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Where to go fishing in the Moscow region, in Russia and abroad?

kuda poehat na rybalku

For experienced fishermen, there is no question of "where to go fishing?" The angler with the experience for a long time knows all the fishing spots. But to stay on the banks of the river or pond with a fishing rod is the dream of every real man. Therefore it is necessary to discuss the various options of such original active recreation.

Fishing in the suburbs

The geographical features of the Moscow region encouraging tourists a variety of natural landscapes. Many rivers large and small, lakes and ponds, reservoirs abound with a variety of fish species. You can catch pike and bream, pike-perch and perch, common carp and silver carp, sometimes acne comes. Consider where to go fishing in the suburbs.


  • Istra
  • Ivankovo
  • Mozhaisk
  • Klyasminskoye
  • Ruza
  • Pirogov

These reservoirs have long attracted enthusiasts to fish from shore and by boat. Especially nice that the reservoirs are recreation and fishing camps. Tourists will be provided not only lodging, but also boats, tackle, oven and utensils for cooking a freshly caught fish. Experienced instructors will show most fishing spots.

Towns Yakimanskoe and Friday are the most popular on the Istra reservoir. To catch fish you must purchase a ticket at the fishing camp, take a boat and enjoy fishing. And the fish will not take long: from roach to pike, perch Linkov to catch his pleasure. Normal rest at the base will allow to combine business with pleasure.

Base anglers "Big Volga" on the Ivan'kovskoe reservoir in the vicinity of Dubna familiar to fans of this type of holiday. At least 30 different species of fish make up the fauna of this reservoir. Burbot, perch, Chub and even catfish can please fishermen, mostly perch and pike are easily caught on rod and spinning fun plotnicki and redfin flocks sitting in the grass.

From the shore to catch in these places is very convenient, especially in the area of dams and dikes. And on the basis of available places to stay and more than 100 boats.

In winter and in summer you can go fishing on the shore of Mozhayskoe and ozerninskoe water reservoirs. According to experienced fishermen, the "cool" place is the village Hotelave, and pike is best caught in the Gulf of Bunino. All fish that are typical for water bodies of the Moscow region, and swim in these places: bream, roach, bream, perch, pike and others. Even ice fishing enthusiasts will enjoy the bream and roach.

The fish has its base on the shores of Ruza reservoirs. One base lies near the village of Palashkino, the other in the village of ostashevo. By purchasing a ticket for catching fish, you will get a place to sleep, a boat, and a great opportunity to relax in a beautiful suburban forests. For adherents of more comfortable rest in Palashkino, there is the sanatorium "Rus", where you can combine fishing with rest and treatment.

If you don't want to go too far, but there is a desire to fish on the reservoir Bank and the closest to Moscow water – klyasminskoye and Pirogovskoye reservoirs. Popular with fishermen, sport-fishing camps "Pirogovo" and "Klyazma". Here you can get not only lodging, but also boat rental. These fishing camps are a great option for weekend getaway.

kuda poehat na rybalku v Podmoskove

Klyasminskoye reservoir

Bay village Ermolino on the Ikshinskoe reservoir is well-known to professionals fishing. Here the depth of about 10m, so lovers of deep fishing choose it. By car it is easy to find a place where it will be a great bite, as the road runs along the reservoir and along the banks of the Moscow canal.

Moscow river

  • Volga
  • Oka
  • Dubna
  • Klyazma
  • Serna
  • Vorya

Many rivers and streams in the Moscow region attract tourists and vacationers to its shores. Therefore, fishing on the rivers of the Moscow region no less exciting and popular than fishing in reservoirs.

Below the dam in fast current on the river Volga and you can catch Chub, and perch on the Donk can catch bream and burbot. Where the Dubna river flows into the Volga, near the village of Ratmino by spinning the caught pike, walleye and perch, and the usual float rod and a ground rod caught roach and bream.

Despite the artificial origin of the channel name of Moscow, the fauna it pleases anglers, and the channel is consistently the most popular fishing spot in the suburbs. And of course, the beautiful Moscow river from the headwaters to the mouth full of fish, typical for this region.The presence of reservoirs affects the distribution of fish in different places, but fishing is year-round, delighting fishermen with a range of fish. The important thing is that you can catch on the float rod, and spinning, and fly-fishing market. You can fish from the shore or perched on the boat in the reeds.

Still thinking where to go to fish in the suburbs? The Oka river is a very popular place for fishing in the Moscow region. Recommended places in the district of Serpukhov near the villages Lansinoh, Protvino, Skniga, dominated by fish, IDE, bream, roach, in some places caught Chub, perch. Ozery, Kolomna, Kashira near Moscow also attract fishermen to catch pike and Zander, IDE market, spinning perch.

The famous Baikal omul and 48 others.

For a fisherman searching for a great fishing – the meaning of life. Why going with backpacks and fishing rods tireless tramps to nearby and distant lands, learning all the new places and new rivers, learning new gear and new techniques of fishing. Where can I go fishing? A great place is lake Baikal. Unique varieties of fish can be caught only here, in this deep and pure natural water.

