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Where to go in February the sea cheap?

Kuda poehat otdyhat v fevrale?

Each of us implies your kind of holiday, some people prefer the classic beach, this exotic, festivals or holidays, while others prefer ski resorts, many people do not forget about their young children. Where to go in February to the sea?

Rest on the sea in Southeast Asia

Beach holidays are always in demand, especially in the last winter months, when passionately want the sun and heat. If given the holiday in February, spend it in the countries of South-East Asia. Thailand attracts exotic and a temperature of +20° at night and up to 26°C during the day, while in the South-Eastern part of the country at this time, almost no storms and rains.

Cambodia, Vietnam, China (Hainan) is a tropical country, where a vacation by the sea in February with great comfort. The air is about +26°C, warm water, abundance of tropical fruit and discreet service will appeal to those who want to experience the exotic.

Stay worthy of the Arabian sheikhs

In the cold months of winter United Arab Emirates can be visited at affordable prices. Most famous for the Russians is the state of Dubai. However, for a tourist trip cheaper hotels in the States of Sharjah and RAS al Khaimah. A visit to the capital of UAE, Abu Dhabi leaves a lasting impression of the varied architecture of the city, with the richness of waterfalls and gardens. But the city built in the desert!

The level of service in any hotel Emirates consistently high. The chic interiors, private sandy beaches, for lovers of shaping and shopping - many different locations to visit:

  • galleries
  • stores
  • restaurants
  • gyms
  • courts
  • dive centers

In February, the UAE air temperature +24°C, but water only +17°C, cold winds and relatively short-term rains.

Vacation on Islands in the ocean

Kuda poehat otdyhat v fevrale na more?

For lovers of the exotic island and relax on the ocean in February, will approach the Maldives. A tropical Maritime climate with air temperatures not below +25° even at night and water to +24°C. a Huge number of coral reefs atolls, resorts lush tropical surroundings.

The Maldives is a small Paradise on earth where every island is unique!

Seychelles – 115 amazing Islands. In this place the Indian ocean all year round +30°C and the water is +29°C. the Most popular and exciting Mahe island. Comfortable hotels, white sandy beaches with numerous coves, colorful markets with tropical fruits – all for a quiet secluded holiday or honeymoon. A visa is not required!

If you like riding the surf on the waves or want to learn it, go to the island of Sri Lanka. Windsurfers from around the world have chosen this island. Ocean waves are perfect for surfing. There are surf schools, instructors and you can learn how to "catch" a wave in the Indian ocean. And yet in Ceylon the extensive plantations of Ceylon tea. By the way, you can buy and bring home original collection of high quality tea.

Dominica, located on the island of Haiti in the Caribbean in February attracts lovers of white beaches and warm sea. Air +30°C, water +29°C, coral reefs, turquoise water, tropical vegetation and abundant wildlife will make your vacation unique.


Special exotic may be visiting Cuba. On a remote island the average annual temperature is +26°C, the water temperature is +24°C. February is the height of the dry season on Liberty Island, although from the rare rain showers, You will not insure. A huge number of attractions to significantly diversify Your leisure.

Cheap holidays to popular resorts

Where to go in February cheap? Turkey and Egypt will tempt low prices rest on system "all inclusive". Although the sea is +20°C +22°C and you can swim, because of blowing winds is not very comfortable. But you can visit the tour. The trip in February hereperfect for students during vacations, for couples with children and pensioners. Cheap, comfortable and carefree.

India, in particular the state of Goa, ideal for a relaxing beach holiday on the warm Indian ocean. In this place the temperature of water and air reaches +27°C, the sea is calm, the weather is Sunny.

Holidays in the ski resorts

February – the height of the ski season. Skiers from around the world prepare skis and snowboards and take the mountain itself. Ski resorts of Russia and Ukraine present opportunities for descents not worse than in the popular resorts of the world. In Russia mountain systems more than in any other country:

  • Altay
  • Khibiny
  • The Caucasus
  • Ural
  • The Hills Of Kamchatka
  • Zhiguli mountains

Service the mountain resorts of Russia is developing rapidly, so a comfortable stay is guaranteed. Offering skiers excellent tracks, instructors, modern ski lifts, equipment rental, courses for children and beginners. A well-developed structure of the system of food and entertainment.

The most popular resorts of Russia: Krasnaya Polyana in the Caucasus, Dombay, Adzhigardak, and Abzakovo in the Urals, Sheregesh in Mountain Shoria, Elbrus.

The near Abroad Ukraine has excellent ski slopes in the Carpathians. Famous Ukrainian resort Bukovel, where in addition to a variety of categories of slopes are luxurious spa centres to relax after a hard day on the snowy slopes. And the beauty of winter mountains and can not speak, great pictures on the background of snow-capped peaks you provided.

For those who have chosen a ski vacation in February abroad, it is necessary to consider Bulgariaas the most affordable country, even during the high winter season. If forgetful, then book yourself a week off on the slopes of the resorts of Bansko and Pamporovo is only 300 euros.

Popular in recent years, it has become Andorra. This is not surprising, since the beach trip in February, a large company can be expensive to rent an apartment for 4-8 people. And when you consider that Andorra is a duty free zone, a growing interest in holidays it becomes quite clear. After all, you can not only enjoy skiing, but also to buy goods brands at an affordable price.

Gornolyzhnyj kurort v Andorre

Ski resort in Andorra

Also popular ski tours in Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania. For those who travel not just skiing, but also to testify to their wealth and status, open the fashionable resorts of France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. This is the famous Courchevel, Innsbruck, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, St. Moritz, Davos and Zermatt. But the stay there is very expensive!

Carnivals and festivals in February

Visit the annual carnival in Europe – is to get into a medieval fairy tale. You will receive this amount of positive energy that all life memories of carnival will warm your soul and give new strength.


If a vacation is in February, so there's a chance to get into a real medieval tale. The most famous holiday in February in Europe is the carnival of Venice. To get to this magical action, it is necessary to think in advance about the tour. After all, more than 3 million tourists annually visit a fancy dress party. Romantic names of carnivals Columbine, harlequin, Pierrot immersed in the tale. Throughout Italy for two weeks a colorful and cheerful festivities cover the city:

  • Venice
  • Verona
  • Rome and other cities


Good option for a stay in February – a trip to the carnival in France. The tradition of holding the carnival on the côte d'azur in nice to live for more than 800 years. Each year the theme of carnival changes, but always begins with the word "king": there is a King laugh, the King of Dance, King of the Circus, etc.


One of the most expensive tours in February – a trip to the carnival in Brazil. A colorful procession in Rio de Janeiro is fascinating: the city is moving dozens of decorated floats, accompanied by musicians and dancers in elegant costumes. Covers all the harmony of dance and spreading from all sides of music. Everyone can participate in beauty contests, to become one of the dancers at the masquerade ball, to break into the frenzied rhythm of the dance and circling the head of the carnival!