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Where to go in April the sea cheap?

Kuda poehat otdyhat v aprele?

April is a great month for families, and for those who decided to travel alone. Why this month? To do this, at least, there are three reasons to take a vacation.

So, reasons:

  1. Due to the weather! In most countries, the APR is very comfortable: it's spring, Sunny and joyful nature, however, there is no exhausting heat and the heat.
  2. Because of the availability of the attractions! In April, a much easier and more comfortable to visit many sightseeing tours: summer rush of tourists, you can consider everything in peace and quiet, not in a hurry. By the way, night life is much quieter in spring than in summer – this is a significant plus for those who are on vacation like to sleep in.
  3. Just because it's fun! In the spring numerous festivals, street festivals, mass celebrations, which are interesting both for tourists and local residents.

Let us consider the options of where to go on holiday in April inexpensively, focusing mainly on a beach holiday.


April in Egypt – the beginning of the season. Air +27°C, the sea is already warm from +23°to +25°C. tourists are offered a huge list of entertainment services. All hotels are funny animators. A variety of food that you can get throughout the day. Guide services do not tire heat at this time. Good rest in April in Egypt with children, they are quite comfortable weather.

Unfortunately, Egypt is a difficult period of civil unrest. The difficult political climate in Egypt makes keenly follow the news before making the decision to go for a vacation in this country.


Thailand is the most popular destination among our fellow citizens. In this country you can ride all year round, as steadily holds temperature +33°C and the water is always 28°C. the Rest you can mess with only tropical rains, but in April they short, no more than an hour, and in Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi, Phi Phi island you for a two-week vacation may not catch any dozhdinki.

Sandy beaches, clear sea, exotic cuisine, the opportunity to combine a beach holiday with interesting excursions – all this leads to mysterious Thailand, people of all ages and incomes. Once you have been here, travelers fall in love with an amazing country and its friendly inhabitants want to come here again and again.

Hainan Island (China)

Kuda poehat otdyhat v aprele na more?

Alternatives to the above mentioned popular areas, of course. For example, in April a very comfortable temperature in the Islands and the coast of the South China sea. Ready to receive tourists mysterious and beautiful island of Hainan. The water temperature +28°C air and +29°C in April comfortable for swimming, the beaches of Hainan island referred to as the "Hawaii of the East", as the climate here is very soft and tender, similar to the climate of the Hawaiian Islands.

In the usual beach program in Hainan, you can make a little bit exotic, and with benefit to their health. Now on this island, tourists are offered various programs of healing the body, based on the recipes of ancient Chinese medicine.

Ancient Chinese methods and medicines for the treatment and purification of the body, combined with a leisurely mountain walks (e.g., tourists, accompanied by experienced guides can make the ascent to the volcano MA', stroll in the Botanical garden, which in April is in an active stage of flowering) will help you to fully rest and recover.

Will not be dissatisfied and lovers of sightseeing excursions especially for them, excursions to historical and ethnographic center of Nanshan, where you can learn more about the history, culture and religion of the local inhabitants of the island. It is also interesting to visit other museums – e.g. the Museum of pearl diving.


Increasingly popular is Vietnam – mysterious, full of exotic Asian region. Holidays in April in Vietnam will appreciate, above all, beautiful weather. Air temperature is +33°, the gentle clear sea, white and Golden beaches, interesting cuisine, friendly Vietnamese, the opportunity to receive Wellness treatments, as well as elephant trekking, snake farm, boat trips, fishing, skydiving seems to be enougharguments in favor of the rest of the country.

And the prices for holidays in Vietnam is much lower than in other Southeast Asian countries.

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India (GOA)

In Goa you can go almost any time of the year. Stretching from North to South the beaches are conventionally referred to as North Goa and South Goa. North Goa was chosen by the hippie youth, here are incendiary parties, nightlife, noise and fun. Hotels, mostly 2-3*, inexpensive and fun. A lot of Russian restaurants. The resort is very affordable.

South Goa is considered to be more respectable resort district hotels 4-5*, prices for tours above. But the water in April warm everywhere +27°C, air temperature +32°C, the rest in South Goa offers peace, comfort, distraction, Ayurvedic procedures and internal contemplation.

