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Where to go in September the sea in Russia and abroad?

kuda poehat otdyhat v sentyabre?September deservedly be considered the "velvet season" for the rest. No longer sweltering heat in a warmer climate, and the sea is still warm and affectionate. Where to go in September is decided by those who don't like the heat, the bustle, the great people. It is mainly retirees, vacationers who are fortunate enough "grab" to leave such a wonderful month, as well as couples with pre-school children.

In connection with the beginning of the school year, school-age children, Teens, and College students begin their studies and in the popular resorts, in various places of interest becomes calmer and quieter without the youth voices.

Prefer passive recreation in the sea or active?

First of all, you should decide what time you prefer. If you are looking where to relax on the sea in September, just want to sleep, take a break from problems to relax by the pool with a cocktail in hand, get SPA treatments, or treatment, then you should choose the rest:

  • In a sanatorium or resort of local importance, in the resorts of the black sea coast of the Caucasus or the Crimea.
  • Also excellent and inexpensive, you can relax in the visa-free countries of Turkey and Egypt on the system "all inclusive" in Cyprus, Tunisia and Morocco, and even in Montenegro is still warm in September.
CHernogoriya v sentyabre

The Beauty Of Montenegro

For lovers of active holidays there is plenty of offers from tour operators. First of all, this is a varied excursion program with visiting of sights of world importance.

In Russia are offered:

  • Tour "Golden ring";
  • Acquaintance with St. Petersburg and other Russian cities, has a long history;
  • Cruise on the Volga river on the ship with visits to ancient Russian cities;
  • Travel to Kizhi, Valaam, Solovetsky Islands;
  • Russian Baltic (Kaliningrad – Svetlogorsk – the Curonian spit);
  • Excursions to the Altai, Baikal.

Tours to different countries:

  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • The Benelux Countries
  • Czech Republic, Germany
  • Hungary, Austria
  • The Scandinavian countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark)

You can fly by plane or go by train, you can "Galopom po evropam" on the bus or to make a cruise on a ferry at sea, the ship on the river.

For lovers of extreme tourism there are Hiking trails: climb to the top of the mountains, horse riding routes, rafting on the rivers on rafts and kayaks. And again, September is a great time for such routes.

How to save money on vacation in September?

Analysis of prices for tours in early autumn shows that the first half of September is the "hot season", and therefore "low" prices for the tours appear only after September 15.

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Go to the South of Russia!

For a self catering holiday the benefits the September prices there. In the resort cities of the Krasnodar and Stavropol edges on the gates of private houses and family hotels are full of signs "for Rent room". This is a good option where you can go for a vacation in September cheap. The main flow of tourists subsided, and the owners at a reasonable price offer fairly comfortable accommodation near the sea in the resorts:

  • Anapa
  • Tuapse
  • Lazarevskoye
  • Host
  • Kudepsta
  • Adler
  • Sochi

These places in September will enjoy an abundance of southern fruits. And if the prices are not too much will be different from the prices in your town, it really is the freshness and ripeness of fruit you don't have to doubt. Numerous cafes will offer food for different tastes and budgets, and it will be another source of savings for your budget.

Abkhazia is also an inexpensive option

Kuda poehat otdyhat v sentyabre v Rossii

To travel to Abkhazia visa is not required! Prices for fruit and food just "funny". Housing prices are affordable even in the expensive season. The onlythat may disappoint, it is a low level of service. But the sea remains the sea, the luxurious pebble beaches, subtropical vegetation, the possibility of excursions to lake Ritsa, New Athos smooth out all the flaws.

From many Russian cities organized a group of rail and bus tours to Abkhazia. This low-cost form of recreation suitable youth, seniors, and great fun companies that ignore the services of five-star hotels.

