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Where to go with the child abroad on the sea?

kuda poehat otdyhat s rebenkom

Many parents with children, quite rightly so, planning a joint vacation with the kids. After all, vacation is a unique opportunity to interact with their children all day, to teach him something new, give him a holiday to travel and discover new cities and countries, to temper and strengthen the health of your child, to read, to walk, to tell and show interesting and useful, respond to hundreds of children's "why?" And where to go to relax with a child on the sea, we'll show you.

Stay with the child

The most popular time of year for children is summer. While the most traditional option is to go to the sea. Everyone wants to take out kids on the coast, to strengthen and temper. It is believed that the sea air, salt water and sun – the guarantee of health of the child for the entire year. In summer, carry on a sea of children of all ages, as students have holidays, and nothing prevents you to disconnect from the educational process.

The black sea

Russians like to relax on the coast of the Black sea. The sandy beaches of Anapa are attracted to "wild" tourists, and those who managed to buy a ticket to the boarding house, resort or children's camp. Along Pioneer Avenue for a few miles stretches a chain of comfortable buildings and light summer cottages resorts.

Sea in Anapa shallow, great for families with children. Power is not, as many cafes offer high-quality homemade food, and in shops you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products.

On the black sea coast with children can spend a holiday in:

  • Tuapse
  • Loo
  • Kabardinka
  • Gelendzhik
  • Sochi
  • Anapa

To stay with the child does not become confused with felting on the beach, in various coastal towns built water parks, amusement parks, dolphinariums, who are happy to visit your children. Interesting and educational for the children will visit the Sochi arboretum, the Park, the Riviera, the equivalent of Disney land - Sochi Park.

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Sochi Park

Crimea – children's health

The unique subtropical climate of the coast of the Crimea is always recommended by the doctors. No wonder in Crimea, a lot of children's sanatoriums and health camps. Pearl summer children's recreation in Evpatoria. How to get children on rest to the Crimea?

  1. Find a tour in the Crimea from the tour operator
  2. Find sanatorium or preventorium through the Internet and book a ticket
  3. To book private hotel

What city in the Crimea is especially good for traveling with a child?

  • Yevpatoriya
  • Gurzuf
  • Yalta
  • Foros
  • Sudak

If your child is not yet three years, you should consult with your doctor to determine the place and time of rest with the baby. Trip to the sea should not be short as a few days will be spent on acclimatization of the child to a new place. The best option is 20-21 days.

The rest with children abroad without a visa

Not wanting to part with their children for the holidays, many parents take kids with them abroad. Where to go with the child abroad? The easiest option is: Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus, Montenegro. A trip to these countries does not require visa, but because even in the middle of the season to catch "burning" a cheap tour.

In Turkey and Egypt hotels are set up for a family vacation. The "all inclusive" free from thoughts than to feed the child. A special children's menu, children's animation programme, children's playgrounds and pools on site. Choosing a trip to these countries, you really can rest, as part of the care of the child will take on professional educators. Also in hotels a lot of English-speaking staff that will not create language problems.

View a video about the holiday in the most popular country — Turkey:

Cyprus and Montenegro are famous for their clean beaches. Many beaches awarded the Blue flag of UNESCO for its ecological condition. The turquoise water of the Mediterranean sea is clean and clear. Fruits and vegetables in these countries, fresh and environmentally friendly. Problems withthe food in Montenegro is not, so the national cuisine is not very different from what we feed our children, and dairy products Serbs are of excellent quality.

In order not to violate the power of a small child, it is best to stock up on the usual canned food and hot meals to cook at home. This is a lovely place to stay – apartments with cooking area, where no problem to cook any food that loves your baby.

Very cautiously it is necessary to treat the numerous jars of baby food on the supermarket shelves. It should take only food manufacturers known to you that your kid tried home. Do not risk the health of your child and do not darken your holiday unwanted problems.

Make visa and travel to distant countries!

How to apply for a visa to the child, information is available on the website of the Consulate of the country where you are going to go and on travel sites. And if you have a visa you can go to relax by the sea in Spain, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, where warm sea and clean sand.

Choosing a trip to Bulgaria, consider such resorts as:

  • Golden Sands
  • Nessebar
  • Sunny beach
  • Ravda

All beaches in Bulgaria are clean and well maintained. All beaches have lifeguards, entrance to the sea gently sloping, sandy shore, there are entertainment for kids. In any cafe, even the smallest, there are highchairs and children's menu. And if you book apartments with kitchen, cooking the usual meals the baby will not be difficult products in Bulgaria high quality and inexpensive.

Holiday with children in Bulgaria is the most inexpensive financially and comfortable climatic conditions.

For older children on the black sea coast of Bulgaria, there are water Parks, amusement Parks, excursions and boat trips.

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Sunny beach (Bulgaria)

In Spain, the Russians favored by Catalonia and Majorca island. The sandy shores of the Costa Brava and Costa Dorada kids will love the spaciousness and cleanliness. You can sit at the edge of the water and not be afraid of the coming up of waves, you can drive along the coast with the ball, play volleyball on the sand. In parks and gardens for children, organize sports competitions, relay races and just fun games. Bored and just lie on the beach do not have.