  • Cisco
  • Trout
  • SIG
  • The Baikal sturgeon

This is the most famous fish species in lake Baikal. But there are many others. For tourists and fishermen on the shore there are campsites and recreation, and professional local guides will always lead to a secluded spot where you can merge with nature and without the bustle and crowds of other fishermen to catch their fish. By the way, Baikal is a perfect place for winter fishing. He is perfect and simple for family winter holidays. While fishermen catch fish, the family can enjoy winter activities: skiing, sledging and ice skating.

Fishing in the rivers of Siberia

Pristine landscapes, untouched forests, scenic banks of the Siberian rivers attract not only travelers, tourists and fishing enthusiasts. They say if you want great fish go to Siberia. Siberian rivers flowing and full of different species of fish. Fishing on the Lena, the Yenisei, the Amur, the Ob is always full of extreme sports and new experiences. A trip in an ecologically clean region of taiga will bring many benefits, and the fishing will be successful and enjoyable.

The Lena river, with no single tributary, is famous for its abundance of fodder, resulting in its waters perfectly reproduce and grow individuals taimen, Siberian sturgeon, pike and other fish. For catching big fish you want to get a sturdy tackle. Of special interest to fishing on the Lena experienced anglers and fly fishermen. They are ready day and night to swing the rods in the desire to fish for sturgeon, grayling or sturgeon.

kuda mozhno poehat na rybalku

For those who come for a few days to go fishing, it is best to stay in the town of Red Creek. Here you can find a shelter among the local population, a set of gear that can be rented, boats, barbecue and other pleasures of outdoor recreation. Experienced old-timers will share their experience and technology of catching a big fish and will show the most "cool" places on the river. In the evening you can relax in the bath, sit around the campfire and enjoy fresh fish prepared on sticks.

Astrakhan fishing base

Experts in fishing, who are experts in this business will appreciate the estuaries of the Caspian in the Volga Delta. Besides the beauty of these places, campers, hikers and fishermen attracted by the excellent fishing. Numerous boarding houses, recreation facilities easy to use for two or three day stay and long stay in these parts:

  • Fishing-hunting base "Golden dunes"
  • "Golden Sands" (Enotaevsky district)
  • The base of rest "White hills" (20km from the town of Akhtubinsk)
  • The base of rest "fish place" (Kamyzyaksky district, village Stanga)
  • "Volga 30" is located between the Volga and Akhtuba

As many fish as you can catch in Akhtuba and Volga near Astrakhan, you never dreamed of! Carp, catfish, pike, walleye and more than 50 species of fish, how can you remain indifferent! The mouth of the Volga river is the best fishing place in the region. And stay for the night in Novye Bulgary village, in the village of Karalat village Novinsky.

Karelia will long be dreamt...

The uniqueness of the Karelian nature to evaluate can only be visited in protected areas. And what a happy hunting ground in Karelia for fishermen! Even a novice angler who took the first bait in hand, will with a catch.

  • P. zaonezh'e on the shore of lake Onega
  • Pyaozero, loukhskiy rayon
  • Topozero, loukhskiy rayon
  • Camp site at Segozero

rybalka v Karelii

Summer and winter fishing in Karelia is good: in addition to burbot, whitefish, carp and pike in the lakes and rivers of Karelia you can catch trout and even salmon. To go to these parts on the car better, however be ready need to dirt roads, to bring the Navigator and the map. You can be accommodated:

  • Camping
  • At the recreation center
  • The locals

Sea fishing abroad

Real fishermen are not looking for easy ways and explored trails. Only where no foot of man can findyour pool and catch a "Golden fish". But there are fans of the exotic. They successfully combine a holiday abroad with a pleasant pastime in the form of sea fishing. Fortunately, agencies in the abundance offer one-day boat trips on the yacht with fishing. All the gear you'll enjoy. The instructor will show a colorful album with fish, which are found in the waters, assured that you will be able to catch. Fishing rod in hand – and forward!

But even if you don't catch fish, the fun event will still get, and most importantly, the trip ends with lunch with the indispensable dish of fish. Never mind that the fish you caught, it is still tasty and healthy!

Where is this fishing? Yes everywhere: on the Black sea resorts of Krasnodar territory, in Bulgaria, Montenegro and Croatia. Anywhere there is sea or any other waters. Quite exotic for the day's catch will be fishing in Sri Lanka, in India. Here you can catch tuna and even Dorado.

Special fishing abroad in Finland and Norway. For fishermen there are tours with accommodation in Finnish cottages in a very comfortable environment. About fish you can catch in the clear lakes and fast rivers of Scandinavia, the legends. Remember the catch phrase "Brooks where splashing trout"? In Finland it is splashing, and the grayling and salmon. And the national dish of salmon and other local fish are generally non-negotiable. They just need to try.

Fishing in Scandinavia all year round, so fans of ice fishing, this option is also quite suitable. And if you go with the whole family, you will enjoy not only the fishermen, but also their relatives, as beautiful nature, excellent service and live entertainment will not leave anyone indifferent.