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Where to go to rest in winter, the sea on a beach holiday and ski resorts?

Kuda poehat otdyhat zimoj?

The Russian proverb says: "Prepare sledge in the summer!" That is why their plans for the winter vacation it is better to build in advance. Because the Russians have the opportunity to relax during the Christmas holidays, not spending a vacation. So, where to go to relax in the winter – a very topical issue.

Rest on mountain resorts of the Caucasus

The popularity of ski resorts in Krasnaya Polyana (Sochi) is growing every year. After the 2014 Olympics for lovers of winter sports there is no need to travel to overseas resorts. Now a high level of service, wonderful trails we have in Russia. It is worth remembering that skiing has always been an expensive hobby, so you'll have to fork out for a traditional winter holiday.

The season of skiing and snowboarding in the mountains starts from November to March, so you can always pick up more "low season" and relax at affordable prices.

The highest prices in the ski resorts during the Christmas and new year holidays, and student holidays (in February).

Dombay and Terskol in the Caucasus are very popular ski resorts. Elbrus vicinity is a national Park, so there are no clear boundaries of the resort. But there are many comfortable hotels, ski lifts, cable cars, trails of varying levels of difficulty, and, of course, the handsome Elbrus, celebrated in literature and songs of Amateur bards.

Ski resorts in Europe

We can say with full responsibility that not only skiers go to rest in winter on mountain slopes. Carpathians, the Tatras, the Alps, Pyrenees, Caucasus mountains beckon at any time of the year. But the beauty of the winter mountain scenery incomparable.

If you are snowboarding or skiing, you can go, for example, in Finland, to spend your winter vacation in a cottage on the shore of a lake or Bay. This is ideal for families or big companies. Comfortable accommodation in these Finnish houses with kitchen, sauna, fireplace, large living room and a family table, which will be warm and fun for the entire company.

For active pastime are available riding snowmobiles, ice fishing, SPA centers and water parks, shopping at nearby popular shopping centers. In addition to the healing of the Finnish air travelers will enjoy environmentally friendly natural products. Time spent outdoors in the circle of close friends will undoubtedly give new strength and impressions. Where can I go to rest in winter in Finland?

Gentle slopes in Finland is a great place to vacation with children. School for beginners, experienced instructors, hire of ski equipment are available at almost any resort. Visit:

  • Vuokatti
  • Tacho
  • Levi
  • Himos

Or select a resort on your own and spend an unforgettable holiday in the mountains.

Professionals and "dummies" ski know all those places where you can skate for fun. From November to March, all the world's tracks are waiting for their fans. The most popular ski resorts in Austria, Switzerland, France, Slovenia, Italy, Czech Republic, and the cheapest things to happen in Bulgaria. This is why students in a hurry to spend their winter vacation in Bansko or Pamporovo, where everything is created for a real vacation.

kuda mozhno poehat otdyhat zimoj

If you pre-plan a trip to the mountains, it is possible to significantly save money, as tour operators offer tours on a system of "early booking". Thus, for 300-350 euros you can buy a week-long tour with a flight to Austria, the Czech Republic, Andorra and even in French resorts. Very convenient to have a Schengen multivisa, then there is a chance to catch last minute tour for "penny".

Winter holidays in Europe

And where you can go to rest in the winter? Well, of course, in Europe. December and January in Europe are famous for their Christmas sales. Discounts on products up to 70%! If you like branded stuff, but don't want to spend too much, then a winter voyage to Europe – your option. Besides, until December 20 you can buy a tour to European countries is almost "penny".

"High season" in winter in Europe are Christmas and to rest on new year's eve">New year. If you decide to celebrate the New year in a European capital, for example, in Paris, Prague, Vienna or Budapest, one should be concerned about tickets and hotels. First, in 4-5 months you can buy tours cheap on the system of "early booking", and secondly, in self-organization of holidays and flights, and you'd better book hotels in advance.

It is worth remembering that in the systems of e-booking of hotels, free cancellation.

Things to do in Europe in the winter?

Europe is good at any time of the year. The benefits of winter recreation in Europe:

  • Affordable prices on tours
  • The absence of crowds of tourists
  • The sale with large discounts

In winter you can visit the most sophisticated European routes at "ridiculous" prices. Bus tours are especially popular at this time. Snapping pupils and students in the school holidays. In one trip you can see several countries, such as Poland-Hungary-Austria-Czech Republic-Germany, Poland-Germany-France-Belgium-Netherlands-Luxembourg, Italy, Switzerland.

kuda poehat zimoj

As a rule, included in the price and a comfortable bus for the entire period of the trip and the guide, as well as food, accommodation in hotels, extensive excursion program.

No less popular winter trips by plane. You can spend a romantic week-end in one of the European capitals. The lovers are choose Paris or London, Prague or Vienna. At this time, Europe has its charms.

Cruise tour in the winter

The original form of winter holiday – a cruise on the warm seas and oceans. On a luxury ocean liner offers comfortable cabins of different types. Regardless of the type of cabins, other cruise service to all equally high. All day dining at the numerous bars, restaurants as a rule, included in the cruise price.

Each of our cabins has Stewart, who solves everyday problems and exercises, if necessary, Breakfast delivered to the cabin.

A varied entertainment programme on Board, captain's dinner, discos, concerts. For lovers of active holidays there are gyms, playgrounds, spas, swimming pools.

