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Where to go for the weekend and where you can relax in the suburbs?

Kuda poehat na vyhodnye?

The holidays are still far away, and already the fatigue is overpowering? I want to drop everything and go for a run? There is a way – to productively rest for a couple days. This is enough output. Where to go for the weekend? There are many options, all depends on the financial possibilities and individual preferences.

  • You can go to a two-day journey by bus. The travel Agency offer many interesting routes.
  • For fans of passive rest – the rest of the weekend at the camp site, boarding house.
  • Fishing is a great form of recreation, and most importantly, profitable. Catch – a worthy reward for your patient waiting for your goldfish.
  • Recent years become popular two-day tours by plane to European capitals: Vienna, Prague, Paris, Barcelona, Budapest.
  • The best rest is change of activity. Change the chair in the office at the car seat and make your educational tour to the native land. A two-day trip, overnight camping, visit historic farmsteads, museums, temples. Besides, the way you can buy items of national handicraft, as well as organic products.
  • Will perfectly raise the spirits and relax the girls an unforgettable shopping abroad. The output for this is quite enough.

Two-day tours by bus

Many are attracted to the history of the Russian state. Why it is so popular among Russians of a trip around the Golden ring, with a visit to the ancient Russian towns of Vladimir, Suzdal, Rostov, Murom and others. And the question - where to go this weekend in the suburbs, there are many proposals that meet the wishes of the discerning travelers and beginners.

Here are some options of short tours that it is possible to implement at the weekend. Attractive for short tours is that in such a tiring trip it is possible to travel with children. A great option for school holidays. Only take care of tickets and tours in advance, as wanting, especially in the summer, holidays and weekends are always a lot.

Route: Vladimir – Bogolyubovo - Suzdal

The most popular route, which has existed for more than 20 years. The ancient city of Vladimir has preserved architectural monuments of the XII century and pleases the tourists with its wonderful frescoes by Andrei Rublev in the assumption Cathedral, surviving the Golden gates and the Dmitrievsky Cathedral.

To see this unique Church of the Intercession on the Nerl sightseeing bus takes tourists to Bogolyubovo, to taste 10 varieties of the famous Mead on a special tour in Suzdal. The story about the cooking traditions of Suzdal Mead will be supplemented with snacks that were traditionally served along with honey sbiten.

kuda poehat v vyhodnye v Podmoskove?

Rich in the ancient town of Suzdal with its churches and houses of the XIII-XVI centuries: the Cathedral, the ancient white-stone Kremlin, Spaso-Efimiev monastery. Of particular interest to tourists is the Museum of peasant life and wooden architecture. You will bring to memory about this trip wooden spoons, dolls, cups and buckets for Mead, painted clay whistles will delight children.

The cost of the tour except the excursion program includes Breakfast, 2 Lunches and dinner.

Route: Ivanovo – Shuya - Paleh

Want to find a bride? Go to the "city of brides" Ivanovo. Vintage textile factory wrapped in their chintz halfway around the world. But what kind of girls work there! Interesting story about the company's history, the concert program, visit the manufacturers ' mansions, dinner with tasting of the products of Shuya distillery, a trip to Palekh stunning lacquer miniatures, which are appreciated all over the world. On this trip you will bring not only new experiences but also useful and pretty things and Souvenirs.

A romantic trip on week-end

You haven't figured out where to go to relax for the weekend? Become romantic, experience an unforgettable week-end with his beloved in the city of love – Paris! A lot of whether you two in love hearts? Sit in a cafe in Montmartre, climbing the Eiffel tower, ride on a boat on the famous Seine, walk along the Champs Elysees, inhaling the heady spirit of the loving cities of Europe. And if the top of the Eiffel tower you will make your favorite proposal of marriage, your romantic week-end will become a legend of your family and will be passed from mouth to mouth.

A weekend spent in Prague, will give a lot of legends and stories that keep medieval bridge Golden-domed capital of the Czech Republic. Two days is enough to see Prague, but enough to fall in love with her and wanting to come back again and again.

kuda mozhno poehat na vyhodnye?

A couple of days you will have time to visit the Charles bridge, to visit the residence of Czech kings, admire the beauty of Prague from the bird's eye view from one of the towers of the capital, to hear the chiming of the clock on the old town square and marvel at the ancient astronomical clock. Will definitely take a boat ride on the Vltava river Prague looks even more attractive. Oh and don't forget to drink delicious Czech beer and taste the nationalCzech meal, Boar knee.

