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Where to go in March to the sea cheap?

Kuda poehat otdyhat v marte?

Your vacation was in March? That's great! Even if you do not have a significant amount of money, and you think that vacation money will be enough only for "one way ticket", see how many has interesting offers for every budget at this time. This article will help you decide where to go on holiday in March to the sea.

How about Egypt?

For many years, Egypt is a popular holiday destination for Russians. Why? And because that is available to the masses. Besides, this country visa-free for Russians. In hotels "all inclusive", which is a huge plus for vacationers. The minimum price range travel package for a week with flights in March ranges from 200 to 300 dollars. You can, of course, and more.

Advantages of a holiday in Egypt

  1. You do not need to apply for a visa
  2. Comfortable rooms
  3. Meals "ALL INCLUSIVE"
  4. Animation
  5. Children's caregivers
  6. Children's programs
  7. The pools on site
  8. Excursion program (optional)

March – perfect time for sightseeing in Egypt. The air temperature does not exceed 24°C. Very comfortable for such a hot country. You will be able to travel to Cairoon the way visit the famous Egyptian pyramids of Giza, and also:

  • to see the tombs of the pharaohs
  • to be photographed in front of the Sphinx
  • visit the historical Museum and experience the history

El Gouna is a place where you can relax alone with itself, as the saying relax in complete harmony with the body. But for lovers of night club life and the different parties are ideal cities like the luxurious Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada. You can go fun with friends and relax "to the fullest".

Other options for a beach holiday

If you think where to relax by the sea in March, then you can consider a tropical country where it's always warm, for example:

  • India (Goa)
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • China (Hainan)
  • Canary Islands (Spain)
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Israel
  • The Maldives or Dominican

By the way, Israel and Egypt to go on a trip into Jordanto visit the amazing and breathtaking ancient city of Petra, often described as the eighth wonder of the world.

There are still places in the Indian ocean, where the aim of our compatriots. Seychelles and the island of Ceylon, now called Sri Lanka. What they are attractive for tourists? Here's the answer:

  • pristine nature
  • white sand beaches
  • national parks
  • tropical fauna and flora
  • exotic fruits

On the Seychelles you will be able to plunge into the serene peace and heavenly delight, will be able to sit on the ocean with a glass of exotic drink under the sounds of the national ensemble in the glaring light of the torches.

Sri Lanka – a Paradise for windsurfers. Waves of the Indian ocean beckon lovers to go on the boards from around the world. You will hear a multilingual speech will receive first Windsurfing lessons at the class instructor, and then will fall into your groove and happiness is not the limit!

And you can just relax on the sandy shore of the lagoon, have a walk by the sea, visit the national Park and ride elephants, feed the huge sea turtles and buy yourself and as a gift to friends excellent Ceylon tea. On the plantations in Sri Lanka grow six varieties of tea.

Buy the best tea in the shops at tea factories – so it will be cheaper. You can take out no more than 2 kg of tea.

Kuda poehat otdyhat v marte na more?

Sri Lanka

Cuba is famous for the international resort of Varadero. There are 20 dive centers, night cabarets and clubs, yacht clubs. You will be offered deep-sea fishing, scuba diving and Windsurfing, and yachting.

Paradise on the white sand beach will give you a vacation in the Dominican Republic on the island of Haiti. In the popular resort of Punta Cana has still survived the jungle and the unseen birds, which can only be seen in this amazing place. You can relax in the Dominican Republic with the whole family, as here a high level, there are numerous entertainment centers, bars and discos.


Guided tours in March

It March is great sometimes to visit new places and meet all sorts of attractions. You can choose the most popular routes or create your own plan for visiting the cities and museums that you want for you. Weather in Europe in March already "turned to spring". In addition to the architectural beauty, you'll be able to enjoy the blossoming beauty of Europe.

The tour routes are designed to discover countries:

  • The Czech Republic
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Greece
  • Hungary and Austria

However, the most interesting excursions in Europe, attracted Italy, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic.

Czech Republic starts in Prague. Medieval Prague beckons with its mysticism, legends, history with the kings, jewels, ancient castles. So everyone, even the most budget tour includes a tour of "Prague Castle and Hradcany and Old town". Wander along the cobblestones, to drink the famous Czech beer, and a cool day right at the old town square to warm up with mulled wine under the chiming clock the Old town hall.

Also in the Czech Republic many excursions in extraordinarily beautiful medieval castles scattered across the mountains and forests. You can visit Dresden and Vienna, and self drive to the resort of Karlovy varyto drink the healing water from the springs, take a dip in a thermal pool and buy a bottle of the famous Becherovka.

Italy is good at any time of the year. Holidays in March in Italy will allow you to combine sightseeing and shopping at the best shops. In March you can get to the spring sale and very cheap to buy branded items. Discounts in Italy up to 70%. And about the excursion programs can talk endlessly.

In a country with a rich history of weeks will not be enough to see all the sights. The classic tour includes visits to Florence, Rome, Venice, the Vatican and the tiny Republic of San Marino. For the first acquaintance it is enough.


San Marino

By the way, prices for tours to Italy in early spring there are 199 euros, along with flights and accommodation. This is your option if you are looking for where to go in March cheap. Seek and you shall find!

Spanish voyage in the spring will not only save money, but to spend time in a comfortable climate for the benefit of themselves. Prices in March is still "winter season" and therefore attractive. You can stay in a hotel near Barcelona, for example, in the town of Calella and from there to make excursions in any direction, even to Andorra for shopping or to Carcassonne in France. A lot of interesting information and positive emotions you provided.

Hungary, in fact, are not very cheap country and in the summer to go expensive. But in March you can "grab" the trip at an affordable price, especially if you use the action "early booking". To attend to the booking it is necessary to have in January and February.

Hungary has always been famous for great Spa treatment at the thermal springs. Spring to treat – the most suitable time. Resorts in lake hévíz take visitors year-round. In Budapest, too, there are hotels with thermal baths and SPA treatments. It is possible to combine rest with rehabilitation.

Austria and Portugal with their tour programs "afford" enough wealthy tourists. The country is interesting for its history, architecture, its national and musical traditions. Vacation in March will be delightful in these European gems, if you decide to spend your vacation. Give your beloved a tour in one of the European countries on March 8, and you will not regret your deed!

Ski resorts

In March the ski season is winding down. But, if you do not have time in the winter, but I really want to visit this year in the mountain resort, you can go to Andorra. Andorra trails take skiers and in the month of March. Snow there is still enough. In addition to excellent slopes, different color markings depending on the category, there are childrens riding schools and even kindergartens for young skiers.

So, feel free to bring kids, where they will receive their first lessons from professionals. There is ski equipment rental and other equipment. Will also help to relax CALDEA Spa. Offers a variety of treatments for body care and to refresh the soul.

If you want you can make excursions to Barcelona (Spain) only 4 hours by bus.

Also fans of mountain skis and snowboards can go in March on the slopes:

  • Italy
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • France
  • Bulgaria

Vacation is the most pleasant period of the employment year, and it depends on you, how to spend it, to gain strength and positive emotions for the whole year.