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Where to go in the fall abroad at sea and in Russia?

Kuda poehat otdyhat osenu?

The most comfortable stay in hot coming in September. The sun is not so scorching but the sea is still warm and affectionate. Fruits pleased with the variety and ripeness, for good reason, the Sep is considered "the velvet season". Doctors recommend the early autumn for recreation for children and the elderly as the most suitable period for travel, treatment and stay. In this article we will tell you where to go in the fall.

More attractive than leisure at this time?

  • Few tourists
  • Lower housing prices
  • A lot of cheap fruit and vegetables
  • Reduced prices on airline and train tickets
  • Cheaper trips

In such a wonderful period there are many different destinations, so with ease you can find the trip itself to the interests and means. In autumn you can go for a vacation:

  • On the Russian resorts in the Crimea
  • In the CIS countries (Belarus, Kazakhstan)
  • Visa-free countries (Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus, Montenegro)
  • In Europe, sightseeing tours
  • The Mediterranean, Adriatic, Black sea

Autumn vacation in Russia

Never mind that the holiday fell in the fall. In September and early October you can still swim in the Black sea water + 24C +26C. So take the time to go to Anapa, Gelendzhik, Tuapse, Sochi, Adler, and numerous small towns on the black sea coast. Stay will be comfortable. On the way to the beach you will buy the grapes are very cheap, vegetables and fruits are sold directly in the yards of private homes. Here you can taste homemade wine.

For tourists with children developed an entertainment industry on the coast:

  • Water parks
  • Amusement parks
  • Dolphinariums with an interesting program of performances of dolphins

Autumn in Crimea

If a holiday on the black sea coast of the Caucasus involves, basically, the beach and sea, the Crimean coast is rich in attractions. From Sevastopol to Feodosiya you can drive around the coast and see not only subtropical nature, but also the palaces of the Royal family, the luxurious mansions of the Russian nobility, the summer residence of Russian poets and writers. Sevastopol will conquer you with its unique Museum Fund, panorama and diorama of the Defense of Sevastopol, the extraordinary spirit of military glory.

Kuda poehat osenu v Rossii?

September in the Crimea – "the velvet season", feel free to plan a hot beach scene. The water is +26C and air +26C. Very comfortable and nice to stay on the beach. Most excellent month to vacation in the Crimea with children. Especially if the child needs treatment, it is best to go to Evpatoria – present children of the Crimean resort. Besides, prices for housing, food and entertainment "fall" from 1st September. Due to this, it is possible to extend your stay on the sea with the baby.

And where to go in the fall in Russia? If seaside vacations in October-November does not appeal to you, you can go with excursion tour around ancient Russian cities or take a cruise on the Volga river on the ship, visit the Museum of wooden art in Kizhi or can go kayaking on the White river. Any interests of tourists can be realized in an exciting journey.

Tours of the Golden ring

Eight of the most famous of the ancient Russian cities make up the symbolic "Golden ring". It – Yaroslavl, Vladimir, Suzdal, Kostroma, Sergiev Posad, Rostov Velikiy, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Russia, Ivanovo.

Tour operators offer different routes to these cities to familiarize not only with the history of Russia, but also with the history of Orthodoxy, with numerous temples, monasteries, Handicrafts. Besides, interesting museums, art galleries in such cities as Bogolyubovo, ples, Murom, Palekh, Gus-Crystal. The whole history of ancient Russia, as the palm on these trips.

Tours of the Golden ring, generally of short duration, so if you want to arrange a two-week vacation, take a cruise on the Volga from Moscow to Astrakhan. Unforgettable impressions are guaranteed. You will visit the ancient Volga city of Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl, Uglich, and others. At sites with professional tour guide organizes a tour of the city.

The most memorable tour will stop in the city-hero Volgograd. Mamaev Kurgan statue Motherland, the Hall of military glory with the changing of the guard, the panorama of the battle of Stalingrad – the objects required to attend.

BeautifulGolden autumn in St. Petersburg

Romantic and poetic air of the Northern capital will create the perfect mood. Art lovers can visit world-class museums, enjoy the beauty of Peterhof, visit the tsarist-Rural village. Even the drizzling autumn rain will only increase the charm of the beloved city. Undoubtedly, an interesting "Holiday closing of fountains in Peterhof". On this tour the visit to the Menshikov and the Yusupov palaces, a trip to Kronstadt on the Gulf of Finland, and most importantly, participation in a magical light and music show the magnificent fountains in Peterhof.

During school fall break trip to St. Petersburg with children will be a real treat. What can be seen in Peter in the autumn with the kids?

  • Leningrad zoo
  • Aquarium
  • Dolphinarium
  • Dinosaur Park – Dino Park
  • Amusement Park – Wonder Island

Do not think that museums with children should not go. Very much worth it! The main museums right to choose:

  • Railway Museum
  • The Museum of vintage cars
  • Museum of dolls
  • Labyrinthum – interactive science Museum
  • The Museum in the Water tower "the universe of water"

Well, if time permits, you can just be entertained in the parks of Saint-Petersburg Waterville or Rodeo Drive.

Extend the summer on a Turkish beach!

