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Where to go in June abroad cheaply?

Kuda poehat otdyhat v iune?

To go to a long-awaited vacation is nice anytime, but especially good to do it in June. You can follow this example and to revel in full until the midst of the holiday season. However, there is a logical question: where to go in June, preferably inexpensive?

The quality and place of rest directly depend on the contents of your wallet. But it is advisable to go closer to the sea, which may be still warm, but still allow relaxation. Many hotels have on-site pools, sometimes with warm salt water, so water treatment is quite possible to organize.

Rest in Crimea

Crimea in June is ready to receive visitors and tourists. Moderate spring climate turns into comfortable in the summer heat. The shelves are already pleased with the abundance of strawberry and cherry. The amount of rainfall decreases. Sanatoriums, boarding houses, the hotels gradually filled with guests of the coast. The water of the Black sea is +23°C, and in the Azov sea water is +22°C. a Positive factor at this time of the year is the small number of guests. The quality of services provided decent, the prices are still reasonable.

The most attractive favourite places in the Crimea:

  • Alushta
  • Yevpatoriya
  • Yalta
  • Gurzuf
  • Livadia

The healing climate of the Southern Crimean coast is excellent for the treatment of respiratory diseases. The combination of sea air and volatile production of coniferous trees are beneficial to health. And June is the good month for treatment and recovery. So rest in sanatoria of the Crimea with treatment allow you to combine pleasant and useful.

For lovers of active holidays there are various excursions and cultural programs, horse riding routes, trekking, boat trips on different boats, yacht, boat and ship. You can take a cruise through the cities of the southern coast of Crimea from Yalta to Feodosiya.

On the black sea coast of the Caucasus

Affordable vacation in June on the shores of the Black sea. The advantages of a holiday on the coast in June:

  • Low prices for accommodation
  • The lack of sweltering heat
  • Warm sea
  • The absence of crowds of tourists on the beaches

Krasnodar and Stavropol Krai are considered all-Russia health resort. You need to be aware of the presence of a large number of health resorts and camps for children on the sea coast. Beautiful children's complexes located in Anapa, Vityazevo, Gelendzhik, Adler.

Kuda poehat otdyhat nedorogo?

Lazarevskoe - resort in Sochi

Wellness first shift starts in June. In the boarding houses are excellent conditions for children's rest. The staff of professional educators and teachers around the clock to ensure safety and comfort of tourists guys. Every day there are interesting events, contests, games, movies.

If the trip to the Peninsula you can not afford, you can go to relax in the framework of their country. In Russia – Krasnodar Krai. Wonderful feelings you can get while there.

Holiday on the Turkish coast

Where to go on holiday abroad in June? If you have a passport, you can go abroad, for example, in Turkey. There are numerous advantages that every summer beckon us in Turkey with a new power:

  1. no visa
  2. excellent service at affordable prices
  3. comfortable hotels
  4. the sea and beautiful scenery
  5. Asian culture

In June, Turkey +30° +33°C, and the water is warmed up to +23 +25°C. Among the Russians, this country is extremely popular. If you know Turkish language is not required, almost all the service of Turkey is based on international English. As the number of tourists in Turkey is growing every year, hotels are increasingly appearing russkogovoryashie staff, and in the summer many Russian universities, preparing managers for tourism, hotels guide in Turkey in the practice of their students.

Turkey - a great place to relax by the sea in June with young children, as beautiful weather and warm sea, combined with excellent animation programme for kids. Children will not be bored, and parents can have fun and relax. Also, the hotels offer various excursions. It is recommended to take the tour through the official representatives of the tour operator, but the cheaper tours are offered on the beach from local firms.

If you choose a cultural program, it is best to take a guided tour to Istanbul for a few days. Going to this ancient city, you will learn a lot. Long history, amazingmonuments, unknown to many religion, traditions and customs of Turkish people. You will visit the Bosphorus and you will see standing on the RAID ships from different countries, will stand on the shore of the Golden Horn and the Marmara sea shores. On Board the ship under the Turkish flag, you will pass through the Bosphorus and make unique photos of Istanbul from the sea.

