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Where to go on holiday without a passport and is it possible?

kuda poehat otdyhat bez zagranpasporta

In anticipation of the holiday season, the majority of Russians are starting to plan summer vacation. Unfortunately, not every potential tourist has the visa. And here the question arises: where to go on holiday without a passport? Of course, the treasured red book opens the doors to Europe or Asia, in different countries and on different continents. But there are plenty of wonderful resorts, historic monuments and stunning natural systems in the different countries to which you will be able to go on holiday without having a passport.

Where not asking for a passport?

Let's see where you can go without a passport? If you do not like long-haul flights, you will always be able to spend a holiday in the former Soviet Union. However, not all countries, the former republics of the vast country, will allow you to enter their territory not only without a passport but without a visa. All the Baltic States has become the Schengen area, Georgia without a passport will not be allowed into the territory. But we are a lot more places where you can relax without this document:

  • Any point of the Russian Federation
  • Belarus
  • Ukraine
  • Kazakhstan
  • Abkhazia

For example, the resorts of Krasnodar and Stavropol territory available to all without exception. Visit any of them and your vacation will be.

Tuapse. Along the coast are resorts, campgrounds, recreation centers, there is a water Park. You can come here with children, young people, by train and by car, in any case, the sun and the sea.

Anapa is one of the largest children's resorts. Famous for its Golden beach, sightseeing, mud baths and numerous children's health resorts. On the outskirts of Anapa archaeological excavations of the ancient city Gorgippia that existed 2500 years ago. In summer, a great vacation at sea and winter resorts offer effective Spa treatment.

Noumea is famous for its water Park and a restful stay, the availability of cheap fruits and low cost housing. Along with pensions, you can relax in private hotels, of which there are a great many.

Lazarevskoe resort town near Sochi combines sea and mountain air that gives an excellent therapeutic effect. Active guests can not only swim in the sea, but also to make pleasant walks in the mountain spurs of the Caucasus.

Sochi. The famous Russian resort with great climate. The famous Matsesta hydrogen sulfide has a miraculous springs. Tourists from resorts, holiday houses and hotels on the buses deliver a treatment in Matsesta hospital. Sochi beach, which stretches for 146 km, attracts hundreds of thousands of people — lovers of sea bathing and sunbathing. And of course we need to see Olympic facilities and Sochi Park.

The resorts of Crimea entail, as before, for its unique climate and opportunity to strengthen health and treat the body. It is now Russian land and to go there without a passport.

Visit Yalta and walk around Chekhov's places, you take a boat trip to the swallow's nest castle, towering 40 meters above the sea. Enjoy the climb to the mount AI-Petri, explore the numerous caves. Also in Crimea, located to resorts such as Alupka, Sudak, Gurzuf, Mishor, and many others.

Abkhazia. A small country that recently experienced the horrors of war, is no less beautiful. Abkhazia stretched along the coast, which means miles of beaches. Gagra, Pitsunda, Athos, these resorts always loved the Soviet people. In the season it was hard to get vouchers to sanatoriums on the coast in Abkhazia.


Now travel to Abkhazia is not difficult, just buy a ticket. And to rent a house simply and inexpensively. Still, Pitsunda is the most picturesque and cozy corner of Abkhazia. Here is an opportunity to settle in the once elegant hotels on the seafront. Of course, the service here is simple and plain, but from the heart. "We will give everything we have, if only the campers were satisfied and came again." Tourists on the beaches not much, so the beaches are much cleaner than in Sochi, and the air of relict pine trees has healing properties.

Ritsa lake is the perfect destination, a visit to mount Athos caves to be included in the schedule of visits, Gagra is unique for its history, so the trip will be positive.

Not the sea alone doth man live

The fraternal Republic of Belarus is ready to receive tourists in any area. Summer is fishing on the lakes, gather mushrooms and berries in the woods, sightseeing tours in Minsk, Brest and other cities. In winter you can go to Belarus in Belovezhskaya Pushcha. There lives father frost. Give your children a fabulous new year. In forest protected areas, there are animals listed in the Red book. Children will be interested to see them.

The main advantage of Belarus is the low prices onleisure, food, entertainment. A very good option for budget travellers.

Kazakhstan became an independent country that does not require a passport. And to go to this amazing place worthwhile. Excursions in the beautiful cities of Almaty and Astana will like it. You can also visit the Baikonur cosmodrome. Numerous national parks will conquer its natural beauty. In summer you can relax on Balkhash lake, and in winter in Kazakhstan has its mountain resorts of Chimbulak, Tabagan in the Altai mountains. This rest may be cheap, but excellent.


With a passport, but no visa

This option is also need to be considered. Your passport is still valid, but not every country has allowed. Go to visa free countries. Enough of them to choose from. It's a favorite for its affordable stay and excellent service:

  • Egypt
  • Turkey
  • Montenegro
  • Israel
  • Tunisia
  • Morocco
  • Vietnam and Thailand

Select a country. Book a hotel. Buy tickets via the Internet. And white-winged bird flying towards new adventures! In all of these countries have the sea and beaches, and exotic enough, and fresh tropical fruits. In Montenegro, for example, kiwi is growing in the courts as we have wild grapes in the garden gazebo.


In addition to rest on the sea, you can visit the Boka-Kotor Bay in the ship, wander through the old towns of Budva, Kotor, Sveti Stefan, Bar. You can take a boat trip, a trip to the monastery or on Skadar lake.

Israel draws its ancient history and Orthodox shrines. Tunisia and Morocco for its unusual culture and high quality service, but also Wellness treatments. But Thailand is really amazing country you want to visit again.