Indeed, if you do not have time to relax in the summer, the popular resorts of Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus are waiting for you. Where to go in the fall to the sea? Turkey and Egypt are like our fellow citizens, because in addition to the affectionate warm sea, usually offered the all inclusive, the excellent service and animation. In these countries fall well to go with the kids as the weather is comfortable enough, exciting entertainment and varied diet.

If you wish to go on a tour, you can always leave the children with a professional Russian-speaking educators. Children's pools, playgrounds, children's competitions and concerts – your children will be great! The lack of visas in these countries and the low prices make the stay accessible to a wide range of tourists.

In Cyprus and Montenegro no animation no, but if you know how to have fun alone, autumn voyage in these visa free countries, you are sure to delight. Positive are lower prices than in the summer, no crowds on the beaches and on excursions. In Montenegro almost no language barrier, as the Serbian language is similar to Ukrainian and Russian. Very friendly attitude of the Montenegrins to the relaxing, beautiful nature and mild climate, delicious national dishes and fine wine will make your stay delightful.

The island of eternal summer!

Such Islands are many: the Maldives and the Seychelles, the Canary Islands and the Dominican Republic, the island of Sri Lanka. Heaven promise vacationers white sandy beaches and always warm sea with emerald water. Have a rest in the middle of the ocean there is one drawback – it can not be called cheap. Throughout the rest of the rest of the island attracts many tourists. On Islands in the ocean go for relaxation, peace and seclusion.

Kuda poehat osenu na more?

Stepping on a piece of land in the ocean, forsake his problems, lost in time and in space, are in a state of total relaxation and lazy bliss. On the marvelous Islands is not cold, the average water temperature is +27C and the air all year round +28 +30C. I especially love the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Seychelles surfers. Steep waves suitable for surfing are holding until December, so the fall season for athletes is very suitable.

All the island States have diving schools, Windsurfing and other water sports. Professional instructors prepare beginners to the very first release of the ocean on a Board under sail or dive in the azure waters of the lagoons.

The island of Sri Lanka, besides beaches, is unique for its history, culture and architecture. However, to fully explore the island of Ceylon, formerly called as Sri Lanka, need to move away from the ocean shore and rush inland. You will get acquainted with magnificent Buddhist temples, cave cities, Botanical gardens and national parks, with a unique national culture of Sri Lankans.

Crossing Europe!

Autumn to visit exhibitions, museums, new countries and cities is the best time. Where to go in the fall abroad? The choice is great, but the most popular countries:

  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Czech Republic
  • Germany
  • France

Europe is a favorite place for experienced travelers. No matter how much I wander around in medieval cities, no matter how much make the best routes, there is always something that remains to be seen, to visit and photograph. Autumn in Europe is good nice drop in prices for tourist trips.

For a budget holiday can use a lot of programs bus tours. They are the cheapest but also the most intense. In 8-10 days you want to stick not only with tourists but also with an accompanying tour guide and bus driver. As a rule, for the trip you can visit the 4, 6, 8 countries. Indeed, "crossing Europe". The most interesting rounds "Prague and the lights of Paris, 5 European capitals", "In the footsteps of the Habsburgs".

Almost every bus tour does not include night journeys, will be staying at budget hotels 2*-3* with Breakfast. Dailyan interesting excursion leaves tourists free time for independent exploring and shopping. City are replaced as in a kaleidoscope. And the experience of emotional overwhelm tourists.

Autumn shopping

That autumn, as birds to the South, in Europe attracted a bevy of "shopaholics". No wonder, because the start of the autumn sales. The most popular tours include trips to Italy, particularly to Milan. A small seaside town of Rimini is also attracts lovers inexpensively dress in brand new clothes.

Plenty of outlets in the outskirts of Rimini offers products with discounts up to 70%.

Spanish Barcelona also offers sales fall. In addition to international brands, buyers are offered discounts very decent goods of Spanish fashion and designers. So, if you want to buy cheap quality stuff, go in the fall to Spain, combine a pleasant acquaintance with Barcelona and useful update your wardrobe at low prices.

Even if you don't plan to go only for stores that remain without buying will not succeed. Throughout Europe the supply exceeds the demand: Germany, France, Czech Republic, Austria offer products for every taste, Souvenirs, products of national crafts, drinks. From Austria bring candy "Mozart", from France – Roquefort cheese and French wine, the famous Becherovka herbal liqueur, buy in the Czech Republic.

Our near abroad

When deciding about the autumn vacation, do not forget about such close and understandable to countries like Belarus.

  • First, for the trip to Belarus do not even need a passport.
  • Second, no language barrier.
  • Third, a great holiday in Belarus is provided.

Resorts and chalets Belarus offer camping in a marvelous Belarusian forests with berries and mushrooms. In streams with clear water lapping fish that you can catch, drying and frying.

Kuda poehat osenu za granicu?

In addition to rest in sanatoriums of Belarus to improve their health. The unique climate promotes treatment of diseases of respiratory organs, musculoskeletal apparatus. About the profile of the sanatorium and its location can be found on the website of the resorts of Belarus.

But many tourists go to Belarus for other impressions. They have a tour program in the Brest fortress, Belovezhskaya Pushcha, in the capital city Minsk, on the route Minsk-Polotsk-Vitebsk. Even the ancient castle of Nesvizh has on the Belarusian land. Steeped in legends, this castle is also included in the tourist routes of Belarus.

Stay is good anytime of the year, and in the fall it is just perfect!