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Where to go to rest without a visa and can it?

kuda poehat otdyhat bez vizy

Approaching time for vacations, and you do not have time to make passport and visa applications? Are you tired of problems and want to go to relax? Don't worry, there are many beautiful and unforgettable places where you've never been and you do not need to make a number of documents. But where to go on holiday without a visa?

Depending on your preference and mood you can visit the place with a bright sunset or relax on the beach, walk the night away in noisy hotels southern countries. If you are planning a vacation with children or with their big happy family, you need to carefully choose the place of rest and not to spend time on gathering documents.

Where can I go to without a visa? Of course, not to the country and not on a small rivulet near the town, with rocks instead of beach. You can find more interesting places to be tailored specifically at the request of each family member.

However, in Spain or Italy you will not go without a visa.

If you have only a Russian passport you can visit, for example:

  • Turkey
  • Malta
  • The Maldives
  • Tunisia
  • The Galapagos Islands

There are other places that will suit You in this situation. You think we're lying? Believe me to visit all these places is possible without a visa just by buying a ticket and sitting on the plane, and your dream vacation is nearly complete.

Advantages of visa-free stay

kuda mozhno poehat bez vizyYou don't need to stand in queues at the Consulate and fear in interviews, responding to their provocative questions. Worry will give you a visa, will not break if a scheduled vacation?

You quietly choose a visa-free country you want to visit. Be sure to get acquainted with the data about the country, about the precautions and warnings. If you take the rest of the child, then consider the climatic features and the type of food. Don't forget, if your child takes any medications or formula milk in advance to ask about the means of transportation.

Rest when you need it, not when you will give permission for a visa. We wish you to realize your dream and dreams close to you, wherever you go. Finally, view the top 10 visa-free countries: