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Class of service on the plane: identification, benefits, what is the difference?

klass v samolete oboznachenie

Long gone the days when air travel was considered a luxury and a privilege of the rich. Today hundreds of thousands of people around the world every day to buy a ticket on a plane to comfortably and quickly become the destination.

And when you choose where to go and how long will it take flight, it is worth considering which class of service should be given preference.

What do the letters C, F, Y ticket?

Foreign airlines adopted system of service three classes: economic, business and first class, which are labeled C, F, and Y. in addition to the basic symbols, each class corresponds to a further type of reservation. Certain specifics are not observed and are only a guideline for marking:

  • for the first class it is recommended to use characters of the Latin alphabet – A, F, P, R;
  • for business class – C, D, J, Z;
  • for economic class – all the other letters except for the vowels I and O.

The choice of a particular letter is an internal decision of each airline and is indicated in the column "CL". The higher the booking class, the more privileges envisaged for the passenger.

chto oznachaut bukvy v bilete na samolet?

This can be expressed in the extension menu, to increase the distance between the seats and other benefits.

The cost of two tickets purchased in the same class, but with a higher and lower type of reservation significantly different.

For example, a passenger with a more expensive ticket can exchange it for a flight of another airline, change the time and date of departure, to hand over without payment of a penalty. At the same time, the ticket with the lower class shall be redeemed only on the day of booking, and take it possible only after the payment of a certain amount.

Type of reservation effect only in such aspects, the rest two people will reach the destination in almost equal conditions.

Saying the division into classes initially hints where you can save, and where to ride "sweep". Therefore, when choosing a particular type of service during the purchase of the ticket should not rely exclusively price policy, because every service has its positive side.

Best service - first class

Expensive method of air travel. Here, the high level of service: always smiling flight attendants and a huge selection of food and drinks.

Although it is worth noting that to buy a first class ticket is not always available: provided mainly on Intercontinental flights.

The best option for those who go to relax, since holiday starts already on the plane. Meals are served in crystal or porcelain, and not available a La carte restrictions. The same caveat goes for drinks.

salon pervogo klassa

In the first class most comfortable seats, which are arranged at 180°, it does not clutter the space next to seated passengers.


  1. additional non-refundable charge for baggage;
  2. inspection of Luggage takes the least time;
  3. passengers boarding the first;
  4. for food and drinks operates an "all-inclusive";
  5. comfortable seats;
  6. always clean and spacious toilet;
  7. free shipping to the airport.

If to speak about shortcomings, that he is the only – the price of the airfare, which is 10-15 times higher than in economy class.

Category Business - what is it? Photo salon

Intermediate between the first and economy class, commissioned in 1976. A business-class hotel is located in the front part of the fuselage where the shaking during the flight significantly less. Apartments wider, more comfortable seats, wider rows.


  1. free shipping to the airport and after landing at the destination;
  2. free waiting room where you can take a shower, to eat and to drink;
  3. permissible baggage allowance is twice than in economy class;
  4. comfortable seats;
  5. free food and drinks during the flight.



  • airfare can be up to 5 times higher than the price of the ticket of economy class;
  • not always the theoretical advantages of a business service are true.

Economy flights

Most popular because of the cheapness of flights.

The salon is located in the tail or middle part of the fuselage, so passengers who decided to save, leave the liner last. If you look from the point of view of security, people sitting in a plane, the most protected in emergency situations.

Seats are designed for people of average size: width of seat 43-46 cm, the distance between 74-90 cm

Service depends on the specific airline. Some provide free breakfasts or dinners, others are limited to only drinks.

At the disposal of each passenger, a folding table, a map showing the evacuation and inflight magazine located in the pocket. Often the places are equipped with integrated monitors. If needed, the staff required to bring a blanket, a pillow, a blanket.

Comparative characteristics - how do they differ?

The distinctive features of business and first class:

  • the second option would be higher prices for tickets;
  • the first class seat is more spacious and laid out by 180°;
  • each first class passenger has enough space;
  • for first class passengers there is a free menu, restaurant type;
  • if passengers business class permissible baggage allowance – 30 kg for passengers in first class – 40 kg;
  • the plane will never leave without you if you previously purchased a ticket in first class.

chem otlichaetsya biznes klass ot ekonom?

The distinctive features of business and economy classes:

  • the second option allows you to save;
  • for economy class passengers need to stand in long queue before the flight, while flying in business class are priority;
  • the seats in business class are more comfortable, the menu diverse and the bar;
  • for passengers of business class is provided free delivery to the airport.

Useful information for passengers

  1. Be sure to keep the list of documents: passport, ticket, visa, framed in the correct order, otherwise the service provider of air travel, may not be allowed on Board.
  2. Airlines assign registration for a certain period of time. If the passenger is not embedded in the allotted time, airport staff has the right to dispose of it at own discretion.
  3. Airlines engaged in international traffic, there are different kinds of special food, for example, for Muslims, for people with various diseases.
  4. Child under 2 years is eligible for a 90 percent discount on the cost of an adult ticket, a passenger under 12 years – 50%.

  5. Put forward specific requirements for travel with animals. Pet up to 5 kg can travel in the cabin with the owner, the animal is over 5 kilos should be in a special cage in the Luggage compartment during the flight. Free shipping only applies to guide dogs, in other instances, there is a separate fee.
  6. In the cabin you can take baggage weight not exceeding 10 kg. it is Forbidden to take items belonging to the group of "dangerous" (their list is specified in the ticket).

What class to fly is an individual decision of each person. Some people prefer to save, others care only about their comfort. But despite all this, air travel remains the most safe, fast and comfortable way to be in the right in the world.

A detailed designation of classes of tickets - in the following video: