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Where better to go to rest in the Crimea with a child or without?

Kuda poehat v Krym?

All-Union health resort and summer residence of the Russian monarchs was the Crimea. The Peninsula on all sides washed by the Black sea, is the ideal place for a summer vacation. In addition to hotels and resorts, their rooms offer private hotels and residents of coastal southern cities. Best of all, it's inexpensive prices. Almost any citizen of Russia can afford to rest in the Crimea. Let's determine exactly where to go in Crimea?

Special love still has the southern coast of Crimea (SCC), it was there built magnificent palaces Vorontsov and Livadia. And all thanks to the unique climate that had a health effect on stunted royalty. The combination of sea air and is filled with sweet smells of pine scent has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system, heals chronic bronchitis, pulmonary diseases and strengthens the human body.

Kuda poehat otdyhat v Krym?

Many resorts built along the coast of the Black sea in the Crimea. Therefore, if you decide where to go, is to determine the main objective of the trip:

  • just a relaxed holiday with interesting cultural program
  • or stay with treatment.

In Sevastopol will not be bored!

In the West of the Crimean Peninsula is Sevastopol. The uniqueness of his position due to the presence of numerous coves with turquoise water. In Sevastopol, pristine beaches, and the most unusual is Jasper beach on Cape Fiolent.

Kuda luchshe poehat v Krym?

From the shore to the beach can be reached only overcome the stone stairs of 800 steps. But your efforts will be rewarded with a multi-colored pebble beach, clear water and amazing rock in the middle of the lagoon. From the sea to this beach can be approached only by boat or long boat. On the Cape is the St. George working monastery.

Beaches in Sevastopol for every taste: sandy, pebbly, wild and rocky. And the names are poetic: Crystal, sun, Sand, Gold, and Silver. Various coves, many of which praised writers in their works. Is Cane Bay, Streletskaya Bay of omega. On the ferry you can walk to the village Uchkuevka, with a great sandy beach.

If you're travelling with kids, then a trip to the aquapark Zurbagan, you can not escape! A day spent in the water Kingdom, not only diversifies vacation, but will long be remembered.

Not only a beach holiday is famous for Sevastopol. You can organize a perfect tour program:

  1. Excursion to Chersonesus Taurica (archeological Park) with a visit to Vladimir Cathedral – burial vault of admirals;
  2. Maritime Museum, Aquarium, Panorama defence of Sevastopol, the Diorama "Storm of Sapun mountain";
  3. Malakhov Kurgan is tactically serious height, in all the wars helped keep the defense of Sevastopol. On the mound lit the eternal flame and the Museum of the Heroic defense of Sevastopol;
  4. Balaklava – the ancient city that was mentioned by the Greek writers from the first century ad, a unique Bay, a former submarine base, now a Museum. Balaklava a beautiful beach and excellent fish restaurants where you can taste dishes from sharks. Currently, there is a yacht club.

Numerous travel agencies offer bus excursions from Sevastopol on the southern coast of Crimea: Yalta, Alushta, Nikita Botanical garden and Livadia.

The capital of the Crimean khanate – Bakhchisarai

To be in the Crimea and not to visit Bakhchisaray impossible. Since the city is 50 km away from Sevastopol into the Peninsula far from the sea, a trip to this unique place should be planned especially. "The fountain of Bakhchisarai" by Pushkin is a version of one of the legends about the fountain of tears in Bakhchisarai. The Khan's Palace (pictured) is a complex of buildings for various purposes: harem, library, Khan's kitchen and stables, towers and mosques, a bath, a rotunda, a Persian garden.

Hanskij dvorec

And 2.5 km from Bakhchisarai is a medieval fortress Chufut-Kale. This is a real cave city with remains of buildings, walls, cave-cells and the assumption Cathedral. A trip to this region allows a better understanding of the history of the Crimean Tatars and the Crimea.

Sanatorium treatment in Crimea

Gone are the days when a ticket to the treatment in Crimean health resorts had to wait for years. Now you can easily pre-plan your holiday, to understand the profile of the sanatorium on his website, book online to stay at the desired period. You can only be happy in modern information technologies. So, where to go to rest in Crimea, depends on your personal desires.

Still on the southern coast are the main resorts:

  • Sudak
  • Mishor
  • Alushta
  • Yalta
  • Foros
  • Gurzuf

A wide range of treatments, and most importantly, climate, sea + pine air can work wonders. No wonder, people suffering from various diseases, regularly visit these resorts on the Black sea and live for years.

