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Which hotel to choose in Egypt (Hurghada and Sharm-El-Sheikh) for families with child or without?

Kakoj otel vybrat v Egipte?

Going on vacation in a hot country on the coast of the red sea, in front of every tourist is an important question: "Which hotel to choose in Egypt?" Of course, you can contact the tour operator and ask for help with choosing a suitable hotel. However, as practice shows, this option is not the most optimal. Very happy for You if this assistance was rendered properly, but also will give some tips in organizing an unforgettable vacation.

We must agree that to decide on the choice of accommodation in Egypt is very difficult, because there is a large number of them. When choosing a hotel primarily pay attention to the proximity to the sea and beach type. Not everyone want to get in terms of the heat of Egypt to the sea, not everyone will prefer swimming with corals or pebble beach. So, in advance, coordinate all the details with the tour operator.

In addition, the cost of the hotel also plays a significant role. Sometimes even luxury hotels are reprimanded for the quality of service, and relatively cheap hotels are able to surprise for its service. This implies that comfort does not always depend on cost. To avoid mistakes, You can choose your favorite hotels and read reviews about them and then decide which hotel to choose.

For a correct choice of hotels in Egypt, which can spoil Your holiday, you must first decide on a resort where you can relax. The most popular resort areas are Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh. The first area is fun and carefree and perfect for a windy youth companies. In addition, this is a great place for diving and various excursions, where the distance to the Luxor 230 km, to capital Cairo - about 500 kilometers.

The most prestigious and luxury hotel in Egypt after 2005 is considered to be the Savoy Sharm El Sheikh

In Sharm El-Sheikh to relax at the beautiful sea with the famous Egyptian beaches and colourful lagoons. However, staying here will cost much more expensive than in Hurghada. Sharm El Sheikh is the most exclusive resort in Egypt.

There are attractive hotels: the Sonesta, Hilton, Marriott, Sofitel, Movenpick. For those who want to save the resorts in Hurghada Rehana Sharm Resort and Sea Gull. Fans of more elegant leisure suit Four Seasons Resort and Kempinski Soma Bay in Sharm El Sheikh.

Search for cheap hotel in Egypt

Here you can choose a hotel based on your preferences:

Let's take a closer look at the accommodation each of the resort areas.

Options of hotels in Hurghada

Which hotel to choose in Hurghada? For combining the full spectrum of maintenance and low cost ideal four star Alf Leila Wa Leila, the location of which is a huge restaurant and entertainment complex. The only drawback of the "Thousand and one nights" is finding 3 kilometers from the beach area. However, this kompensiruet full range of services all inclusive, including four meals with different drinks and good service. The hotel is decorated in an Oriental Palace, which are two-storey buildings forming courtyards with garden and swimming pool.

Luxury Hurghada hotels include the Grand Azurin which service quality and system of work are consistent with the previous hotel. There is everything for comfortable rest and fun:

  • pool
  • catamarans and canoes
  • BBQ

In addition, it is famous for a rousing evening show programs, and slideshow.

One of the most prestigious hotels of Hurghada is a five star Intercontinental de luxefrom the famous hotel chain Intercontinental. It is noteworthy that the hotel is on the coast and the hotel rooms overlook the sea. Landmark hotel considered a casino, which is the only in Hurghada.

In the centre of Hurghada is a five star hotel Marriott de luxe, located near the sea. He is one six-storey building, surrounded by a compact landscaped area. In addition, at the disposal of guests there are free towels, sun beds and umbrellas. Fans of a healthy lifestyle can play on the tennis court, which in a hotel for two, work out in gym and fitness halls, a squash hall, water-skiing and pedalos.

A five-star hotel Hilton Plaza (pictured) refers to a well known hotel in the world "Hilton International". It has a private Bay with a Marina for yachts and boats. On the sandy beach are also provided with free facilities for comfortable holiday by the sea.

Kakoj otel vybrat v Hurgade?

At the highest point of Hurghada is a four star hotel Seagull Blue Club. It is actively developed nightlife. Eats bars, restaurants, amphitheatre, disco with live music, famous nightclub "Tutankhamen". Popular bar with panoramic views "Captain Nemo", whichis situated at altitude 18 m above sea level. Also, tourists will enjoy Billiards rooms, fitness club, cinemas. The resort has many pools, one of which is decorated and designed beautiful waterfall.

