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Where to go in January on the sea cheap?

Kuda poehat otdyhat v yanvare?

Recent years, the question of where to go on holiday in January and it is desirable inexpensive, occurs more and more often. This is due to the almost ten-day Christmas vacation Russians arranged by the government. I must say, this is a great opportunity to disconnect from the problems and just relax. And the options for winter recreation on the market of tourist services abound.

Remember! Christmas and the January tours are distinguished by higher prices and much excitement with their selection and booking.

However, since January 10, prices for tours considerably drop and starts the "low" season. The same as in Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic , you can go for 199 euros for 8 days with flights, food and accommodation in a decent hotel. Many tour operators offer attractive promotions and significant discounts on tours to Europe. January is the best time to break away the curious, but budget travelers.

Ski resorts

The most prestigious winter sport can be called a ski tour. Many lovers of winter sports go with me to the slopes of various mountains, ridges, hills, hillocks and hills. Every hill beckons and snowboarder, and skier, and lover toboggan.

Choose the mountain according to your taste:

  • The Alps (Austria, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia)
  • Pyrenees (Spain, Andorra, France)
  • Carpathian Mountains (Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Austria)
  • The Tatras (Poland, Slovakia)
  • The Balkans, The Rhodope Mountains (Bulgaria, Serbia)
  • Scandinavian ski resorts

As for ski resorts, in January the real skiers go in France and Germany. Who has not heard about Courchevel or Garmisch-Partenkirchen? These luxurious resorts have chosen the rich tourists. The prices are "bite." But will have to pay for everything: lift, ski equipment rental, sandwiches and coffee, mulled wine and instructor services.

Kuda poehat otdyhat v yanvare nedorogo?


If you have the height of the mountains are not the main criterion when choosing a ski resort, and budget travelers very modest, you can go to Polish or Slovakian Tatras. The height of these mountains reaches up to 2600 m, gentle slopes, perfect for beginners and children. The main Polish centre of Zakopane and Slovakian tourists prefer Poprad.

In Slovakia the mountain resorts introduced Super Skipasthat allows you to visit the track several resorts:

  • Tatranská Lomnica
  • Clear
  • Donovaly
  • Štrbské Pleso

More and more Russians are visiting Andorra. Charming "dwarf" the state of free trade, lost in the Pyrenees. Ski holidays in January here is the perfect place to combine with shopping in large supermarkets, walks through the narrow ancient streets. Mild mountain climate creates ideal conditions for a comfortable stay of adults and children. To the delight of tourists in Andorra, near the village of Escaldes has a thermal complex of Caldea, where you can have a great time and get healthier.

Cheapest ski holiday in Bulgaria. Even in high season you can organize yourself weekly rest (food, accommodation, flights) for 300 euros!

The big plus is the opportunity to go to Bulgaria with children. On the slopes of the Balkans has everything for a comfortable winter holiday: baby gear rentals, baby training group, individual training with an experienced instructor, gentle nursery slopes and a lot of positives!

It should be noted that for trips to the mountains in Europe require a visa. The only exception is Ukraine with wonderful Carpathian ski slopes in the resorts: Bukovel, Slavske, Dragobrat in Yasinya. Almost all ski resorts offer not only equipped for downhill slopes, but also spas, pools, saunas, meals on the slopes and at the foot of the mountains, comfortable hotels and chalets.

Rest on the sea and ocean beaches

Where to go on holiday in January on the sea? If you were unable to swim in summer - no problem. Our world is so huge and diverse that even winter vacation can be exotic and a beach. For this we need to go to the tropics or in the Caribbean. In short, to swim in the sea in January, you need to go closer to the equator.

We recommend you to visit:

  • Thailand and Cambodia
  • China (Hainan) and Vietnam
  • in Cuba and in the Dominican Republic
  • in Israel, India (GOA), Sri Lanka
  • in the Maldives and the Seychelles
  • in Indonesia

Choosing rest in the distant countries, consider the hours-long flights on the plane. Stock up on headache pills, special inflatableheadrest for aircraft, wet wipes, books and games (especially if traveling with children).

