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Where to go in December on a sea of cheap?

Kuda poehat otdyhat v dekabre na more?

In the run-up to the fabulous winter holidays everyone dreams about miracles. So why not give yourself a Christmas tale not to travel? Not only relax and recharge but also to spend time in Paradise. I think this is a great gift that can carry out a cherished desire and to please the whole family. If you wondered "where to go in December on the sea?", then this article is especially for you.

Beach vacation in December


One of the most popular countries for winter holidays – Egypt. The beautiful resorts of Sharm El – Sheikh and Hurghada attracts tourists from all over the world all year round.

Egypt attracts not only excellent rest, but also a nice combination of price and quality!

For a small fee you can go and properly relax in upscale hotel rooms. Especially if you take a burning permit. In December in Egypt is not so hot. The red sea, of course, is not so hot as summer, but still suitable for swimming. If the water seems cool, the perfect alternative option would be swimming in pools with heated sea water. Evenings quite windy and cold, however this does not prevent tourists full time.


In December, Thailand as well as Egypt, is a budget option where to relax by the sea in December. Prices, in comparison with summer, is much lower. Tourists quite a bit, the hotels are half-free and the prices are reduced. Thailand is very popular among the countrymen. Pattaya and Phuket and also Koh Samui have the deserved interest among the Russians. The average temperature in December is +30°C, and water +27+28°C.

It is worth considering that in Thailand not all areas are suitable for relaxation. For example, the West coast of the Malay Peninsula could upset all the plans of tourists with rainy weather. But the South-East of Thailand famous for its predictable, dry climate in the winter time. If You decide to try traditional Thai food, you should give preference to seafood.


Popular Dec India. The beaches of Goa in no way inferior in comfort and attractiveness of many popular resorts. Even long flights are not afraid of tourists and lovers of exotic travel. India is a colorful mix of lazy beach holiday with stunning exotic nature and amazing culture.

In most hotels all of the service staff speaks Russian, and Russian-speaking guides have become the absolute norm in India. In addition to the various informative and exciting excursions to the turtle, the crocodile farm, spice plantation, ride on an elephant and make unforgettable shopping in the local shops. And Indian cuisine will not leave indifferent even the most experienced and "seasoned" palates.

Exotic vacation in December


Cuba is truly the Island of Liberty with the exotic nature blended with beautiful beaches and azure sea. The ability to travel without a visa attracts huge number of tourists. It's young people and couples, and wealthy older people. Everyone will find entertainment at its sole discretion and temperament. In Cuba you can meet the thieves (many local and dream to profit by the contents of the unattended purse, jacket, etc.), overall it can be considered safe. Prices for the trip to the island is quite high, but in December stay for 12 days can cost you $ 1,000 with flights and meals.

The Maldives

The beauty of this 'oasis' is legendary. To country we can safely put the prefix "vip". Holiday on the Maldives in December you'll be a fabulous silence, solitude and incomparable relaxation. Everything here is reminiscent of Paradise:

  • white beaches with clear water
  • the blue lagoon
  • rich underwater world

The Maldives is very popular among honeymooners and lovers of scuba diving. Tropical Paradise also attracts lovers of beauty and exoticism on the fabulous coast. In December there is an optimal and comfortable weather!

Christmas holidays in Europe

Kuda poehat otdyhat v dekabre nedorogo?

In December, as you know, the whole Europecelebrates Christmas. In all the cities arranged Christmas sale, reduced prices on goods from clothing collections, sold Christmas gifts. This period is a Paradise for "shopaholics". If you worry in advance, the tour for Christmas in Europe, you can buy at an affordable price and to arrange a real holiday.

Another option for budget holidays in Europe for Christmas – a trip on the bus. Many tour operators offer interesting itineraries with departure by bus from Brest. You will pass Poland, Austria, Hungary, Germany and Czech Republic, you even can go to Paris and see the European country in festive attire, enjoy Christmas meals, buy gifts and just to get acquainted with new cities.

All tours abound in the rich excursion program. For the whole period of the trip, travelers are accompanied by a representative of the tour operator, which solves all issues. Many tour operators provide their branded buses.

Attractive than Europe in December?

  • Christmas decoration
  • Sales discounts up to 70%
  • European service
  • An abundance of Christmas treats and gifts
  • Luxury photo sessions for Amateur photographers

In Europe in December, many holidays and festivals. For example, St. Stephen's day in Ireland, Dublin festival of racing and "month of beer" in Denmark and Belgium. But all of this will be minor compared to the main Christmas country – Finland!

To visit the home of Santa Claus – the dream of many. The dog sledding, a visit to an Ice residence of Santa Claus, pictures and more can be seen in the fabulous country of the Finnish Santa Claus. And, of course, plan a trip for six months, and that will not get you places in a comfortable Finnish cottages. After all, Santa Claus going children from all over the world!

Winter holidays with your children in December

December attractive eve of the most favourite holiday – New year. Many expect the December holidays with the capture of the New year in the trip, at the resort in exotic country in the tour. In any case, the unconventional meeting of the new year will be remembered for years to come.

If we talk about travelling with children, then, clearly, it is not necessary to change the climate and to take the child to warmer climes or on a long distance, for example, to the Caribbean. Long flight and a large temperature difference is not the best way can affect the health of children and to spoil the party. Besides, on return from the tropics in the dead of winter, the child may ache.

Give your child a trip to Santa Claus. There are several trails, varying in price and in range and capabilities:

  • New year, the Belarusian Grandfather frost in Belovezhskaya Pushcha
  • Our Ded Moroz, Veliky Ustyug
  • Lapland; the Finnish Santa Claus

In any case, a festive mood and a lot of pleasant experiences you will have. And winter holiday for Russians is more traditional than the hot summer in winter. Veliky Ustyug is an interesting option for those looking for option where to go on holiday in December inexpensive, but with a twist.

Kuda poehat otdyhat v dekabre nedorogo?

Skiing in December

The ski season in December is not yet in full swing, so it can be expensive to go to the mountains and plenty of snowboarding or skiing. The tourists will drive along the tracks in Bulgaria and Austria, Andorra and Italy, in Finland, in France, where the season can go only to wealthy tourists. And in December, even Courchevel available to the middle class.

For young people on a ski holiday overseas is acceptable, as they offer apartments for large and very large companies. Fun after the slopes in the circle of old and new friends will make the holiday complete.

Popular mountain resorts in Bulgaria even in the midst of a season known for its very low prices:

  • Bansko
  • Pamporovo

Resorts on the Alpine slopes in Austria near Salzburg. Level of service anywhere decent. Deciding to go to Austria to ski, consider resorts:

  • Kaprun
  • A Zell am see
  • Saalbach

In Finland the most pleasant gentle slopes, a great place for novice skiers, heavenly has slopes for children. Visit one of the resorts:

  • Himos
  • Tacho
  • Levi
  • Vuokatti

Almost all ski resorts have rental equipment and costumes. Everywhere organized free shipping skiers to the ski lifts. There are nursery schools and instructors for beginners. December is a great time for vacation.