Holiday in Egypt

Kuda poehat otdyhat v iune za granicu?

June in Egypt – one of the hottest months. Air up to +32°C, water temperature 27°C. Therefore, if heat is contraindicated for you, Egypt does not want to choose for the June holidays. But the Russians like Egypt, any time of the year at an affordable price in this popular country. In favor of Egypt say the following:

  • No visa
  • Low prices
  • The all-inclusive
  • Comfortable hotels
  • Friendly staff

Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh year round and cater to tourists from around the world. Resorts on the red sea, give a special experience, new impressions and a great stay.

Holidays in Tunisia

For a stay in June nice to see another African country – Tunisia. What can attract tourists to this country?

  • You do not need to apply for a visa
  • Holiday at the Mediterranean sea
  • Affordable prices on tours
  • European level of service
  • Interested in the history and culture of the country

The air in June +27° and the water is +24°. Very comfortable to stay. Especially if you come with children. Sandy beaches, an abundance of green space in the coastal zone, the opportunity to take a tour in the famous Sahara desert – all this will surely attract both active and passive tourists.


The abundance of fresh fruit will delight vacationers. The comfort level is such that even 2* hotels have air conditioning in the bedrooms and swimming pools on site. The hotels offer various excursions, in the evenings, animators, shows, fire-breathers, belly dance, show of transvestites and other unexpected program. Almost all hotels have Russian speaking staff.

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European vacation in June

June in Europe is the opportunity to realize the most fantastic plans. You can choose a seaside holiday, then you should pay attention to the following popular countries:

  • Greece
  • Croatia
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Bulgaria
  • Montenegro
  • Cote d'azur France

European vacation a little more expensive than the visa-free countries. In addition, you need to worry about a visa.

Therefore, in European countries it is difficult to catch runoff. Except for the tourists holding multiple-entry Schengen visa.

Lovers of excursions in June can enjoy informative tours to Europe:

  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • France
  • UK
  • Germany

A smart choice can be combined tours, when in one trip you can visit several countries. Travel agent there are dozens of ready-made proposals in various areas, such as Spain-Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, tour of the Benelux countries (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg). Visit Germany and its Bavarian castles! It's a real immersion into a medieval Wonderland. Don't forget Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic – tours there are interesting and vivid.

Separately can be said about medical and health tours. In June you can visit the Spa town of Karlovy vary in the Czech Republic and take advantage of the unique thermal water. The treatment of various diseases under the supervision of a doctor or just health, climate, walking and bathing in thermal pool invites to spend a vacation with health benefits. Other resorts in Europe:

  • Lake Heviz
  • Baden-Baden
  • Wiesbaden

Baden-Baden - a famous resort in Germany

Also guests will be at this time of year a trip to Scandinavia or the Baltic States. Baltic sea in June, more affectionate and warmer than spring or autumn, so holidays and trips will bring you real enjoyment and pleasure. We recommend you take a ferry cruise on the Baltic sea. Variants of these cruises a lot, and the prices are very attractive from 50 euros per person for the tour without food. There are weekend tours: two to three days, and to go to a week-long tour by ferry by the Scandinavian capitals Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Tallinn.

Exotic journey

In June, it is still possible to choose for the rest of the countries of South-East Asia, although there is a rainy season. But the rains are followed by hot sun, the sea is warm and pleasant, fruit abundance, and therefore Vietnam, Thailand, China (Hainan island), Indonesialike the Russians, and therefore go almost all year round, regardless of climatic seasonality. But choosing these countries, pay attention to weather conditions that may be at this time in the tropics. The decision is yours.

All year round you can relax on oceanic Islands: the Seychelles, Maldives, Canary Islands, on the coast of India (Goa), Sri Lanka. For more affluent tourists will come to rest in the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Mexico, Cuba. But it is very hot! Even the sea breeze really soothes the 40-degree heat. So, take an informed decision.