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Where to go for holidays to rest without a visa?

Kuda poehat na noyabrskie prazdniki?

With the advent of October need to worry about finding the venue for the November holidays. Change of scenery, get a lot of impressions from viewing the various attractions, the days of November can be spent traveling. A completely different culture in the place of stay will help for a long time to recharge with fresh energy and good mood. Options where you can go to ground. In this article we will try to answer the question about where to go for abroad and in Russia.

Visa countries

If it is possible to obtain a visa, your trip can be planned in Europe. Visiting places such vacation will be associated with visiting the many excursions and scenic walks. From a large number of countries for the November guests the most suitable of the following:


Germany is considered, we can say the richest country in the sights. Numerous palaces and castles will captivate tourists with its extraordinary beauty.

To see all of the charms of this country, perhaps not enough for a month of stay on its territory.

So you should visit the most famous cities, where you will have the opportunity to visit the most interesting places in Germany:

  • sights of Berlin are numerous, one of the possible routes can be a trip to the Brandenburg gate at the most famous street of Berlin, Unter den Linden, then you can go to Alexanderplatz and Museum island
  • Munich - this city is considered the guardian of monuments from different epochs, from the Marienplatz, beer hofbräuhaus and Olympic Park and BMW Museum
  • Hamburg sightseeing - is a great and the Alster lake, and the Museum Kunsthalle and Reeperbahn, and other
  • the sights of Dresden is the Semper Opera and the Dresden gallery
  • in Cologne you are interested in a wonderful town Hall and Cologne Cathedral
Kuda poehat otdyhat na noyabrskie prazdniki?

The BMW Museum in Munich

In Germany in the days of November takes place the famous carnival, he goes on to lent. The idea of a carnival is usually a struggle of cities for the title of best. Such competitions are held annually. Holiday Halloween also falls in November, because the meet on the street, a mummy or zombie at this time is quite familiar to residents of this state.


Vacation in Estonia is best suited for family trips. In the autumn there is a festival of children's theatres "Bananimal". And you can also visit the film festival "Dark nights". For children and adults will be very interested in such events.

9 November in Estonia is celebrated fathers Day. Also, in this country still preserved the mysticism of the middle ages, so 25-November, all residents are celebrating the holiday Spirits. This day in cities mummers walk and collect the money.

At the end of November, Estonia is undergoing a period of advent is the waiting period of Christmas. It is divided into two parts, one of which is devoted to a reflection on the future coming of Jesus Christ, and the second part is a preparation for the holiday itself.


France is considered to be one of the places where you can see architecture of different eras. For example, the Gothic is present in the famous Notre Dame Cathedral and the chapel of Saint-Chapelle, Strasbourg and Le Mans. Famous masterpieces of Neoclassicism is the Vendome column, the Church Madle, Eiffel tower, arc de Triomphe, the Grand Palace, the theater "Grand Opera" and others. Art Nouveau made such buildings as the center.Pompidou, a complex of buildings in the district of La défense and the Louvre pyramid.

A rich cultural program will make your stay in France enjoyable and interesting. If travelling with children, you can go to Evrodisneylend, a huge number of rides and carousels will be appreciated not only children, adults also usually get a range of emotions.

Czech Republic

November is considered the favorable time for his visit to the Czech Republic. The most visited cities in the Czech Republic are Prague and Karlovy vary, each one is amazing in its own way.

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities worldwide, with this view agree to any who have visited there. The main attractions are Royal Palace, Charles bridge and the Cathedral. The atmosphere in the Czech Republic is so romantic, what every tourist comes back from there with a nice warm heart.

Karlovy vary belong to a Wellness resort, where you can heal from any ailment. Therapeutic health resort in Karlovy vary is visited every year by thousands of people. The clean mountain air acts on tourists in the best way.

Also in the Czech Republic many small towns where you can see medieval architecture, meet the locals and taste the real Czech cuisine. Tourists arriving in the Czech Republic, must try locally brewed beer. It is considered one of the most delicious in the world.

What to do if you don't have a visa?

Where to go for holidays without a visa? The answer to this question is simple, you need to choose the country where visa-free entry. Countriessuch quite a lot, so there are plenty to choose. Many visa waiver countries have a warm climate, so November is going to be suited to vacations at the beach. The most popular countries where you do not need a visa:


This small state attracts many tourists. In it there is a city where the wonder of the world, the famous Petra, thousands of tourists every year go on a trip there. Also in Jordan there are two sea. One of them has amazing properties for the skin is the Dead sea. The second has an amazing underwater world of the Red sea. To go the way of the baptism of Jesus by visiting the Jordan river, tourists may also take a dip in it.

Kuda poehat na noyabrskie prazdniki bez vizy?

Jordan is known for its excellent cuisine. Especially good there sweets are the most delicious around the world. Despite the fact that it is an Arab country, the laws are not too strict and so tourists feel quite comfortable.


Turkey in November is not full a large number of tourists, which makes the stay there effortless. In November in Turkey just two local fall festival, a celebration of the Sacrifices and the day of memory of Ataturk. Celebrations in a big way so how rich Turkish soul. Across the country let the sky fireworks, people always rejoice in the arrival of these holidays.

The season of ripening fruit is in November, the prices of tangerines, pomegranates, oranges and bananas are the most symbolic. The weather is in November in Turkey is already cool.


This country is considered the most popular among Russian-speaking tourists, prices for accommodation in high-class hotels accessible to many. Visiting Egypt, you can go on various interesting excursions. Many of course choose a trip to Cairo to see the pyramids or in Luxor.

For lovers of active recreation are offered a trip to the desert on Quad bikes. You can also make a dive into the red sea. Diving in this place unforgettable. The presence of the incredible beauty of the reef allows tourists to actively engage in snorkeling (diving with a mask).


In Israel tourists will not be bored, there are a lot of fun. One of the cities that you can visit is Haifa, its territory is the remarkable cave of Elijah the prophet, there are also old churches and numerous museums. In the city of Eilat, almost no sights, but despite this there is going to a huge number of people who are engaged in diving.

Israel is bordered by three seas: Red, Mediterranean and Dead. So to your taste you can choose a beach on any sea.

Mertvoe more

The dead sea


This island is considered a vacation spot for people with good budget. The remoteness of this place and a small influx of tourists gives the opportunity for every vacationer to stay in silence and tranquility. In November in Mauritius is all saints Day, the local population spends it dancing and singing. Also at this time, the holiday falls Diwali, which is considered the festival of lights. This can be seen only once in a lifetime, thousands of lights are burning all over the island.

The warm water of the Indian ocean and white sand beaches will allow you to spend your vacation in this place is the best way. Weather in November in Mauritius is considered the most suitable, heat is transferred very well, all thanks to the Southeast trade winds.

Saint Petersburg

For a good holiday do not have to go to distant countries. Holidays in Saint-Petersburg can also be very interesting. The most famous place in this city is of course the Hermitage. There are presented exhibits came to us from ancient times and end with contemporary art.

Visit to the Peter and Paul fortress will also be informative. The fortress is home to the Grand usual, Treasury, the Princely house. Peter is also famous for its cathedrals. Some of the most famous is the Kazan, St. Isaac's and others.

The suburbs of St. Petersburg is also quite picturesque, for example, Tsarskoe Selo and town of Pushkin. The beauty of the Catherine Palace will not leave anyone indifferent.

Where to go for is up to whoever wants to go on a trip. Every place on earth for its beautiful and has its own attractions.