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Where to go in November - a beach holiday on the sea cheap

kuda poehat otdyhat v noyabre na more

The summer has flown by, and not able to relax? Seasonal work is completed and you can relax, but late autumn? Where to go on holiday in November on the sea cheap? In considering this question, it turned out that the leisure options at this time are many.

Stay in the warm seas

November is a perfect month for holidays in Egypt on the Red sea. The air is not so hot as in summer, +26°, and the sea is still warm as 25°. According to the observations of tour operators prices on vacation in Egypt in November significantly reduced, many operators offer discounts or promotions. Moreover, Egypt – the country visa-free for Russians, so the "tour" is even possible to catch 2-3 days before you travel. Importantly, the suitcase was assembled.

In addition to beach hanging out, in November, it's nice to go on trips inland. Jeep ride through the desert, familiarity with the pyramids and great Sphinx, even the Nile cruise can be arranged at this time.

All excursions can be purchased on site in the hotels in Sharm al Sheikh and Hurghada from the hotel guide. Stay in hotels in Egypt is often offered with a food "all inclusive" that exempts tourists from all domestic problems. You can relax and enjoy your holiday.

View video with a story about vacation in November in Hurghada:

And where to relax by the sea in November? At the end of the summer season you can go in Turkey. No heat, and 20-22°C for Russians a very comfortable temperature, besides, the sea is still seats +20°C, which makes a nice refreshing swim. Turkey is not only sandy beaches, this is a great opportunity to have fun with friends and to visit interesting tourist sites.

What the Turks offer to your guests?

Water fun:

  • Rafting
  • Diving
  • Catamarans
  • Yachts
  • Sea walks on boats
  • Rafting + fishing

Tour program:

  • Sightseeing tour of Antalya + shopping
  • Green canyon
  • Pamukkale
  • Cappadocia


  • Jeep Safari
  • Horseback riding
  • Quad Biking
  • Aqua and Dolphinarium

In General, you won't be bored and their interests, you can find any entertainment. Moreover, in November a very attractive price. Can $ 100 for a week to fly for the holidays with "all inclusive"!

"Promised land" - Israel is not available during the summer season for many wishing to visit the country for a number of reasons. First, in the summer it is very hot, and not everyone can move +40°C. secondly, the summer tours are usually quite expensive – not everyone can "afford". And any Wellness program best taken in the cooler time.

kuda poehat otdyhat v noyabre nedorogo

November to visit Israel very attractive for the reasons:

  • A comfortable temperature (27°C air and 25°C water)
  • Reduced prices
  • No visa
  • A variety of tours
  • Treatment programs

Arab Emirates can be visited at any time of the year, but for Russians who are not accustomed to high temperatures, it is acceptable to stay in November. +30°C is transferred much easier than the summer heat of +40°C. Although the city can not feel the heat as everything is air-conditioned. So if, in addition to swimming in the sea you are interested in shopping, you will gladly spend it in a huge shopping complexes in Dubai.

It is worth noting that the UAE also, there are sales and autumn is their season. In the UAE, regardless of the quality of the hotel, high level of service will satisfy any Arab Sheikh, and of any Russian tourist.

Remember that the UAE is very strict ethical norms in the Muslim countries. Therefore, respect the traditions of the host country and follow the requirements there.

One woman in the outdoor or beach outfit is better not to appear on the streets. To walk in public areas in shorts and open tops indecent. If you find it difficult to follow the rules, it is better to choose another country to vacation.

The Islands in the ocean

Where to go on holiday in November on a beach holiday on the island? Sri Lanka is quite popular for conducting in November a stress-free vacation. Especially have chosen this island in the Indian ocean fans ocean waves. From around the world gather in the season the wind surfers with their boards, to conquer the elements and get their dose of adrenaline. On the coast there are schools for beginner surfers.

But those who are not delirious wave, safely bask on the white sand, taste exotic fruits, admire the chipmunks and stray dogs on the island a lot. If you get tired"doing nothing", you can take a guided tour of the tea plantations, fishing in the sea or inland to the architectural and religious attractions.

The Maldives also lie in the Indian ocean. Staying there is not cheap, but complete relaxation is secured. In any month of the year on these Paradise Islands you will appreciate a transparent aquamarine sea, the squeaky sand, the excellent service and the lack of any civilization. The couple will be able not only to spend their honeymoon, but also to perform a wedding ceremony in traditional style. This photo session and be proud of not ashamed!

Subequatorial the Seychelles will amaze you with its pristine nature. Mahe, Victoria, Praslin, Silhouette will surprise you with its fauna and flora. Only the sea, corals, white sand and a bird of Paradise in Paradise! There are no poisonous snakes and predators stay on the Islands is very safe. Creoles are very peaceful, and watching their way of life interesting and informative.

