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Where to go in October on the sea cheap?

Kuda poehat otdyhat v oktyabre na more?

In the fall of any person wants to escape from the beginning of cold weather and rain somewhere where it still shines bright sun and beckoning to a warm sea. Many people wonder: where to go in October to the sea? Choices visit in October a great many. Here are a few of the countries in which you can relax in the autumn time of year.

Inexpensive vacation at sea

In order to extend summer into October, and allow yourself to bathe in the sea, but still at an affordable price, you should consider a visa-free country: traditionally Turkey and Egypt, Cyprus, Tunisia, Israel. Positive for these countries is the opportunity to catch "the burning" tour and after a couple of days to take in the waves of the sea. As a rule, leisure tours differ in low prices. Week holiday can cost you only 7 to 10 thousand rubles, together with the food and flights.


If in October you go to Turkey, comfort, fun entertainment, interesting tours you provided. Race quads, rafting on mountain rivers, a trip to the ruins of ancient cities – all this will make your holiday unforgettable. In October our average +27°C, the water temperature, as in summer is +25 °C! Good resorts like side and Belek, with its sandy beaches, Alanya and Antalya. In Kemer in October the sea is much colder, 21°C, possible for a long period of rain. It should be noted that prices for accommodation at this time is significantly reduced. Here is the answer to the question - where to go in October cheap! Visa is not required!


The most favorable period to stay in Egypt – October: air +28° +30°C, water 27°C. there is no Sweltering heat, the wind brings relief and freshness, the living environment is pleasant, unobtrusive service, many hotels also offer the power supply system "all inclusive". Even travel on the tour during this period, more comfortable than in the summer. Hurghada and Sharm al-Sheikh are popular and favorite among Russians resorts.

By the way, this period will be attractive Nile cruise with stops in coastal towns for sightseeing. Visa is not required!


The African country with French charm, sometimes referred Tunisia. And, indeed, despite the local mentality, a different religion and culture, the level of service in tourist areas, to European standards. The mild climate, sandy beaches of the Mediterranean sea and pure the blue of the sea will surely delight you.

Despite the fact that October for Tunisia is considered "low" season, weather is warm and pleasant, the air is 26°C and water +23°C. But tickets during this period you can buy in 1.5-2 times cheaper than in high season. The Sousse suitable for active people and Monastir is a great place for couples and families with children. On the island gebra respectable people are on vacation, and Hammamet is good for those who wish to complete a course of rehabilitation. The best thalassotherapy centers are located here. Visa is not required!


If peak-period trip to Israel you can't afford it, then October is the best time to visit the amazing country. And the temperature and prices are falling. Air +33°C, water 27°C toward the end of the month becomes all the more enjoyable a ratio of temperatures. The beautiful resort of Eilat attracts sandy beaches and excellent service. Since Israel is very small, excursions to Christian shrines, it is available to and from the coast. Visa is not required!



Cyprus - a great place to relax by the sea in October. The abundance of fruit at "ridiculous" prices, beautiful beaches, attractions for history lovers, mountain hikers... And the prices? The prices are not "bite". Cyprus is very English speaking island. Many Russians have bought houses on the Bank in Cyprus, so no language barrier you feel. Excellent cuisine, wine "Commandaria" and the national party will immerse you in the atmosphere of this island. Visa is not required!

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Tours in October

For fun October fit very well. In Europe the Golden autumn, so walking on the pavement of European cities are delightful, emotional, cognitive and useful. The main thing - to choose a direction. We must remember that for travel to European countries require a visa, so such trips are planned in advance.


The most popular among Russians country. A variety of tour programs just rolls over. But there are tours for beginners to start exploring Italy. In a visit to the city includes:

  • Rome
  • Venice
  • Florence

All these cities are to see their autumn beauty and architectural features. And you can get to nine-day October festival "Eurochocolate" in Perugia, and taste delicious Italian sweets!

Czech Republic

Just a fabulous country. One of the few that have not suffered from bombing during the Second world war. The whole territory of the Czech Republic is replete with medieval castles, perfectly preserved. The marvelous interiors of striking beauty. In some castles for the tourists arrange a candlelight dinner with a folklore program. You can visit the medieval tournament or national holiday.


In the Czech capital Prague you can come very often and always find something new and unknown. Be sure to visit:

  • Prague zoo
  • Old town square with the astronomical clock
  • rajski Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral
  • People's Divadlo (the Opera house)
  • Charles bridge
  • The Jewish quarter

Be sure to drink Czech beer and eat Inđija boar knee.

