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Where to go to rest in the summer cheaply and is it real?

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June, July and August during the summer holiday. Have students begin a vacation, lucky I waited for summer vacation work, students make plans for summer. The activity of prospecting tours in different directions increases. Summer is the traditional period for vacation. The question of where to go to rest in the summer cheaply, become very important.

If a summer vacation to plan in advance, you can save a lot, taking advantage of the spring sales of tours on the action "early booking". Up to 35% discount at Spain, Greece, UAE and other countries if estimated in June a trip to pick and pay in February.

Summer vacation in Russia and former Soviet republics

Many vacationers are choosing to stay in Russia. For this there are a lot of good reasons:

  • Love to the native land
  • The desire to explore the vastness of their country
  • Unwillingness to travel far
  • No passport

This list did not include the item of financial expenses, as the stay in Russia is not always cheap and very affordable. As the tourism industry is actively developing in our country, the level of services provided increases, respectively increasing and rates for these services.

A trip on the tourist route in Russia can be more expensive than the flight to Turkey or Egypt, and a cruise on the rivers of Russia is comparable with a Mediterranean cruise.

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Campings – holiday for hopeless romantics

If the bag is not much money, and the soul asks romance, a good option would be a cheap vacationspent at any camp. At the same time, you don't have to travel far. Many camp sites from the Soviet era lies in the picturesque places on the banks of rivers, lakes, mountains and near the city. By the way, many houses are restored, they had a convenience, and the comfort level is not reminiscent of a simple life of Soviet recreation centers.

But swimming in a river or lake, Hiking in the woods, evening campfire songs, barbecue, bath, horseback riding, boating, catamaran sailing, fishing, mushrooms and berries, clean air will make your stay complete and pleasant. If this option is considered by you, please note on bases of rest the Moscow region, the Volga region, Delta of the Volga river, a favorite place for fishermen, as well as numerous camp sites of the region, which is easily to find on the Internet.

Holiday on the coast of the seas

The coast of the Azov and Black seas Russian tsars chose to stay. No wonder the Crimea preserved palaces and summer residences of royalty. Now to rest there can any Russian. Many resorts on the Black sea has been preserved from ancient times. Each black sea resort.

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The sea of Azov

Anapa is famous for its sandy beaches. Why there are so many children's camps and sanatoriums. Vouchers for children are distributed through the Department of social services, you just have to get on the waiting list. And you can just come to Anapa or Vityazevo, rent a home and relax.

Noumea has a mild climate, good beaches, private hotels. In this town there is a water Park, which come to rest from all the Black sea coast.

Sochi is not only dark nights, it's clean beaches, plenty of entertainment, Sochi Park, the Olympic venues and Park Rivera, Dendrarium, circus, summer theaters and a lot of touring in the summer. You can see the most famous actors, singers, musicians from across the country to attend various shows and concerts.

Small towns on the coast will appreciate the hospitality, delicious food, excellent fruit, reasonable housing prices, even in season. Please note the cities as Loo, Lazarevskoye, Dagomys, Russia. You all will be happy.

Abkhazia. This free Republic on the Black sea has a unique natural wealth.Subtropical climate, sea air, pine relict Pitsunda make a vacation in this region is useful and unique. Resorts of Gagra, Afon, Sukhum in the summer take a rest. Prices for accommodation in private hotels and food are lower than in Sochi. And the Abkhaz tangerines, grapes and other fruit are much cheaper here than in other cities. Visa and passport are not needed.

Rest in Crimea

There is no such person that has not visited at least once in the Crimea. For Russians, now it is not the near abroad, and the native earth, and therefore a trip to the Crimea it is possible to implement. Especially popular sandy beaches of Evpatoria. There are many children's sanatoria, and the sea gradually becomes deep. Very comfortable kids.

