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When to go to Thailand on holidays in Pattaya and Phuket?

Kogda luchshe ehat v Tajland?

Many have already started to get bored of the monotonous vacation in Turkey or Egypt, where the crowded beaches, the same events, excursions and tourist crowds. And I want something new, delicious, where is a tropical Paradise with living rivers, amazing landscape, exotic wildlife, and many other advantages. All of this can be found in Thailand. Many have a question – when is the best time to go to Thailand?

The main criteria to answer this question are the time of year, the weather and peak seasonal period, during which there is a huge flow of tourists from around the world. All these factors are inextricably linked.

The climate of Thailand

The question of choice of time of travel in Thailand can be complicated by the fact that the country is situated in different climatic zones, respectively different weather conditions in the opposite regions of the country. Thailand is located on the border of two climatic zones: monsoon and tropical climate. Therefore, it is not uncommon that in Bangkok the rain and the stifling heat, and on the island of Phuket are clear and Sunny weather.

In Thailand there are three seasons: cool, rainy and hot. But you should not afraid of the word cool. In this country there is no cold weather.

The cool season lasts from November to February. The name of this seasonal period of the conditional, in fact, daytime temperatures even in this period often reaches 30 degrees or more. This period is the most popular among tourists.

The hot season starts from March and lasts till may. Its characteristic feature is the rare rainfall, high temperature, high humidity, etc. Particularly noticeable are the signs in the Central part of the country, particularly in the capital.

Rainy season is June–October. But this does not mean that it rains constantly. The frequency of rains 1-3 times a week, they are strong, but short duration.

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When to go to Thailand for a vacation? The best time to travel you need to choose individually, based on their demands and perception of weather. For those who are difficult to tolerate the heat, better to visit the resort during the cool season, from November to February. For those who wish to enjoy the beauty of nature alone with her, the best time visit Thailand - the rainy season. In this period nature is flourishing and at the same time, less tourists.

Choose a vacation spot

Everyone can depending on your mindset and preferences to find a secluded quiet place, away from civilization, or to spend a holiday with the nightlife of the resort and other exotic entertainment.

In both cases, Thailand has it all in abundance. The combination of amazingly preserved nature and developed city life give a special advantage for this resort. In addition to infrastructure at the European level, in Thailand there is preserved Oriental culture, amazing natural wealth, and of course the sea, where the average water temperature varies from 27 degrees to 30 degrees with a plus sign.

If a decision about the rest of the country has been made, determined at the time of release, themselves appear the questions: In what place to go? Where prettier and more interesting? As well as many other issues that is actually not surprising, because this country of our compatriots do not know.

The choice of place where to go is strongly dependent on the objectives. For example, for active people one direction, for couples who love the silence – this direction is very different, for ordinary people, who are on vacation to relax and recharge with their family in the third direction.

Below we briefly outline the advantages of the main resort areas of Thailand.

Dignity Pattaya

Kogda luchshe ehat otdyhat v Pattaju (Tajland)?

  • If there is a question where it is cheaper to vacation in Thailand, we can assume that the answer to this question has already been found. Pattaya is the cheapest place to stay among all resorts in the country, here are the lowest prices for food, hotels, clothing and services for every tourist.
  • Thanks to the availability of direct flights, very easy to reach from Russia. The planes land at the international airports in Bangoka and Suvarnabhumi, of which half to two hour drive and you are in this amazing corner of the world with sea, sun and palm trees.
  • Pattaya is actually the main entertainment center with a sign 18+ throughout Asia. Here are the lowest prices in this area. In addition to meeting with the local beauties, there is the opportunity to visit upscale salons and other Thai type of massage, bars and many other entertainment modern southern city.
  • Excellent infrastructure, thousands of hotels, shops, restaurants, discos and clubs as well as many other companies. All at the highest level of development according to European standards.
  • The close proximity to theBangkok, two hours drive you can get to the capital of Thailand. In the capital, countless attractions and historic and architectural sites. It's the perfect addition to a hectic beach holiday in Pattaya. The main thing is that Bangkok was not the next revolution.
  • A huge number of excursions, the largest in all of Thailand.
  • Excellent climate, scarce rains, almost no wind and, consequently, dust.

Of the shortcomings can be noted the almost complete absence of surrounding wildlife, it is almost all cut, instead it is a highly developed infrastructure and facilities for tourists. Pattaya is not the place for those seeking a green and quiet place in Thailand away from civilization.

The Island Of Phuket

Phuket island is the largest in all of Thailand. It is on the southern side of Thailand, on the Andaman sea coast. It's not really an island, because it laid a 500 meter long bridge with the mainland. Phuket is one of the most important resorts in the country along with Pattaya. He began its development approximately 10 years later, but recently equaled the number of incoming tourists.

kogda luchshe ehat v Tajland na Phuket?

You can relax not less diverse. Tourists are attracted here by the excellent secluded beaches with elements of romance, virgin nature, wide excursion program (including extreme holding time), various parks with animals and Buddhist shrines. The level of accommodation here is lower than in Pattaya, but prices are much higher.