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Where to go for New Year at sea during the holidays?

kuda poehat na Novyj God

The most favorite holiday for all is the New year. Waiting for him children and adults, pupils and students, office workers and pensioners. The period witnessed the peak demand for air tickets, train tickets, booking of accommodation and tour packages. All concerned with the question of where to go for New year?

The choice depends on the interests, financial capabilities and the number of days of planned vacations. It is possible to arrange two three-day meeting of the New year in one of the European capitals – Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Paris. You can go to a multi-day tour of Europe. For lovers of winter sports new year holidays on the slopes of the Alps or Pyrenees is the best option. Even on the white beaches of tropical countries to spend Christmas and new year.

It is worth remembering that the holidays are "high" season and are distinguished by higher ticket prices, and tours.

Spend new year's eve, as in a fairy tale!

If your business does not allow to permanently retire even for the holidays, it can be a couple of days to fly into the tale of new year's eve where this story lives. All of Europe dressed in festive attire, squares have a luxurious Christmas tree, work fairs, plays music. The chimes can be found in the Astronomical clock on the old town square in Prague, the Old town hall in Tallinn, on the Eiffel tower in Paris or Las Ramblas in Barcelona.

Christmas offer in the Baltics are always interesting integrated approach. Tour operators consider a program of favorite holiday to the smallest detail. There are several options of accommodation in hotels, several luxury restaurants with entertainment and a lovely festive menu. Also designed sightseeing program the next day through the Old town or visit the water Park. Tallinn, the beautiful Riga, Vilnius are waiting for you in the New year! Immerse yourself in a medieval fairy tale!

Whatever European city you choose, in any case it will be the most memorable New year. In addition, you will bring home a bunch of lovely Christmas gifts and gifts: Christmas decorations, Christmas cakes, handmade chocolates, Handicrafts.

Plan your trip in advance, then your costs will be less burdensome. Many airlines are already in summer organize events ticket at the Dec. Travel Agency in advance, too, offer interesting and inexpensive ways to celebrate the New year.

New year on the slopes

For many has become a traditional celebration of the New year on the snowy slopes of the mountains. Therefore, trips to Finland, Austria, Bulgaria on a winter vacation sold out long before the holidays. Holiday in Finland on New year's a good variety of offerings. You can relax:

  • The cottages
  • Mountain resorts
  • The water-sports complex
  • In Helsinki
  • On the ferry to Scandinavia

Popular Austrian ski resorts of Innsbruck and Salzburg on new year's night transformed. All the tracks are festively lit, in all cafes and restaurants preparing delicious food, cooked mulled wine and sparkling champagne.

Youth on new year's holidays prefer Bulgaria. Bansko and Pamporovo – the most popular ski resorts. Great and cheap hotels, decent service, several levels of ski slopes, rental of ski equipment, school for beginners, children's instructors – all this contributes to the promotion of the Bulgarian resorts. And most importantly, affordable prices!

kuda poehat na novogodnie kanikuly?

Bansko ski resort in Bulgaria

High in the mountains of the Pyrenees lost a small but proud country of Andorra. Mountain skiers from around the world seeking the best slopes in Andorra, especially during Christmas and school holidays. For those who like to combine business with pleasure,the state capital Andorra La Vella is simply Paradise. It is a country of free trade! Besides relaxing, you can have a great shopping with amazing low prices. What Christmas gifts?

Besides, the thermal complex of Caldea in Escaldes will allow you to relax, to love the water treatments and massages, a fun and exciting time. Raise a glass of champagne with the chiming clock on European time right in the Jacuzzi!

You can not travel outside of Russia and to celebrate the New year in Sochi, but not on the sea and in the Caucasus mountains, in the famous Krasnaya Polyana, luxury apartments, lit with colored lights the slopes. The advantages of stay in Russia:

  1. You do not need to apply for a visa
  2. Available distance
  3. A high level of service
  4. Reasonable prices

Christmas in the tropics

If you really want heat in winter, the question arises, where to go for new year at sea? Very unusual, but at the same time original, may be a New year on the sandy shores of the ocean. For such travelers choose tropical country:

  • Thailand
  • Sri Lanka
  • The Maldives
  • Seychelles

Of course, cheap this holiday is not called, since the lion's share of the cost goes into the hours of flight. But then there is Christmas tale to achieve it. Exotic beach holidays in winter are sure to amaze and delight tourists. And the hotel staff learned long ago the European calendar of holidays and traditions to please their customers and are decorated with a palm tree instead of Christmas tree, and a festive dinner on 31 December and new year's entertainment program.

kuda poehat na novyj god na more?

By far the "advantage" of holidays in warm countries is the lack of a visa. One can spontaneously decide to have a rest, before you leave.

Meet the New year on the Islands of "eternal spring"

Quite acceptable can be a vacation in the Canary Islands for the New year with a Schengen visa. A few days before the trip, the tour operators can offer Christmas tours for "funny" money. Comfortable hotels, excellent international cuisine, swimming pools, on-site opportunity to go on vacation with the kids will make the Christmas holidays a pleasant and unusual.

From winter to summer you can get, deciding to meet the New year over the ocean in the Dominican Republic. Paradise nature, warm sea, exotic fruits will create a sense of occasion. A trip to the Dominican Republic is not cheap, but there are those who can afford it.

Tourist routes for schoolchildren

Considering that the new year holidays timed for the school holidays, it is nice to take care of joint leisure of parents with children. Where to go for Christmas vacation? A great option are bus tours, in Russia and in Europe.