Austria and Hungary

These countries can be visited in a combined tour, as they were one of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. At the same time and a story to remember. Tours of Vienna, Budapest, the Danube bend, in the Vienna woods, visits to museums and palaces, the Vienna Opera. The charm of the Imperial luxury of these European capitals will delight the soul, and countless photos will retain the impression.

Also interesting excursions to France and Disneyland, Germany and the Bavarian castles in Barcelona, and in two weeks will not pass. Greece keeps its historical secrets, the Benelux countries beckon their history, in Scandinavia a lot of interesting places to visit and October is not the worst month for this.

For budget holidays in Europe, there are bus tours. They can go year-round, but autumn the voyage is most enjoyable and aesthetic. By bus you can travel across Europe from Poland to France, the number of countries and cities depends on your desire. Routes many, just choose!

Vacation in exotic countries

Kuda poehat otdyhat v oktyabre nedorogo?

There are places where you can go to relax at any time of the year. The island of eternal summer: Seychelles, Maldives, Canary Islands, Sri Lanka, Dominican Republic, Cuba. Warm ocean water and white sand will give pleasure and peace. Tropical plants, birds of Paradise, giant turtle, elephants and crocodiles adorn not only your photos but also diversify vacation an unprecedented experience.

I must say that the Islands do not belong to cheap. Typically, such an exotic vacation can afford a few tourists, but in these areas there are promotions and discounts, and stubborn people can catch the tour at an affordable price. And then even windsurfers can enjoy the waves and sandy beaches. On the freshest tropical fruits and can not speak – this only in the tropics, you can try!

October is a wonderful month to go to relax anywhere!

Dozens of different tours await you. Everyone can choose for themselves the best variant of rest, to visit the country that like to relax just as you want. We must have three things: time, money and desire.

Cruises – interesting idea autumn holiday

The widespread belief that a cruise on a river, sea or ocean liner is expensive and boring, it is easy to debunk.

We propose to consider a vacation in October on a cruise ship. Based on feedback from seasoned cruisers, we can say that the positive emotions you provided. Each cruise has its own unique program, excellent service, plenty of entertainment on Board, rich shore excursions. During the week of the cruise you will be able to visit 4-5 countries, 6 cities. And all this is not tedious, with overnight stays in comfortable cabins, meals in the luxurious bars and restaurants with sea views.


Mediterranean cruises

The most popular and affordable cruise routes in the Mediterranean sea:

  • Pearls Of The Mediterranean
  • Iberian mosaic
  • Western Mediterranean
  • The Canary Islands and Madeira

Italy – France - Spain – Tunisia, Madeira – Morocco – Canary Islands and other routes according to your taste you can pick up on the websites of the cruise companies or large tour operators.

Volga cruise from Moscow to Astrakhan

Much cheaper, but no less interesting cruises along the Volga from Moscow to Astrakhan. This route has proven itself as a very popular and affordable. Get hooked on the vehicle can be in any city stop and follow the route on. Ancient Russian cities in the autumn charm will delight the eye and warm the soul. Short of Parking will allow you to get acquainted with the sights of Ulyanovsk, Samara, Kazan, Yaroslavl, Saratov, Volgograd and other cities of the Volga.

kruiz po Volge

Pleasant shopping, Souvenirs, items of folk art imported from the cruise, will long recall the Golden autumn in Russia.

Cruises on the Black sea

The most popular cruise route Odessa – Sochi. Visa for participation in the cruise is not needed, although it begins and ends in the Ukrainian city of Odessa. The route: Odessa – Sevastopol – Novorossiysk – Sochi–Theodosia – Yalta (2 days) – Odessa. Visiting the most beautiful cities accompanied excursions. With the ship you will round the Peninsula of the Crimea and get to Sochi, you will see the beautiful coast from the sea, you will Wake up from the cries of seagulls and fall asleep to the lapping of the waves.

Southern coast of Crimea – tour Mecca. Swallow's nest, Livadia and Vorontsov palaces, the Nikitsky Botanical garden these names at all on hearing, and to see the beauty of your eyes not everyone can. So, on the Black sea cruise is the perfect occasion to get acquainted with the Crimean reserves.

Besides this route, there are international cruises to Istanbul, Varna and other cities.