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When to go to Greece to relax by the sea?

Kogda luchshe ehat v Greciu na more?

Beautiful country of the Olympian gods and the magic of legends, where the intertwined past and present, where ancient civilizations and the events of the past remind yourself at every step. A country in which constantly caresses the sun, blooming trees and flowers. Three warm seas surrounding it, allows you to enjoy beach season is almost year-round. And it's not a story, it's ─ Greece. Not a surprising question: when to go to Greece by sea?

Warm subtropical Mediterranean climate with very poor precipitation and the prevailing Sunny weather (Sunny days more than three hundred a year). Spring in Greece is warm, dry and beautiful. Everything is blooming and the air is filled with intoxicating aroma. This is the best time for those who decided to come into the country to admire ancient Greek culture and architecture, spend time in trekking and Hiking.

Summer on the Peninsula is hot and dry. The average temperature is 27-30°C. Although it rises to 40°C, dry air with low humidity and refreshing sea winds help to carry the hot weather.

It does not matter if the vacation turned out to be in the fall. Sleeping heat, comfortable temperature, is heated to + 24°C, water is waiting for you in September. The average temperature does not rise above 30-35°C. And even in October the weather pleases tourists. Rains in late autumn and winter.

Winter in Greece attracts tourists with its beauty and softness. Even in January the average temperature is around +10°C. winter Frosts are only in the mountains. Here they are needed for those who love skiing.

Soft warm spring and autumn, hot summers make Greece more attractive in terms of tourism, to visit ancient monuments, explore the city and natural beauty, and in terms of sea and mountain holidays.

Beach season starts in April─may, depending on location. South of the island of Rhodes, Crete, Corfu, Karpathos, Patmos and other early meet vacationers. Gradually and other resorts are filled with guests. Last fall, the beaches are empty all the same southern Islands. This usually occurs in October, whereas in Central and Northern regions closing of the season is at the end of September. The swimming season follows the tour. And the series does not stop all year round.

kogda luchshe ehat otdyhat v Greciu?


Let's look at the four seasons in Greece in more detail.

Spring getaway

If you seek not so much to swim and sunbathe and see the world famous sights and enjoy the beauty of nature, the March and April ─ perfect time to visit. Especially if you are traveling with children.

The water temperature is still not suitable for swimming, but spoils the temperature of the air, lush vegetation, blooming and full-bodied with incredible aromas of the air. Endless variety of tours for every taste and budget await you in this amazing country. In April it is already possible to bathe in the southern Islands: Crete, KOs, Corfu, Rhodes, Karpathos, Paros, and others, and in may, begins the beach season almost all the resort areas. April weather is not very different from March. The air temperature warms up to +23-25°C and the water temperature reaches +19°C. This month is also beautiful with their blooms and are good for all sorts of excursions.

Summer vacation

Summer in Greece starts in may, and together they open the beach season. So if you are planning a holiday on the sea ─ it's time to go. For families with children it is better to choose to travel in may and June, when not so hot. Water is definitely not the warmest, but to swim and to enjoy swimming quite possibly.

In may and June, a good holiday is to combine beach holiday and sightseeing. Besides, nature hasn't lost all its spring beauty. The weather in June is hot, but at the same time comfortable due to low humidity. The water warms up to a pleasant +24°C. Perfect time for families with children.

July and August are considered the hottest for a reason for months. The best time to go to rest to those who easily tolerates and loves the heat. The scorching heat facilitate refreshing sea breezes, and in July, bring a cool wind from the North. But water temperature is above +25°C and allows to bask in the water as much as you want.

In these months the peak of the summer season and heat in +35-45° Celsius do not mind wanting to relax. But locals and reperensya intense heat tourists go in July and August, on the northernmost island in the Ionian sea ─ Corfu. Though it is the most expensive, but the air temperature is five degrees lower than on the continent.

Autumn rest

A wonderful time to relax comes with the arrival of September. The heat, the average temperature is set at 30-35 degrees, as in June. The water remains warm summer heat to 24-25 degrees. Do not hesitate to choose this month, if you have small children. On the Northern resorts in late September it's getting cold, but all the other celebrate their "velvet" season. Prices this month are stillquite high.

October ends the season. However, this does not mean that closed hotels and the sea and no tourists. Weather often brings warm almost summer days, and the tan falls are amazing and smooth. The prices do not bite, and if you want to give yourself an unforgettable holiday, combining swimming and its famous monuments and cities, do not doubt the correctness of his decision.