The traditional resorts of Abkhazia:

  1. Pitsunda has a unique climate combining sea air and phytoncides of relic pines;
  2. New Athos is in addition to beaches, also a great opportunity to see the sights: the new Athos monastery new Athos cave;
  3. Gagra is a very picturesque and warm sea, subtropical climate, many small private hotels at competitive prices, cafes and restaurants serving Abkhazian cuisine;
  4. Gudauta is located in the humid warm climatic zone and in conjunction with water treatments, the climate gives health benefits. Accommodation in the numerous boarding houses, sanatoriums, rest houses at affordable prices;
  5. Sukhum is a wonderful climatic resort, recommended for people with heart problems and Wellness acting on the respiratory system. Besides pensions, there are options of comfortable accommodation in private hotels.

Holiday with children in the early autumn

Doctors do not recommend without objective reasons to drastically change the climate for young children.

But September is a great opportunity for families with kids even in a different climatic zone. So feel free to consider options for travel with kids:

  • In the Black sea (Crimea, Caucasus, Bulgaria, Turkey)
  • In the Mediterranean (Italy, Spain, Tunisia, Cyprus, Greece)
  • The Adriatic sea (Montenegro, Croatia, Italy)

The sandy beaches of the black sea coast of the Caucasus

As beads gemstone necklace resort towns scattered along the coast of the Black sea. Children's health centers located in Anapa, Adler, Tuapse, Adler. Clean sand and gently sloping entrance to the sea in Anapa allow you to bring on holiday in September, even the youngest children. The water temperature in the sea at this time average +24° +26°. Very nice and comfortable for babies of the sea!

The abundance of cafes and restaurants, a network of supermarkets "Bunch", "Magnet", vegetable and fruit markets will help to organize complete nutrition of the child. And dairy products in the Krasnodar region – above all praise!

With children in the Crimea – a great choice

S detmi v Krym

Crimea has always been a favorite vacation spot of the Russian aristocracy thanks to the unique climate. Tender Black sea, the sun 300 days a year and curative pine air attracted not only to relax but also to treat their health, especially the respiratory and musculoskeletal system.

Today, anyone can organize a trip with a child in September on the coast of the Crimea, to heal and temper the baby. For children the recommended resorts of the southern coast of Crimea:

  • Yevpatoriya
  • Alushta
  • Alupka
  • Yalta
  • Foros

A holiday on the seas of visa-free countries

Practice shows that with young children it is very difficult to plan a vacation. The child may catch cold and get sick, it can cause problems with bowel or infectious disease, and all of your efforts on the preparation of long-distance travel will be reduced to nothing.

The best option is a trip to one of the countries where you do not need a visa.

Visa free countries, recommended for families with children:

  1. Turkey attracts "all inclusive"
  2. Egypt – in September, the sea +28°, comfortable weather
  3. Cyprus – for the children near a giant water Park Limassol
  4. Tunisia – Hammamet water Park and amusement Park
  5. Israel – Eilat, the air is +30°, water temperature +25° C, sandy beaches

The benefits of recreation in these countries is an opportunity, not making out the visa, to buy a tour for a week or two before departure, at the same time, you can still save by buying the "hot tour" at a low price.

Usually in hotels all the conditions for recreation kids: special children's menu, children's pools, entertainment. Clean sandy beaches with child slides, swings and other equipment. Many hotels offer Babysitting services. This gives parents an opportunity to attend excursions or evening program.

Do visa and rest!

I wouldn't discard the rest in September with children in countries such as Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Italy. Despite the need to apply for a visa to travel to any of these countries, the vacation will be amazing. September is velvet season in Europe!

Bulgaria. The ratio of price and quality holidays in Bulgaria will be pleasantly surprised. Low prices for accommodation, food, sightseeing, friendly local people, lack of language barrier make Bulgaria available for different segments of the population.

Spain. Visited Spain tourists say excellent Spanish cuisine, a high level of servicetransparent turquoise sea and most importantly, affordable in September. The most popular resorts in Spain are considered to be the Costa Brava and Costa Dorada. Along the Mediterranean coast of the lovely Spanish towns of Calella, Blanes, Salou, Lloret del Maar hospitably take this time of year thousands of tourists.

Beach holidays conveniently combined with the numerous excursions offered by the tour operators. From Costa Brava it is easy to go to Andorra, to the French Riviera, Carcassonne (France). And in Barcelona you can ride pretty much every day! A lot of impressions guaranteed.