In the Crimea it is easy to combine a seaside holiday with educational and fun excursions. Worth a visit Nikitsky Botanical garden, Livadia and Vorontsov palaces, to visit the Swallow's nest. Serpentine, for, beautiful, and fun. The road dives into a tunnel, climbs mountains and goes along the sea. Spectacular views capture the imagination.

Popular resorts in the Crimea:

  • Yalta
  • Yevpatoriya
  • Sudak
  • Koktebel
  • Foros

Almost any location can not only relax, but also to treatments healing mud and mineral water. For this, there are Spa clinics and health resorts on the coast.

Amber coast of Kaliningrad

On the shore of the Baltic sea to relax in the summer very comfortable. But for Russians available that piece of the sea, which is located in the Kaliningrad region. A unique pine-air in conjunction with the sea air create a therapeutic effect, especially suitable for people with heart or lung disease.

The most popular resorts of the region are located in Svetlogorsk, Amber on the Curonian spit. Treatment, excellent food, walks, tours – all this will give a positive charge in the future.

Cruises on rivers and seas

Interesting tours offered by the cruise company, enjoyed continued popularity. On the decks of the magnificent sea and river cruise ships , you can find tourists of all ages. This kind of vacation is great for older people, couples, retirees. Often a cruise on the Volga, for example, in the Volgograd, Astrakhan sent a group of students.

In Russia the most popular cruise on the great Russian river Volga. The abundance of trails to suit every taste and budget. The departure point can be any city on the Volga river. You can go for 3 days, for example, from Saratov to Volgograd and back. And at 3 weeks to travel from Moscow to Astrakhan and back.

Informative and comfortable will also be a summer holiday spent on the deck of the ship, making a cruise on the Black sea calling at the seaports of Krasnodar region and the Crimea.

In one trip to see the pearl of the black sea coast, the most beautiful city Odessa, Sevastopol, to visit the Crimean resorts, the Royal summer residence Livadia, Alushta, Yalta, enjoy a sub-tropical beauty of the coast is available to almost every tourist.

Those who live in the Eastern part of our vast country will be to the liking of adventurous tours Siberian rivers Ob, Irtysh, Yenisei, Lena. Interested, certainly, weekend tours to green parks, swimming, for example, on the ship "Novosibirsk". Informative and comfortable tour for a week, 10 days at the Obi "Altai festival", "Novosibirsk - Tomsk".

Kruiz po Eniseu

Cruise along the Yenisei

By going for such an unusual kind of travel like cruise, you new side will see the solution to the question – where to go to relax in the summer.

The advantages of a cruise holiday in Russia:

  • Comfortable cabins
  • Meals on Board
  • Entertainment on Board
  • The excursion programme in the cities stops
  • Tiring journey
  • Don't need passports and visas

Balneological resorts

Residents of Russia and neighboring countries will enjoy the freshness and coolness of the resorts of Karelia Republic, the Caucasian Mineral waters. It's a miracle the place is a set of fresh mountain air and local color. Moreover, the main component of the holiday at these resorts is a unique amount of mud sources and mineral water, so you can restore your health.

Popular Spa resorts of Russia and Ukraine:

  • Essentuki
  • Zheleznovodsk
  • Yevpatoriya
  • Kislovodsk
  • Truskavets
  • Matsesta

kuda mozhno poehat otdyhat letom

Matsesta dirt praise for the black sea resort of Matsesta for over a hundred years. Each camper on the black sea coast of the Caucasus, be sure to visit this unique place, even if there is no need to adopt the procedures. And as for the recovery of these dirt is just excellent, on the whole the year people forget about their problems with health after the course of treatment.

Also the possibility to go to the Western Ukraine, famous for its healing waters. The territory of the Carpathian region and Transcarpathian region is dotted with water sources with a diverse composition, for example, Truskavets. Campers will be able to improve their health andto treat the digestive tract, to drink the healing waters, breathe in the fresh mountain air and enjoy the beauty of the Carpathians. Numerous resorts will take comers at any time of the year.