A five-star hotel Sofite consists of four villas and several buildings of three floors. It is a comfortable place for rest, where there are swimming pools (also for children), Playground and clubs for children, daily animation program, and a sauna. Wishing to improve their health can do in the Wellness area with sauna and Turkish bath, Jacuzzi and massage treatments. Not far away is the sea with a sandy beach and coral reefs.

Choose a hotel in Sharm El Sheikh

Which hotel to choose in Sharm El Sheikh? Charm many tourists are attracted by the sea with colorful coral reefs, which is full of different kind of animals. However, if You want to bring small children, the choice of the hotel should be taken more seriously. Despite the fact that the beautiful reefs are particularly proud to Sharm El-Sheikh, they can become a hindrance for safe children swim in the sea. In addition, swimming in the sea begins with the sunset from the pontoon to a depth where there are tides and low tides.

Kakoj otel vybrat v Egipte dlya otdyha s rebenkom?

This is with regard to very young children. For older are the bathing in suit, in which you can go into the water with a pontoon. The floaties keep the child in the water and he can swim and enjoy the colorful underwater world.

Which hotel to choose in Egypt for a holiday with baby? Here's some hotels of Charm with relaxation by the sea coral reefs:

  1. Naama Bay. Here there are some corals, but not enough, because basically they have already trodden.
  2. The Bay of Sharm El Maya, where the hotels Royal Azur (4*), Beach Albatros Sharm (4*), Turquoise Swiss Inn (3*), Iberotel Palace (5*) , etc. Fully bescherelle sea with sand and sometimes muddy algae from the water.
  3. The most extreme hotels Nabki, as an example of Regency Plaza Aqua Park & Spa Resort (5*). The pontoon is very long and very large shallow water, where for a long time-wading into the water only knee-high.
  4. Hotels owned by Montaze such as Jas Belveder, Sol Sharm and Syrene, which are located in a small Bay with no coral.

If you are going to Sharm El Sheikh for adults without children, we would recommend the following options:

  1. Grand Azur (4*) is situated on a large property, featuring a well-developed infrastructure and an atmosphere of fun.
  2. Four Seasons Resort (5*) (photo). Elegant service of the hotel will give everyone the opportunity to experience the bliss of an unforgettable vacation. Own beach with all the necessary equipment will impress the most discerning traveler.
  3. Kakoj otel vybrat v SHarm-el-SHejhe?

  4. Four star hotel best Western amber has a very interesting location: it dissects into two parts, a cascade of pools. Sea with lots of coral reef, reaching right up to the coastline. This hotel is an excellent choice for both holiday and business. There is a large meeting room and a Wellness area.
  5. Remarkable is the Reef Oasis (5*), in particular the fact that there is an opportunity to taste Russian borsch, and weekend giving out free ice cream. The hotel is located on a small hill, resulting in the sea must go down special stairs. Nearby hotels Hausa Beach, red carpet, Swissotel, Sea Club, located close to Naama Bay. Wish the bus could get there.
  6. Quite popular among the tourists enjoy a five-star hotel Le Meridia. This is a lovely comfortable place with caves and waterfalls. There is also the possibility to play tennis. In the rooms you can celebrate such a distinctive feature as the ability to broadcast audio from your TV in other rooms in the room. This is a fairly respectable hotel for lovers of luxury, classic and comfort.
  7. The five-star Bay Races of Nazran in the Strait of Tiran under the name of Baron Rezort. Solid and luxurious hotel, which has its own history and traditions. Located near the beach, so the rooms are all with sea views. Attraction of the hotel is considered to be a large pool, the circumference of which is lined with a special thermoplate not heated by sunlight. In addition, the territory of the hotel includes an Italian restaurant and closed the night disco. You can also enjoy diving at the private beach.
  8. Iberotel Sharm Palase (5*) in the Bay of Sharm El Maya. Hotel for fans of active pastime on vacation. There is a tennis court, gym and fitness rooms, underwater swim diving instructor. Children can be left with a sitter for the kids presents animated entertainment. Gourmets can taste delicious dishes in restaurants and cafes, night-life lovers will have a rest in night clubs.
  9. The five-star Movenpick Golf , you can say one of the best in Sharm El Sheikh because here you can see, even the President of the country. There are many pools with water slides and heated.

These are the options. Have a great vacation!