Greece ─ not only a country of warm seas and Golden beaches. Here you can relax and winter. Lovers stroll through the snowy woods, enjoy the magnificent panoramas of snow-covered mountain peaks, skiing you have to go here in the winter. Ski resorts in Greece are not inferior in the beauty of the Alpine, and the names of no less intriguing. Here is a list of some of them:

  • Parnas
  • Arachova
  • Verma
  • Vasilitsa and other

Besides skiing you can visit monasteries in the mountain of Hellas, to visit the original mountain villages and memorable to celebrate Christmas and welcome the New year in GREVENA, the nature of which fascinates everyone who comes in this fabulously beautiful area.

Vacation with children in Greece

When deciding when to go on vacation to Greece with the child, consider the age and health of your children. If you have a small child or it does not tolerate heat can not buy tickets and book hotels in July and August. Take a vacation in late may, June or September. The temperature of the air and water are optimally suitable for children. In addition, you will be able to familiarize them with the historical and cultural attractions of the country.

Where to stay in comfortable holiday season?

Great climate and southern sea made Greece and its Islands into one huge resort. It is impossible to cover all the destinations and attractions that bright pearls shimmer on the map of this amazing country. Here is a list of the most favourite and preferred among residents and tourists:

  • Halkidiki;
  • Peloponnese;
  • Zakynthos;
  • Crete;
  • KOs;
  • Rhodes;
  • Corfu;
  • Alexandroupolis;
  • Santorini;
  • Skiathos;
  • Paros;
  • Varia;
  • Mykonos;
  • Evia etc.

A few words about some of the above resorts will help in making a decision where exactly and when to go for a vacation in Greece.

Halkidiki ─ a favorite resort of foreign and local tourists. Its recognition and fame the resort has gained due to its beaches with velvety Golden sand, stretches for almost 500 kilometers, the unique air of the pine forests and clean waters of the Aegean sea. It is considered the most environmentally friendly in the whole of Greece and was at the top of the list of the best resorts in Europe.

kogda luchshe ehat v Greciu s rebenkom?

Fascinate the spirit of the history and legends of the Peninsula of Chalkidiki. According to legend it was the opponents of the Olympian gods-the titans. And he arose in that place where the sea God Poseidon in one of the battles with the titans dropped his Trident. The shape of the Peninsula is indeed reminiscent of a Trident. The three fingers have the names: Athos ─ Holy place with 20 monasteries that attract thousands of pilgrims, the other two ─ Kassandra and Sithonia, which are hotels and restaurants. Here is the destination for those who prefer a relaxing holiday, appreciate the beauty of nature. Perfect for vacationers with children.

Mykonos is located at the crossroads of sea roads in the southern part of the Aegean sea. Given to the island by the name of the Greek hero. And according to the famous myth of Hercules, one of his exploits he made here, destroying the giants, turned into rocky cliffs. Colorful panorama of the island consists of picturesque windmills, white houses, blue sea and the colourful harbour. Refreshing trade winds weaken the effect of the sweltering summer heat. And nightlife is a symbol and visit card of this resort.

A favorite of many tourists Peloponnese is bordered by two seas: the Ionian and the Aegean. This place of the Olympian gods and games, adventures and exploits of ancient heroes, the legendary cities of Sparta and Mycenae. A well-preserved fortress and attractions, superb sandy and pebble beaches, comfortable hotels win the hearts of an increasing number of tourists.

The island of Crete is the southernmost island of Greece. Here summer season lasts for the longest time ─ from April to October. A huge number of water sports, a large number of discos, the hospitality of the locals and a relatively inexpensive vacation attract students and tourists with average income.

Zakynthos is famous for its unique beauty of sea, white sand, pristine beaches and famous water Park, marine birds and animals. Here have a rest families with children and youth from many countries of Europe.

As for the price?

Of course, when planning a holiday tourists first of all, agree on it with your budget. Greece has a variety of hotels and offers holidays for every taste and budget. If you want to relax "cheap and cheerful", you should plan for this trip on so-called "low" or "small" season, which falls onthe end of March and April, late September and October and for the winter months. On the coast, many resorts operate year-round, have indoor pools, and provide interesting choice of entertainment.