Holiday abroad

A constant choice for many Russians, remains a foreign visa-free stay. Do it are cheap tours to the country:

Fans of exotic and holders of a plump purse choose the Maldives, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Brazil. In these tropical countries you can relax all year round. If you do not mind the hours-long flight across the ocean, the hot sun and rapid rhythms, go there and you will get pleasure from a tropical vacation!

For those who have a passport, can be recommended in the summer to go to the Mediterranean sea.

  • Italy
  • Greece
  • Spain
  • Croatia
  • Malta

In each country, beautiful beaches, interesting sights, great cuisine, shopping. You can rent a hotel, buy tickets and apply for a visa, and then arrange the trip on his own script. And you can use one of the travel agencies and go for a vacation without problems. The trip will include airfare, meals, hotel, transfer and excursions. You will be in constant communication, the representative of the company.



With a budget a seaside holiday abroad in Bulgaria. This country attracts Russians with no language barrier, sandy beaches of Sunny beach and Golden Sands, gentle sea, the low prices of products, friendly people. Many Russians have bought their own homes in Bulgaria. And if you have your own apartment, many hotels will provide a comfortable environment in Varna, Burgas, Nesebar, Pomorie, Burgas and other towns on the coast.

A sightseeing vacation in Europe

Summer is a great time not only for a beach holiday, but also for cognitive travel. The best option is to combine sea and sightseeing. For tours to Europe require a visa and a passport. Loved by our compatriots Italy offers a two-week itineraries with holiday at the seaside. Visiting for the week from a dozen cities of Venice, Rome, Florence, Genoa, tourists are located in a charming coastal town and the second week enjoying the sea.

The excursions are organized in the following countries:

  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • France
  • Benelux
  • Germany
  • Czech Republic

There are short tours on the Week End on the plane in one of the European capitals. There are extensive bus program for five to seven European countries. In any case, you are guaranteed an interesting stay and a lot of indelible impressions. Don't forget in this trip bring a camera and comfortable shoes.

In the summer you should visit Scandinavia and the Baltic States. The harsh climate of these regions makes the offseason is not very comfortable for trips. But in the summer you can plunge into the Baltic sea, to lie behind the dunes on the sandy beaches. Palanga, Jurmala has always been a favorite holiday destination for Russians. Resort city in the Baltics where you can not only relax, but also to obtain therapeutic procedures:

  • Sigulda
  • Palanga
  • Druskininkai
  • Parnu
  • The Island Of Saaremaa
  • Of course, to visit Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and not to visit the ancient medieval city impossible. Excursions in Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius, Trakai will give you a real immersion into the middle ages. You wander through the narrow cobbled streets, you will taste national dishes in restaurants, hear the organ grinder play and singing street musicians. You can get on a national holiday and to see the costume parade.

    Summer tours by ferry to Scandinavia

    Inexpensive, accessible to many tourists tours by ferry on the Baltic sea should be viewed as a variant of summer holiday. Tours to Scandinavian cities will be tiring, as in Scandinavia in the summer there is no sweltering heat. You will be able to visit Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen. In every city are waiting for tourists of various educational programs.

    Ski resorts in summer

    Increasingly popular, in summer become ski resorts, because there's nothing better treats than fresh, frosty, mountain air. Among the resorts are quite a number of resorts that will please the tourists in the summer, among them:

    1. Krasnaya Polyana
    2. Elbrus
    3. Dombay

    Of course, in search of snow and slippery trails, you'll have to climb higher, but this holiday will be remembered for a long time.
    Among the Austrian ski slopes, a lot of these where you can go to relax not only in winter but in summer. The most famous summer resorts of Dachstein, Tux, Kaprun. Other ski resorts of Austria in the hottest time of the year are closed.

    But for those who can not do without the snowy mountain slopes, in some countries, built a special snow tubing. Artificial snow is not worse than the present happy skiers in such structures in the United Arab Emirates in Finland. After a dizzyingslopes in the snow, you can dive into the warm sea or river.