If you need to rest secluded, the best place to find. 8 large Islands will provide comfortable hotels. All hotels have an excellent level of comfort. The hotel is lovely spotlessly. For lovers of diving and fishing here favorable conditions.

Seychelles – perfect place for a wedding ceremony!

Of course, everyone has heard about GOA. In India, right on the coast. North Goa was chosen by the hippie youth, and district of South Goa is perfectly suited to older people and the wealthy who want peace and privacy. In November in GOA +32°C and water +23°C, with a great season. You can go through the meditation sessions, to plunge into the philosophy of yoga, get massages, relax in the warm waters of the Arabian sea.

kuda poehat otdyhat v noyabre na plyazhnyj otdyh

The most attractive to a wide range of tourists are the prices for the tours. Even in season you can catch a tour for $ 400 with flights and Breakfast. And even excursions into the country, the crocodile farm, elephant trekking, monkey to visit you can always order on the spot.

Vacation on the Canary Islands will appeal to followers of European travelers. The Canary Islands is Spain. Five hours of flight from Moscow and you will find yourself on the Islands, where live Canaries and ever-blooming cacti.

European level of comfort, no exotic, but all are accustomed to sophisticated tourists. For children there is an amusement Park and water Park, and national parks with tropical plants and birds. Don't miss your opportunity to relax in November in the Canary Islands. Need to apply for a Schengen visa.

In the Caribbean in November, the beach season continues

Of the Caribbean countries most frequently visited by Russians Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico. The flight across the Atlantic ocean affects the price of tours to these countries. But there are cheap Charter flights and then the price becomes acceptable. Is really wanting for the ocean and all you get.

Cuba attracts not only the beaches of Varadero, but the friendliness of Cubans, cheap fruits and food in restaurants, a feeling of daily celebration. Music, hot rhythms, cheerful people, a little rum – and life is good! Hotels have different star ratings, but clean and cozy everywhere. But for the rest of the ocean the main thing – the unspoiled beaches, crystal clear sea and fun fellowship.

Have you ever been to Haiti? But on this island is the Dominican Republic. And again the island in the Caribbean sea, and the owl white beaches, and again the local flavor! Dominican Republic love our tourists for crazy rhythms and the eternal feast. Bright theatrical performances, fiery rhythms of Samba, Rumba and Lambada, nature itself is calling for the emancipation and the riot of emotions. Want holiday – flying to the Dominican Republic!


Punta Cana is the most visited by tourists from Russia a resort in the Dominican Republic. There are upscale hotels, excellent service, restaurants, bars, entertainment. All for a decent holiday those who are not afraid to fly across the ocean. It's worth it.

If we are to fly across the ocean, you should consider Mexico, with its sea, beaches and national flavor. There's a little spot of Acapulco–I-I-I-I, sung by the popular Laima Vaikule, the famous beaches of Cancun, Playa del Carmen. The period from November to April seems to be the best time to visit Mexico. Understand that the history of Mexico goes back many centuries, because for history buffs there is the opportunity to see the ancient monuments of the Aztecs and Mayans.

Also in Mexico you can:

  • Relax on gorgeous beaches
  • To get acquainted with Mexican food
  • Taste of tequila
  • Learn to dance salsa
  • Buy a poncho and sombrero

To leave with new emotions, to someday return to this wonderful region.

Sightseeing tours in Europe

Well, not all vacationers want to spend your autumn vacation on thethe sea sand. Reserve a stay in November for sightseeing trips, all the more so in this time of significantly reduced prices on tours, as many tour operators have special promotions.

Europe – a real storehouse of impressions for those who love history, architecture, wants to get acquainted with national traditions and national cuisine. So we have to consider the Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary, Italy, Poland, Germany, France and Spain for travel in November with the excursion program.

A very diverse and rich programs exist in Italy:

  • Discover Italy
  • Italian collection
  • European trip
  • Italy and Switzerland

It is positive that any tour will introduce you to the main "pearls" of Italian cities of Venice, Florence and Rome.

Czech Republic famous for its castles, so the thematic programmes include visits to the most interesting medieval buildings, is steeped in tales and legends:

  • Ballads of the middle ages
  • Cesky Krumlov and Steinberg
  • Slavic Rhapsody
  • Czech expedition

France has always attracted poets, artists and lovers. A Golden autumn in France is a gift of nature emotional tourists. Here are just a few popular tours:

  • French classic
  • France – Belgium – Holland
  • Paris - Disneyland

Determine what you are interested to see and choose a trip in November!