Sri Lanka

Rest in April on the amazing island of Sri Lanka and you will not regret! Ocean water is transparent and turquoise, sandy beaches, no crowds of tourists, a cozy lagoon, which offers plenty to napravilsya and swim in the salty ocean water. But if you want to ride waves, Sri Lanka is the best place for Windsurfing. Professional instructors will teach you to get on Board and catch a wave. Rest not just will remember, will want to return here again.

The couple can hold the wedding ceremony of Sri Lankan traditions.


Kuda poehat otdyhat v aprele nedorogo?

Tropical island most sought by tourists who seek where to relax by the sea in April. Seychelles April is the beginning of the wet season, the temperature is about 30 degrees Celsius, so expect their forces.

It offers tourists all the standard beach activities, the warm ocean, which provides many opportunities for underwater walks and excursions. The Seychelles, for sure, will not disappoint fans of Snorkelling: the coral reefs with their fantastical inhabitants leave a lasting impression! Also impressing the local cuisine: the original combination of meat and vegetables in the flavor of an unusual spice.


The Bahamas is known for its impeccable luxury resorts for VIP-tourists, but can be found and very reasonable price options.

Bahamas in April is ideal for those who do not like to lie on the beach, and prefer active rest on the waves!

Spring here is usually a quiet time: no storms, no rains, and the air temperature +27°C and water 26°C, and very comfortable. The Bahamas in April, attracts lovers of water skiing, sailing, Windsurfing. Also, there is comfortable learning to swim with a mask. In addition to entertainment, there is something to do on land: tourists are walking on the deserted beaches, undiscovered Islands and mysterious caves!

South Africa

Where to go in April in the sea if you want to relax out of the ordinary? Of course, in Africa! In South Africa at this time is just ending rainy season, the whole nature becomes alive – so the best time for a Safari. In addition, at this time off the coast of Africa is the migration flow mansions sea: sharks, dolphins and whales – a rare and interesting sight. All this is combined with relaxation in coastal resorts and excursion program. The quality of tourist service in South Africa deserves special praise.


A great idea to spend April vacation in Jordan. Stay at the Dead sea will add strength and health for the whole year, for both children and adults, and an exciting excursion here is presented in wide assortment – for any company tourists.

For those interested in a Christian culture, it will be interesting pilgrimage to the Holy city of Jerusalem, and also if April falls Easter will be a unique opportunity to see the Easter celebrations, which is very beautiful.


If you want exotic, go to Nepal! The fact that 13 April in Nepal celebrating New year, celebration ceremony of very bright, beautiful and quite unusual for Europeans.

Who allows the physical form – you can climb higher – a journey to the Holy sites of Tibet. And for those who planned to conquer Everest – the best time and place to find, this month there are very good weather conditions for travel along the southern and Northern slopes, and also start the journey from here is cheaper than from neighbouring countries.

Where to go in Western Europe?


For those who are indifferent for a beach holiday, you can find an interesting way to spend a vacation in Europe. For example, in the Netherlands just in April, begins flowering time of tulips, daffodils, lilies. There are entire fields of flowers,various fragrant aromas, with petals of the most unusual colors. The Netherlands is known as the country of tulips so the Tulip there is a special place and is a great honor. When one Tulip bulb was worth a lot of money! Today, the public tulips, and tourists have the opportunity to admire the whole fields of tulips – for example, the well-known "floral Park" called "Keukenhof", located in the town of Lisse.

Cvetochnyj park

Floral Park "Keukenhof" in Lisse (Holland)

Tours of Europe

And blossoming spring month is perfect for trips to Europe. Directions so much I'll have to try very hard to choose a tour according to your taste. But definitely not go wrong if you spend your vacation in April in Germany, Spain or Italy. These countries, according to Rosstat, were the ten most popular among Russians.

  • "On the trail of Gabsburgov" excursion to Austria and Hungary.
  • "Dear pilgrim" - Spain.
  • "Portuguese holidays" and "Iberian mosaic" tours tours to Portugal.
  • "The Czech Symphony" - tour of the Czech Republic.
  • "Paris + Disneyland" tour for parents with children.

This list of themed tours you can go on forever. And then there are food tours, beer in Prague and wine tours in Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Italy. Tours "on the tracks of Odysseus" in Greece. Choose!