technology of the future in Seoul integrated not only in the business and industrial centres but also in educational institutions, residential areas, even on the streets. It is introduced everywhere free wireless technology, intelligent lighting systems, video surveillance systems, entertainment technology, and more.

In second place is Tokyo, a city where get along wonderfully ancient traditions and futuristic ambitions of the Japanese people. Odaiba – scientific and technical centre of Tokyo, is a fully reclaimed island high bridges, huge modern buildings and unique street lighting system.

In Tokyo run high-speed trains operate in fully robotic factories, develop innovative electronic devices and software.

Third place belongs to Dubai city in UAE, which became a real oasis in the parched Arabian desert. Dubaifamous not only for its huge skyscrapers, this city has its own special harmony, unity with nature, people here – not the consumer and Creator. The city excelled in the use of renewable energy resources, robotic buildings and vehicles.

In Dubai, operates the world's only unmanned passenger bus route.

Where it's warmer?

Teplee vsego v Alane

  • In the ranking of "the most warm city in the world" the first place we awarded the resort of Alanya in Turkey, located on the Mediterranean sea surrounded by the Taurus mountains. The mountains protect the region from Northern winds, which in combination with the subtropical climate keeps the average temperature of up to +37...+42 degrees in summer and 23-26 degrees Celsius in winter.

    The ancient history of the city, its fortresses and towers will appeal to lovers of Antiques and travelers in Alanya offers a developed industry of services and entertainment.

  • In second place – Puerto del Rosario, the "Port of roses", located on the island Fuerteventura in the composition of the Canary Islands. It is a small resort town that is perfect for those wanting a quiet, relaxing beach holiday. Summer temperatures in Puerto del Rosario is +32...+39 ° C, in winter drops to +17...+25.
  • Third place rightfully belongs to the resort Safaga, located on the Egyptian coast of the red sea. Safaga – the most important sea port, famous centre for surfing and Windsurfing. The city has many beaches, hotels, health centers, and the Safaga restaurants offering exquisite delicacies from rare seafood attracts gourmets from around the world. The temperature is in the range of +30 to+44 degrees in summer and +16...+23 in winter.

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Less popular places

And small towns are popular among tourists. A relaxing break for traveling it is small, but filled with an atmosphere of warmth and coziness, towns.

Small towns

  1. According to the Guinness Book of records, the status of the smallest city in the world belongs to the walled city of Hum, located in Croatia. The town was built on top of a hill in the XI century and in its best days contained 400-450 residents, but now there are just 23 people.

    Despite the tiny size of the city, it has retained a rich cultural heritage. Tourists are attracted to churches with ancient frescoes, a Museum and fortifications huma. You can stay in a small city hotel.

  2. Especially interesting is a renowned restaurant serving true home infusion of medicinal herbs, the recipe for which, according to local residents, more than two thousand years.

  3. The second place belongs to Czech town with the unpronounceable name , Rabštejn nad Strelou, built in 1337 in the Czech Republic. Surrounded by picturesque forests, the town retains ruins of the medieval castle, old stone bridge, the mill and the castle in the Baroque style, which, according to legend, inhabited by ghosts. The city's population is 25 people.
  4. In third place in the small town of Melnik, located in the South-West of Bulgaria. The city is built on the slopes of the chalk cliffs, it has more than 100 monuments of culture and architecture of the middle ages: monasteries, castles, churches, bridges, houses and baths. Melnik was founded in the XII century, and since then it has changed little. This city has become the home of many ethnic festivals that attracts tourists from all over the world. In Melnik live 390.

And the points

severnyj Longjiru

The title of the North of the city belongs to Longyearbyen, which is located in Norway on Svalbard. The population of this city, located just 1300 km from the North pole, is 2040. Longyearbyen was founded in 1905 as a center of coal mining, but over time lost its importance as a source of coal.

The city now attracts researchers and tourists for its harsh Arctic climate and the beautiful scenery – it is surrounded by mountains, hills and fjords.

Barrow, a small town in the far North of Alaska, ranks second in this list. Distance to North pole is 2100 km, and the average annual temperature in the city -11,3 degrees in summer rises to +2...+8. The population of barrow is 4212. The city is an important scientific centre in the United States, where study of the nature of the tundra and the Arctic ocean.

Third place goes to another Northern Norwegian town of Honningsvåg, with a population of 2,436 people and the distance topole – 2110 km away. the town has a Museum and a historic wooden Church, and because of the gorgeous landscapes he frequently receives cruise ships.

Where it is cheaper?

Tourists wishing to save a substantial amount of money, choose to stay, the cheapest city

  • The cheapest city in the world, experts have called Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. The city is surrounded by mountains and forests, there are many gardens, parks, boulevards, and historical and religious sites;
  • Windhoek, capital of Namibia won the second place among the cheapest cities. It is famous for monuments of architecture in neo-Gothic style, preserved from the times of German rule, and modern economic, cultural and educational institutions, who likened the city in terms of development for many European cities;
  • The city of Karachi, about which we wrote as the second populous city in the world, takes the third place among the cheapest cities. Cheapness is part of what explains this popularity of Karachi with tourists.

Whatever you expect from travel, it always will surprise you, will always bring something new and unusual.

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