EN route, the ocean liner enter the ports where you can order a tour or on your own to wander around the city, buy Souvenirs, to have a souvenir photo, lunch in a national restaurant. The most popular cruise destination in the winter:

  1. The Canary Islands
  2. Morocco
  3. Transatlantic
  4. Cuba
  5. Dominican Republic

Beach rest in the winter

Do you love non-traditional holiday? I wish you from the harsh cold to get right in the summer? Then you will be interested to know where to spend your winter at the beach:

  • Egypt
  • Thailand
  • Israel
  • Vietnam
  • China
  • Arab Emirates
  • GOA
  • Sri Lanka


Traditionally, our compatriots choose for winter beach holidays Egypt. Some 4-5 hour flight, and you're on the shore of the red sea. Attractive is an excellent service, the meals are all-inclusive, diverse animation. In Egypt you can go with children, youth fun together or with your beloved. Everyone will find something for everyone here. Because besides beaches, there are many tour programs that diversify the very best in this hot country.

What to visit in Egypt? All tours traditional:

  • The pyramids of Egypt, Luxor
  • Jeep Safari, diving
  • Trip to Israel on the Holy mountain.


Not less popular destination for winter holidays among the Russians is Thailand. This exotic Southeast Asian country attracts and excites the imagination. Well, where else you can try the fried grasshoppers, roast snakes, drink strong drink, infused with snakes and Scorpions?

What tours offer tourists the local Agency?

  • Visiting Buddhist temples
  • Journey through the Islands - Nemilany
  • Sea fishing
  • Visit various Shows
  • Bird Park, crocodile farm, etc.

You should know that the flights to Thailand from Moscow takes about 9 hours. Before going such a long way, you need to weigh your physical abilities.

The Canary Islands

Islands of "eternal spring" referred to the Canary Islands. Wonderful climate on the Atlantic ocean and a high level of service made this place a favorite even for experienced travelers. Only 7 hours of flights and you will find yourself in summer in winter. To consider a holiday in the Canaries at this time is because in December and January and February are decent discounts on the trip from the tour operators. You can visit the Canary Islands at affordable prices.

Madeira Island

Portuguese Madeira is very fond of Windsurfing. Ocean waves, the warm sea at any time of the year, numerous schools attract surfers on the coast of Madeira not only athletes but also those who enjoy a comfortable holiday at any time of the year. The flight to Madeira is 6-7 hours.

Consider a winter holiday in Madeira – treat yourselfone more summer!


Fans of Christian relics, and also fans to plunge into the warm sea on a winter vacation can easily choose Israel for a beach holiday. The resorts of Eilat and Netanya – the most popular among Russians. Level of comfort, European cuisine, clean sea and the opportunity to choose an interesting tour will surely attract those who like to combine business with pleasure. Well, winter holidays in Israel has its advantages:

  • The lack of sweltering heat
  • Affordable prices (at this time of year they are much lower)
  • The possibility of a trip with children
  • 4-5 hours of flights will not tire, and the service on Board will delight tourists

kuda poehat zimoj na more

The above options leave the sea do not exhaust the possibilities. Where to go in winter beach vacation?

  • Vietnam
  • China (Hainan island)
  • Arab Emirates
  • GOA (India)
  • Sri Lanka

White beaches of these countries attract and excite, pure sea, ocean, promises an unforgettable experience. Well, the exotics of South East Asia do not need advertising! A completely different culture, religion, history of these countries, architecture and Oriental cuisine will set the mood and will leave impressions which will not get in any other European country.

For the more active beach holiday, for those who like riding on a Board under sail and without sails, the beaches of Sri Lanka and Goa (India) are the most popular. Numerous schools of surfers scattered along the shore. To catch a wave and get a dose of adrenaline is a dream of many "hot heads".

But even if you just want to lie on the sandy beach, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Hainan island in China will appreciate its nature, comfortable hotels, English speaking staff.

For tourists there's a multitude of exciting excursions and itineraries. You can visit national parks, visit farms, which bred crocodiles and turtles, ride on elephants. Sri Lanka can be purchased for yourself and as a gift of the famous Ceylon tea. India will delight gourmets with its distinctive Indian cuisine.

The Islands in the ocean

In the winter, when in Russia are cold, warm the body and soul trips to ocean island. These tourists are not afraid of a long flight (10 hours or more). Because it is on the ocean, on the sand, surrounded by tropical vegetation you can feel the heavenly pleasure. Therefore, tours to the island are opting for a romantic honeymoon couple.

  • Maldives
  • Seychelles
  • Dominican Republic (Haiti)
  • Mauritius island

kuda poehat zimoj na plyazhnyj otdyh

Numerous lagoons with turquoise clear water, rich underwater world – the Paradise for scuba divers, oceanic waves – a surfers dream – all these will leave an unforgettable impression, especially at a time when the homeland of the raging storm and froze all the rivers.

Wedding ceremony in the winter

By the way, the lovers are often planning a wedding ceremony in the tropics during the winter. Dominican wedding is held at the Macao beach on the Saona island, in cap Cana. The cost of the ceremony from 1100$ together with a photo shoot. Unusual romantic photos guaranteed.

Wedding ceremony in Thailand on white sand, on the ocean – cherished dream of many brides. It turns out that such an event is enough available. Even the minimum package of services will provide the ceremony with magical colors and unforgettable impressions. Wedding Bridal bouquet of tropical plants, pictures, under the palm trees at sunset will delight for years to come.

Whatever type of holiday you choose in winter, good mood, new friends and bright impressions will remain for a long time.