In Greece and in Italy are very kind to tourists with children. Therefore, European countries are doing everything for a comfortable stay with kids. No such problems which cannot be resolved. The time spent there with the children, will give you a lot of new experiences.

World of fun for children

If you teach a child to outdoor activities, visit various amusement parks will be a great gift for the whole family. The most beautiful thing that it is not necessary to travel to distant lands.

Children's entertainment in Russia

Riviera-Sochi at the time was recognized as the best entertainment Park in Russia. Now this nomination went to Sochi Park. The combination of a holiday on the Black sea with a lot of interesting entertainment, sure to diversify your stay in Sochi, Adler, Lazarevskoe, with easy access to Riviera.

Even a trip to Moscow with children would be a real treat if you visit Happylon Vegas in Moscow. This is the best amusement Park located indoors and host guests all year round.

And on the VVTS territory in Moscow, opened Dinopark. More than 20 different monsters will not only introduce children to the Jurassic period of earth's history, but takes delight from the fact that all models current and, when approaching them, begin to move, growl, giving the impression of a living being. Kids can visit the Park for free and children up to 15 years for 150 rubles.

If you decide to go abroad, you should consider the most popular entertainment parks in Europe. This Spanish Park Port Aventura, Legoland in Denmark and Germany, as well as the Paris Disneyland.

Port Aventura (Spain Park)

Driving with a child in Spain, remember that the best entertainment you can provide to the child in the water Park and the leisure complex Port Aventura. A huge area of the Park is located near Salou, a small resort town. Arriving at the Park, you all day forget about everyday problems. Task one – how to grasp the immensity?

If your residence will allow you to come to the Park again, it is not necessary to turn the entire day into the race. Combine horseback rides, pleasant walks, a hearty snack in cafes and restaurants, nice photo sessions, purchase of Souvenirs.

Select rides in accordance with the age and temperament of your child. Don't put him on the attraction, if he is afraid.

For the youngest visitors there is a special area of the Country the sesame seeds. There is a fun and safe: roundabouts, swings, mini-pool.

Legoland is an amazing country

One of the Legoland parks are located in Germany in Bavaria. More than 40 rides and attractions beckoning the guests and everyone will choose entertainment to their liking. In additionattractions children can enjoy performances, shows and various games. For kids there is a separate area with sand, water rides and carousels.

Legolend v Germanii

Legoland in Germany

The first and the famous Legoland is in Denmark. Usually, a trip to Legoland is offered by tour operators as part of tour round in Copenhagen. Do not pass up this trip, especially if you are with children. All the buildings in the Park built of LEGO blocks. That's impressive! You find yourself in a fabulous city. A variety of entertainment and attractions will make the trip memorable and interesting. And in the big LEGO store to buy sets, children's clothing and Souvenirs with the famous brand.

Disneyland – the fairy world

The oldest European amusement Park Disneyland located near Paris. In the autumn and spring seasons at the Disneyland resort, there are guided tours at a very attractive price, as the students learn. Prices for tours only fly in the school holidays. And in another period with a preschooler can be expensive to vacation in France.

You should pay attention to this holiday, as tour operators offer trips of various duration: from a week's tour to stay at Disneyland for 2-3 days. You can make your child trip as a gift for birthday or as a reward for a good education. This gift will be remembered for a lifetime.

Than will please children Prague?

Go to Czech Republic with kids, you won't wrestle with what to do with kids and teenagers. Aqua Park in Prague - the largest family water Park in Europe.

Children will love to swim and turn somersaults in the water. In the water Park full of water attractions, swimming pools and water slides with plenty of space for classes. For boys there is a pirate ship. Fun battle with sea pirates will keep the kids, and rafting on the Wild river will cause a storm of delight.

Prague zoo is world famous for. Animals are not kept in cages, but rather that we stroll in the corridor from the grid. And the visitors can observe life of animals in the real nature. Especially many visitors at the enclosures with monkeys, see, feel soul mates. On the vast territory of the Park you can spend an entire day and see all the animals. Pointers and plan the zoo will help to Orient. Tents, water, food and sweets are everywhere, and there are benches for rest, sale of Souvenirs and toys for children.

Stay with your child in nature

If your child is small and you don't want to change the climate, you can spend camping. For this there are options:

  • Stay in a local boarding house, sanatorium
  • Cottage (in the village)
  • Hiking along the local trails

v derevne s rebenkom

For those who have a dacha, all questions are removed at once. And those who its not have may for the summer country house, or a house in the village. The level of comfort and distance from the city depends on your financial possibilities. But clean air, fresh milk, fresh vegetables and products provided to you.

In every region there are local bases of rest, boarding houses, sanatoria. If you purchase a ticket for themselves and a child, you can ensure balanced nutrition, good living conditions, medical supervision. In the sanatorium you can also get a range of treatments to improve the health of the baby.

Great guest houses available in the suburbs, in Kaliningrad. In the suburbs many of the resorts situated in the pine forest, which is useful for the body. In Kaliningrad the combination of sea and pine air gives a stunning effect.