Tourists who prefer a comfortable sea holiday will definitely enjoy the Canary Islands. The most popular ones of Gran Canaria and Tenerife. In January, the temperature on the Islands does not exceed 21 degrees and the sea is about +20°C. Tourists from Russia, the temperature of the water does not interfere with the swimming. For a very "gentle" on the territory of the hotels have swimming pools with heated sea water. And, of course, in the Canary Islands, there are sights that you should visit: lagoons, beaches, volcanoes. This is the perfect place where to relax by the sea in January.

Kuda poehat otdyhat v yanvare na more?


Where are the best prices?

For a budget stay without a visa should be considered a favorite of the Russians to Egypt. In January in Hurghada air and water above +21°C, and Sharm El-Sheikh air temperature +24°C, and the water in the Red sea +22°C. it is Preferable to stay in Sharm. The most popular hotel Domina Coral Bay Oasis 5*. This luxury hotel is perfectly located for hanging out like couples in love, and for family rest with children.

Moreover, if you are going to sit in the restaurant or relax together, children can be left with the animators or educators. The evening program will delight with its variety. Comfort in the rooms is in a in each room:

  • Minibar
  • air conditioning
  • cable TV
  • Internet access

Stay in Hurghada even more affordable. At this time, the tour operators offer significant discounts, so the rest of the week in this period in Egypt can be no more than 250 dollars. Unfortunately, the disadvantages are strong winds, typical for January in this area, as well as poor choice of fruit.

Significantly lower summer prices for winter holiday in Israel. At this time in the country a comfortable average temperature of 22°C. Popular resort of Eilat offers a variety of Wellness and sightseeing tours. Therefore, the voyage to Israel in January will not only swim in the Red sea, but also to enjoy a healing Dead sea and Christian Holy places in Jerusalem.

Sightseeing tours in Europe

For fans to explore the world, to get acquainted with culture, history and traditions of new countries fit tours that in January in the abundance of tour operators offer attractive prices. You may for 199 Euro for a week to go in Italy, the Czech Republic, to Spain. In this case the cost of the tour includes airfare, meals, transfers, accommodation, guide services and even excursions.

In Greece you can take a fascinating trip by combining sightseeing program and buy a warm coat. And for just ONE Euro! And it is really only a fur coat will have to buy necessarily.

You can also choose one of those tour programs:

  • Hungary
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • the Benelux countries
  • France

But do not forget that January is still a winter month, and in these countries at this time can also be very cool.

Exotic South America

As for exotics, more than in South America. You can visit the country:

  • Mexico
  • Peru
  • Bolivia
  • Argentina

In these tours offer a journey through the mountains of Mexico, visiting ancient architectural monuments of Peru, a walk along the legendary banks of the Amazon. An unforgettable experience will give you enigmatic monuments of Argentina and Brazil. In January, Brazil hosts many exciting festivals and events. By purchasing this tour, be sure to visit Easter island.

ostrov Pashi

Easter island

Winter fun for the "cool" tourists

Gourmet travel has many suggestions to relax, where practically untouched by man. If you easily can pay for your winter vacation in an exotic country 3 or more thousand dollars, you will be offered, such as holidays in Kenya.

January in this country is the best month for observing wildlife. Go there, you will be able to see pink flamingos, watching lions, giraffes, antelopes and many other representatives of the African savanna.
For fans of jungle and extreme travelers the best option in January will be Costa Rica. Despite the lack of monuments of culture, beaches and the tropics of this state will give each tourist a memorable journey.

Very well suited for winter travel in Myanmar (Burma). Guided walks in the area can be arranged all year round. But January is one of the most auspicious months in Myanmar, in terms of precipitation. At this time there are not observed monsoon rains, andthe temperature is quite favorable for a holiday in the luxury resorts of the state.