Greece. In September it is best to relax on the large Islands of Crete, Rhodes and Corfu. There are plenty of cheap fruits, the average temperature is +26 +28° C, water +24 +25°. So, autumn will surely enjoy the warmth and comfort.

Visit festivals, carnivals and other holidays

The Netherlands. Everyone who loves bright and noisy feasts and festivals, must visit in September, the Netherlands, where early this month in the city of Aalsmeer starts the world famous flower parade. Anyone can participate in numerous costumed performances, dance from the heart and listen to the music of jazz bands from all over the world.

Portugal. At the same time in Portugal kicks off the annual Wine festival. Location — Madeira. Here at the beginning of September there are many theatre shows. All tourists, who visited at this time the city will be able to see traditional dances and various music shows that are dedicated to this drink. Well, of course, everyone will be able to enjoy its excellent taste.

Italy. But in Florence in the fall is traditionally held the feast of lanterns. In the night from the sixth to the seventh of September you can see the amazing spectacle — a parade of paper lanterns, in which candles are burning. This is a truly unforgettable sight.

Kuda luchshe poehat otdyhat v sentyabre nedorogo?

Spain. Traditionally, at the end of September in Barcelona, Tarragona, Valencia and other Spanish cities, large-scale festivals devoted to the celestial zastupnitsa cities. Many exciting activities awaits guests and spectators of the festival: colourful parade of the giants, fantastic animals with large heads, traditional at this time of the pyramid builders "Castells".

All members and guests can participate in dancing with devils and dragons blowing fire, admire the colorful pyrotechnic performances, stunts, circus performers, folk, rock and pop bands.

Germany. The most popular annual festival in the world – the legendary "Oktoberfest" beer festival, the beer festival in Germany, in Munich. It begins in the last week of September and gathers fans of intoxicating drink from around the world. The city for two weeks of the stone is converted in a tent: all kinds of tents, tents, outdoor pubs and restaurants conceal ancient Gothic architecture. Sparkling captures all the fun. Treat yourself to a holiday!

Croatia, France. Puppet festivals will delight not only children but also adults. Traditionally, early September is a colorful event in Zagreb (Croatia). Puppet shows going on all the stages of the city and even on the streets and squares.

And in the province of champagne (France) at the end of September takes place the international festival of puppet theater. There are no winners and losers, no contests and competitions, and only the magic of theatre that delivers immense pleasure to the spectators and the artists. The festival of puppets of different types, times and peoples. The talking and the singing, the dancing, tiny and huge creatures live their, absolutely free life. These dolls are sometimes surprised that they have a puppeteer.

Exotic countries

Cuba, Indonesia (Bali), Sri Lanka, India (GOA), Maldives attractive in September that there begins the dry season. Oceans, white beaches, and incredible fruit - a heavenly delight. Windsurfers tend to catch the wave at this time of year.

In Thailand in September is better not to go, because at this time there is a rainy season. Although a tropical downpour - it is also exotic.

Resorts Of Russia

Many are thinking where to go on holiday in September in Russia? The resorts of Krasnodar region invariably attract beach lovers. And September the sea is still warm and balmy, comfortable temperature allows you to get out of the sea those who can not tolerate heat. Resort towns:

  • Sochi
  • Anapa
  • Gelendzhik
  • Tuapse

The prices there are, of course, does not always match the qualityservice, but it is possible to rest without a visa, taking advantage of all the delights of the peak season.

A seaside holiday can be combined with therapeutic and Wellness treatments. The world famous Matsesta hydrogen sulfide offers a unique procedure. And September is the best month for treatment.

Almost all resorts in Sochi district of the black sea coast offer medical packages to Matsesta.
The Black sea coast is also famous for its water parks that will please your children:

  • The Begemot water Park and Golden Bay in Gelendzhik
  • The Chernomor aquapark p. Lermontovo (near Tuapse)
  • The Dolphin aquapark Nebug, Tuapse
  • The water Park "starfish" Lazarevskoye, near Sochi
  • Water parks in Loo, Sochi, Adler

Vacation on the black sea coast in September will be active, fun and comfortable.