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When to go to Egypt on vacation with the child without?

Kogda luchshe ehat v Egipet?

Travel to Egypt every year are becoming increasingly popular. The subtropical climate of the Mediterranean coast attracts many tourists from all over the world. Egypt – a country of scorching sun, so in any season the holiday season is here opened. Near the red sea hot, dry summers and wet, rather mild winters – here you can relax all year round. The situation changes dramatically with distance from the sea coast inland. Vacationers all over the world, planning a trip to this exotic country, ask the question, "When is the best time to go to Egypt?". Knowing the answer, you can successfully plan for and to spend a holiday or weekend.

The climate of Egypt

In the desert daytime temperatures can rise to + 35°C, and at night fall significantly, down to -2°C, thereby creating huge swings in daily temperature. The climate of this country is inherent in the two tourist seasons: high from mid April to late October, when the temperature is high and moderate since the beginning of November until the end of March.

One of the hottest months is June. Depending on the location of the resort, the average daily temperature at this time could be closer to +35°C - +38°C. January is considered in Egypt to be the most cold month of the year - in this period the temperature is +15°C. Winters are very warm. If you want to choose a budget option for a trip to Egypt, you'll fit tours, trips which start in January. Hot sun, of course not, but this factor can be a significant advantage, because the weather and temperature will contribute to the guided tours and sights of Egypt.

Kogda luchshe ehat v Egipet na otdyh?

Basically in this period the air is heated to +25 °C during the day, and up to +15 °C in the evening and at night. The perfect temperature to relax, to enjoy the colors of another country and, of course, to get a bronze tan. Since February, gradually begin to increase the price of tours, and in early may on all Egyptian resorts, a period of excitement – "high season".

If Your plans to open a tourist season - from December to the middle of March, it is best to choose a resort on the amazing shores of the red sea. Here the average temperature in this season is +23° - +25°C, in the same time on the Golden sandy shores of the red sea +19°C, +21°C. during the summer period June-August in Egypt is very hot, but at observance of all safety measures and in these months you can enjoy your vacation.

Escape from hot climate are wind, which in hot sultry day, create a sense of light coolness.

In Egypt rain is a rarity. In some desert areas rain may not be for several years. In the Nile Delta and on the coastal line of the Mediterranean sea, precipitation falls more often. Therefore, to visit Cairo is better in may or September, since the end of November to may there is cloudy weather.

Winds that blow all year round is the climate feature of Egypt. The constant wind on the coast creates an effect of coolness, but he is not able to reduce solar radiation. The hot desert wind called "Jasmin" he dominates on the plains since the beginning of March until the end of may, brings with it sand and increase in temperature. After "Jasmine" atmospheric pressure decreases and the temperature increases to 12-15°C.

Choose a month to travel

To understand when to go to rest in Egypt, you need to consider in detail the advantages and disadvantages of each month. After all, there are periods in which comfortably relax and such, when is the best time to travel on trails. Consider and briefly characterize each month:

  • January. Prices for tours this month low. The water temperature is 22°C. there Are cloudy days, but still can not deny myself the pleasure to swim and sunbathe. Tourists a little more. You can choose a comfortable hotel for a small fee.
  • February. This month reduced the temperature to +15°C. the Cost of housing is already beginning to grow slightly. The sea water is cold. In February, many Muslims come here for pilgrimage. Then stay to relax in the resorts.
  • March. The cost of housing is growing every day, the air is heated. In the second half of the month the winds blow and storms. The sea water is still warm enough.
  • April. The weather broke in the afternoon the air temperature around +32°C. it is Already possible to swim in the sea. Hotels are filled with tourists.
  • May. On may holidays there come many tourists. The weather was perfect, the sea water is clean and warm. Places in hotels need to be booked in advance due to high demand.
  • June. The heat reaches its peak. The demand for tours in this month drops significantly. Prices at the end of June very attractive.
  • July. Is traditionally a holiday period. The heat is very strong. Is forbidden to stay under the sun from 11 to 15 hours. However, all hotels are filled with tourists.
  • August. Most vacationers come here for a long time during the holiday season. It is still hot, it is recommended to refrain from visiting tourist trips. Tips onwhere to go on holiday in August can be read here.
  • In September and October. The most successful months when it is better to go to Egypt on vacation are September and October, this period perfectly warmed water and a comfortable temperature. In the early autumn popular among tourists little falls and the ticket can be bought at a bargain price. This is the best months to holiday in Egypt. During this period, virtually no winds. Housing prices are reasonable.
  • November. The weather is beautiful. This month a large number of tourists with children. In the evenings, usually beginning to be felt a cool breeze.
  • December. Tourists are very few. Hotels are almost empty, low prices. The sea water is still warm. The temperature environment around 25°C. On New year's prices again are rising and to book a tour in advance.

Eat in Egypt with children?

When to go to Egypt with the baby? On this subject opinions differ slightly. If your toddler loves the sun and he was comfortable under it, you can go in August. Only will not forget to apply sunscreen lotions and creams, and remember that headpiece save you from direct sunlight, which can cause Helios (sunstroke).

Kogda luchshe ehat v Egipet s rebenkom?

Many experienced travelers say that the best time to holiday in Egypt with children is may. At this time the weather is just wonderful: yet the suffocating heat, but the water in the sea is well warmed; daytime increases as the sun sets later, it is possible to stay longer on the beach, and the evenings are a relaxed atmosphere - not blowing cold winds. During this period, it is good to combine beach holidays and excursions (Safari, in the desert, on yachts, boats, etc.).

Some interesting facts to consider when choosing a tour to Egypt:

  • Naama Bay is the most sheltered and warm place in winter, is located in Sharm El Sheikh;
  • the most expensive tours in the New Year, may holidays, Christmas;
  • race with the 20's of the month is cheaper than 1. This is due to the main part of the people who take holidays from the first of the month.

Of course, You decide when to go to Egypt. Summarizing, we can confidently say that all year round resorts of this country can receive visitors. Summer heat is easier to wrap because of the dry climate and winter also have the opportunity to sunbathe on the beach. But no one with certainty can not be forecaster and predict what the weather will be this year some time.