New year tours in Russia

  • The so-called "Moscow lessons" for 3-4 days during the new year holidays will leave a lasting impression in children. Sightseeing tour of the richly decorated Moscow, a visit to the Mosfilm Studio, Christmas subway, tour of the Kremlin and the Tretyakov gallery, the Zoo, Kolomenskoye. The lights of Christmas trees, festive window displays and house Souvenirs, and tasty treats – such a fairy tale to remember!
  • Bus tours to the Golden ring. These trails are informative and interesting in any season, but winter is the nature of Central Russia is characterized by a special charm. Not only new experiences, but also gorgeous photos of the Christmas holidays in old Russian cities will remain in the memory of young travelers.
  • Christmas tours in Petersburg. Northern capital in winter may not be very friendly, but a wonderful excursion program will outshine all the climate costs. Tour "Winter Petersburg", for example, will cover the route: Saint Petersburg - Hermitage - Peterhof - Russian Village "Shuvalovka" - Peter and Paul fortress - the Kazan Cathedral. Accommodation in 4* hotels, Breakfast, children up to 16 years receive a discount on the ticket.

Characteristic bus tours is the low price even in peak season of new year holidays.

Across Europe by bus

For 250-300 euros you can visit 3-5 European countries with accommodation in hotels 2-3*, with food, with an extensive excursion program. Most popular Christmas tours in Europe:

  • Poland-Czech Republic-Germany
  • Poland-Hungary-Austria-Slovakia
  • Three, four or five of the capitals of the Baltic States
  • European mosaic (Amsterdam and Paris, Brussels and Berlin, Prague and Warsaw)
  • Italian Express (Venice, Florence, Rome, Vatican city and Krakow, Vienna, Prague)

kuda poehat na novogodnie prazdniki?

New Year Berlin

If you start a trip at the end of December, the New year happens in one of the European capitals, and Europe in Christmas decorationwill enchant with its elegance and beauty.

At Christmas and new year sales in Europe!

Christmas and New year in Europe attract Christmas sales. Shopping discounts on goods reach as much as 70%! Real freedom for "shopaholics". You can buy very nice things popular and trendy manufacturers at an affordable price. For shopping favorite countries are:

  • Germany
  • Italy (Milan, Rimini)
  • Spain, Barcelona

But experienced fans of the beautiful and inexpensive dress would make an excellent Christmas shopping in any European country. It would be a desire!

Celebrate New year with kids

Where to go on Christmas holidays with the kids? If you wish to give your child a story, take him to visit Santa Claus. For the baby it does not matter whether it's our grandpa Russian, or Belarusian, or even Joulupukki – Finnish Santa Claus. Importantly, the tale will take place! To travel with a child can choose:

  • Veliky Ustyug
  • Belovezhskaya Pushcha
  • Lapland
  • Where the lives of the Finnish Santa Claus?

    Well, of course, in Lapland above the Arctic circle. On a trip to visit him should be taken care of in advance. First, it is necessary to have a passport, and secondly, to make the visa, and then to pick up Christmas tour.

    finskij ded moroz

    Finnish Santa Claus Joulupukki

    The joy of Christmas Finland its little guests? Extraordinary miracles in Santa Park, riding on reindeer and dog sledding, puppetry and a real Christmas carousel. Kids will see the real post office of Ded Moroz and will be able to send a letter home, will be able to drink tea with a delicious jam from Northern berries and choose a beautiful and warm knitted items in the local shop.

    On a visit to the Belarusian grandfather frost

    But for a trip to the Belarusian Grandfather frost do not need a visa. It is only necessary to make a reservation at a hotel near the ancestral lands of the Frost, but to buy train tickets. Belovezhskaya Pushcha is unique in its nature, surviving wild animals, contained in cages. Children will see real bison, as well as squirrels and beavers. In the forest live foxes and wolves, elk and deer, lots of birds.

    Having been in the residence of Santa Claus, children will get acquainted with the snow Maiden will participate in fun games and contests will meet on forest trails, familiar fairy tale characters Alyonushka and brother Ivanushka, Ilya Muromets, Baba Yaga. A Belarusian Grandfather Frost is the highest in Europe, the tree is 45 meters, it grew over 100 years. Tasty treats and hot tea waiting for guys, as well as sledging, snowmobile and dog sledding.

    Great Ustyug – the birthplace of the Russian Santa Claus

    In Velikiy Ustyug the Christmas celebrations begin with the start of the school holidays. The best option of accommodation for tourists on the territory of Ded Moroz Estate in the cottages. There is a "Patrimony of father Frost", where you can not only choose the right Villa, but in advance to book a place. Then no external problems will not prevent to spend school holidays in a fabulous location.

    What awaits guests in Velikiy Ustyug? First of all, the beauty-tree. As well as festivities, winter fun, riding on threes with bells, walk along the path of fairy tales, a meeting with fantastic characters, pancakes and pies, master-classes where professionals will teach master traditional crafts: birch bark weaving, carving, painting, weaving of lace.

    Even adults will enjoy immersed in this wondrous Christmas story!

    How to save on Christmas vacation?

    Some to reduce your spending you can, if you care about the rest in advance:

    • Tickets must be booked for a few months, then there is a possibility to catch discounts and special offers;
    • Buy train tickets 45 days in advance - more choice, you can buy the cheapest tickets;
    • For 4-5 months book hotels with free cancellation;
    • On the system of "early booking" pick up the tour in the right direction – prices are much lower.