To visit the European musical capital of Vienna is interesting not only for musicians. Any educated person will plunge into the atmosphere of luxury and well-being of the capital of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. On the streets of Vienna's taxi drivers go on the black Mercedes, the elderly are not in a hurry, and quietly drink coffee in outdoor cafes, reading the newspaper. A weekend in Vienna is a feast for the senses. Sightseeing tour of the capital will give new impressions and interesting facts from the history of Austria, its culture, its monarchs and great musicians.

In Munich connoisseurs go to Oktoberfest is a popular beer festival. A two-day trip any time of year will not only see ancient brewing traditions, but also to carry out the cultural program and visit the famous Bavarian castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau.

Hungarian week-end has a special charm. Budapest is a unique European capital, where Buda is on one Bank of the Danube, and pest on the other side. Tour bus will take tourists on the two halves of the city, will pass through the most beautiful bridge over the Danube. You will hear interesting stories about the history of Austria-Hungary, take a ride on the Danube by boat with a glass of champagne. You can get SPA treatments at the thermal baths and taste the famous Hungarian wines and taste real Hungarian goulash.

Travel by car!

If travel in group for you cumbersome, you don't like walking the crowd and catch the words of the guide, if you are to build their travel itineraries, it's your best assistant in this journey. Where to go for the weekend by car - only you can decide. The advantages of traveling by car are obvious:

  • A unique route
  • Freedom from rigid schedules
  • Individual plan stops
  • An arbitrary duration of sightseeing
  • "Green Parking" wherever they want

kuda poehat na vyhodnye na mashine?

A few tips on preparing to a car voyage:

  1. Stock up on road map
  2. Select the city they wish to dine
  3. Calculate route length, travel time, fuel consumption
  4. Define a place to stay
  5. Determine the duration of sightseeing
  6. Plan where would you like to eat dinner and relax
  7. Stock up on dry rations and drinking water

If the range of your interests is limited to a Gold ring, it is possible to make a two-day tour by car on a route Yaroslavl – ples – Kostroma, Kaluga – Yasnaya Polyana, Tula. Pilgrimage tour to Holy places in Diveyevo. On the way visit to Trinity monastery in Murom monastery Transfiguration and the Annunciation. In Diveevo you can plunge into the Holy spring, lunch in the monastery refectory.

Shopping weekend

It has become a tradition not only for the very rich, to buy himself new clothes abroad. Not surprising, since sales in Europe almost all year round. In the outskirts of large cities built entire towns for shopping.

Things famous brands you can buy discount up to 70%. And tours for 2-3 days, for example, Italy or Greece can be bought from 100 Euro.

Here's where you can go for the weekend. For the money you will be transported to the country, but also accommodation in the hotel, fed Breakfast, the bus will take in the outlets and return to Moscow by plane. Catch this tour it is not really in "season", from January to may and in October-November and during Christmas sales.

The most attractive country for shopping is Italy. Fly into Milan, but not in the week's official sales. During this period, the crowd of fans to grasp the fashionable and cheap things from all over Europe will rush in Milan's shops. It will be very difficult to get to the brackets with things and shelves. But any other time the prices and discounts in the boutiques of Milan will appreciate its accessibility and democratic character.

kuda poehat na vyhodnye za granicu?

Popular trip to Rimini with visit to the famous outlets. Going on a two day trip to Italy, you will be able not only to please yourself new clothes, but also to enrich themselves spiritually. Be sure to visit unique microstate of San Marino. Amazing nature, medieval architecture, ancient streets of San Marino will leave unforgettable impression of the trip.

If you wish to combine business with pleasure and have money for a new coat, then a trip to a weekend in Greece will be an excellent option for you. Because tour operators offer fur-tours even for one Euro! You on the plane will get you to Thessaloniki, will meet on the bus, accommodated in a hotel not below 4*, will be fed Breakfast and dinner, and the day will take you to the world of furs and fur coats, the most popular stores. You'll even arrange a sightseeing tour in Thessaloniki. The one condition to buy a fur coat! But you just for this and go!


This area has become quite trendy lately. Embark on a weekend in the woods, the river, on the shore of the reservoir, have a picnic with friends and family outdoors. In this pastime there are a numberadvantages over other types of short stay:

  • Does not require large financial investments
  • On a hike or trip can be enjoyed in the nearby national Park, to the lake, to the river Bank
  • Lets get to know native land
  • You can ride a bike, to fish, to gather berries
  • Good option for family holidays with children

Enjoy your weekend!