Koktebel – a place, a favorite of the creative intelligentsia, as well as gliders. The extinct volcano Kara-Dag inspiringwriters and poets on new works and unique natural conditions for flying gliders, hang gliders, paragliders. In Koktebel there is a plant of vintage wines and a nudist beach.

In the district of Gurzuf is a once famous pioneer camp "Artek". Currently, this is an international youth centre which is open year round.

Going to the Crimea to restore the health of children

But not all dare to send your child alone even in the most wonderful camp in the world. Then you have to go family. Despite the fact that the Crimean Peninsula has a unique subtropical climate, useful in various diseases, for families with children recommended certain regions, the most favourable for the child's body. Decide where to go to the Crimea with a child? The most popular and recommended by doctors resort Evpatoria.

Kuda poehat v Krym s rebenkom?

Yevpatoriya – the oldest children's health. A lot of sanatoriums, preventative clinics, boarding houses help the kids to improve health and to get rid of diseases of musculoskeletal apparatus, respiratory and other. Treatment programs are tailored to characteristics of a child, so the treatment effectively. If you fail to buy a ticket to the resort – no problem. You can rent accommodation in a private hotel and to receive treatment.

How to organize a vacation with a child in the Crimea?

  • To get a ticket through the social insurance Fund
  • Find a tour in the Crimea, through a specialized tour operator
  • Rent a room in a private hotel
  • Booking motels via the Internet

Any of these options will achieve the desired result. Beautiful sea, sandy beaches, curative pine air, walking on mountain footpaths, mineral water – all make it possible to increase the health of your child and to get rid of for months from cold related illnesses.

We need only remember that the most effective for the recovery is a long rest, for at least three weeks. Only in this case, the child's body has time to acclimate, and then get healthier. Before you travel with a baby up to three years, should consult with the local doctor and to determine the possibility and place of stay in the Crimea.

In addition to Yalta to rest with your children in foros, Yalta, Gurzuf and Sudak. Any of these towns on the coast will be the perfect place where your child will not only comfortable, but also useful to relax. It offers parents with children, there are Spa clinics where you can get advice, recommendations, treatments.

The most comfortable period of stay at sea is the month of September – "Indian summer".

Be sure to look in the Crimea?

You can choose any place in the Crimea on the Black sea coast, where you will feel comfortable. It can be Simeiz, Gaspra, Yalta, foros. You can rent an apartment in Livadia, Yalta, Sudak, Gurzuf or. And everywhere is the beautiful sea, subtropical vegetation, vineyards, beaches and a lot of new experiences.

Wherever you are vacationing, be sure to visit the famous Crimean places of interest:

  • Palace on the rock "swallow's nest"
  • Vorontsov Palace
  • Livadia Palace
  • Bakhchisaray
  • Chersonesos is an ancient city
  • Genoese fortress
  • Massandra village and wineries
  • Nikitsky Botanical garden

Gourmets will love tasting the famous Crimean sparkling wines in the New world, as well as the famous wine cellars of Massandra. The best grapes are grown on clay soils of the Crimea in the conditions of dry subtropics. These climatic features provide a unique and quality grapes and wine, he cooked.

Lovers of the night partying fit Yalta. The sea the sea, but life in Yalta begins to boil at sunset. The whole town glows with millions of lights. The main place of night rest is a promenade that's lined with numerous restaurants, cafes, eateries, bars and karaoke. Right on the pavement of the pedestrian zone entertain tourists fakirs, tamers pythons, acrobats and other circus performers.


For lovers of unusual photos very varied menu: I want a bear, I want a parrot, like a monkey. And you can dress up in a costume of the court nobility, and to such retro-photo. Curl up with a Cup of coffee, you can listen to karaoke. Only the sound of the sea in the evening on the Promenade in Yalta will not hear. The noise of the sea have to go to another place!

The choice is yours

Having considered a variety of leisure options in the Crimea, it is possible to make an unambiguous conclusion that only the tourist can make a choice where best to go to the Crimea. After all, everyone is waiting for vacation, that

  • Someone needs treatment children then why not choose a Spa holiday.
  • Someone who likes a fun party on the seaside under the sound of the surf. These tourists will come to Yalta, where the "Golden youth", the elite of show business and just secured a rest.
  • For lovers of travel and fun and will suit the glorious city of Sevastopol. Then you and the ancient city of Hersonissos with its archaeological excavations, and there are variousBay for comfortable bathing, there are the glorious history of the Russian fleet in museums, monuments and architecture.

We gave only some areas of rest in the Crimea, and the choice is always yours.