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Where to go in may on a sea of cheap?

kuda poehat otdyhat v maeIf given the holiday in may, and you don't have a garden and spring planting do not disturb the soul, then the question arises: where to go on holiday in may on the sea? In late spring the issue with the rest easy to solve. In tropical countries and the Caribbean countries have not yet started the "rainy season" and a fairly comfortable temperature. Indian ocean Islands are ready to accept tourists all year round. Therefore, if you want to spend a holiday in the may holidays, lodging options available.

Should I go to the Black sea?

But our tourists and may is already summer! On the shores of the Azov and Black seas has opened the summer season. A clean sea never disturbed beaches, hungry after a winter gulls are eating directly with hands, still pretty low housing prices, on food, on entertainment, and therefore to economical may the sea is a great option. Can choose the popular Spa town:

  • Anapa
  • Tuapse
  • Sochi
  • Gelendzhik
  • Kabardinka
  • Lazarevskoye

But count on sea bathing is not necessary, as in may is still cold in the sea water. But in the numerous sanatoriums are pools, Jacuzzi and saunas, and to do recreational activities will be able.

The Mediterranean sea preparing for us in may?

Unfortunately, the Mediterranean sea warms up unevenly. In may you can go to Turkey to bask and sunbathe in Antalya in may, the air warms up to +25, and the water is only +20, and in Kemer, the water is +22, and the air is +27.

In may, the water in the Mediterranean places have been well warmed up.

Besides the sea, there are other attractive reasons to visit Turkey in may, for example, the local spring festival is may 5th. According to tradition, an unmarried girl have in the day to put a note in the "jar of wishes". Vessel until the morning put in the rose garden. And in the morning the girl takes note. It is believed that in this way she will be married within a year. In addition to the spring festival in may and also hosts other festivals in Turkey, such as the day of youth and sports, which is celebrated on the 19th and Eid al-Adha, which is very revered in the Islamic world.

Crete and Rhodes first open the beach season in Greece

If there is no desire to go to Turkey, you can go to the Greek Crete – an extraordinary island with an ancient history. In Crete in may, the water temperature is 22, the sun is warm and gentle and the heat will not spoil the rest. At this time the average temperature is about +23. The mild Mediterranean climate make Crete available to visit all year round.

This island is bustling in season, as here they will find their place and students partying at discos, and couples with children, and honeymooners can spend their honeymoon in seclusion. It is worth noting that at the beginning of a season tour operators often reduce prices on tours, so you can "grab" hot tour "ridiculous" price.

Another attractive Greek island in may is Rhodes. When the water temperature in the sea +22 swim comfortable, especially because the air is heated to +24. For those who do not consume heat, holidays in Rhodes in may is a great option. Interesting island and the fact that it is washed by two seas: the Mediterranean and the Aegean. Tourists often choose to vacation in Rhodes as a tourist service is well developed. Luxury hotels, sandy beaches and the possibility of privacy allow you to relax and rest comfortably.

In may, the tour operators often hold shares and sell tours to Greece at a low price! Cheap tour to Greece can be bought in advance on the action "Early booking".

Holidays in Cyprus in may

Another place where to relax by the sea in may, is the island of Cyprus. Here reigns perfect weather throughout may. The Mediterranean sea has already warmed +21°C, so you can count on a comfortable stay. Although the nights can still be cool.

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The most popular resorts in Cyprus ay-NAPA, Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos. The nature of these cities is different, so young people who loves night parties chooses AI-NAPA. Here come the lovers of water amusements to visit a local water Park. Couples with children bask on the beaches in Limassol. By the way, this city is the most "Russian-speaking".

5 reasons to go to Cyprus in may

  1. No visa
  2. Comfortable hotels
  3. Sandy beaches
  4. Low price
  5. Comfortable climate

Rest on the Redsea

In Egypt

kuda poehat otdyhat v mae nedorogo

Where to go in may cheap? That is Egyptlocated on the red sea shore, considered to be the perfect place to stay this month. As for the hot season in Egypt it lasts from April at October. In may air +29°C +30°C, water 27°C. May is the perfect time to go there, because in this month the cost of permits in Egypt is much lower. And sand storms in may, as a rule, does not happen. If we talk about the Red sea, many tourists it is considered the warmest sea and the most beautiful.

Egypt is a wonderful place, everyone there is a great opportunity to swim from the heart and sunbathe on the white sandy beaches. Comfort temperature, which in may is an average of plus thirty degrees Celsius is perfect for a comfortable holiday by the sea. As for water temperature, it is plus twenty-six degrees Celsius.

In Israel (Eilat)

In may, Israel already air 35°C water 24°C. Therefore, a beach vacation you can. The beaches of Eilat on the Red sea have earned interest. Hotels are comfortable, usually Breakfast. Many hotels have spas and offer therapeutic programs. In the coastal waters of Eilat, there is the largest plantation of coral. To admire all this beauty we offer a tour on the yellow submarine.

A seaside holiday in Eilat, you can enrich an interesting excursion tours to Holy places in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, the Dead sea, to mount Sinai and St. Catherine's monastery. You can also visit the national Park of Timna, where there are copper mines, the very "king Solomon's Mines". Visit Red rock canyon, a natural wonder near Eilat.

Vacation in exotic countries

There are countries where you can relax all year round. This is a different island in the ocean:

  • Seychelles
  • Maldives
  • Canary Islands
  • the island of Sri Lanka
  • Dominican Republic
  • Cuba
  • Mexico

And if the Islands in the Indian ocean, you can still find last-minute tour at an affordable price, the Caribs even tour discounts will be expensive. That is to say, for VIP-tourists.

Holidays in the Canary Islands in may, amazing as it is possible to catch the tour at an attractive price, which is significantly lower than the prices in Cuba, Dominican Republic and Seychelles. In may the sea is warm, the air is comfortable, and you can sunbathe and swim in the Atlantic ocean and you can swim in the saltwater pool.

The Canary Islands is Spain, and Spain loves to eat. So delicious food you provided. The most popular Islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria. Beautiful hotels with European service will not disappoint you. Besides beaches, you can find entertainment to their liking – national Park, water Park with variety of tours.

Seychelles is an amazing place to go in may and spend an unforgettable vacation. This month, as a rule, rains and the temperature is on average +25°C. All of the 115 Islands, but the most popular among tourists is the island of Mahé. Everything here is customized for tourists. Comfort hotels deliver a lot of fun.



The opportunity to enjoy the solitude made the Seychelles a favorite spot of honeymooners. An elderly couple are enjoying a high level of service and unique nature. Stay on the Islands is safe in all respects, it is not necessary to be vaccinated. Visa for Russians to the Seychelles do not need!

The Maldives in the Indian ocean can attract tourists who need only sea, sun and white-sand beach. These Paradise Islands is designed for enjoyment. The Islands are not classified as "economy", so even the tour for a thousand dollars is cheap. In may it is possible to "catch" a week-long tour for the money.

Consider the option of vacation in the Dominican Republic, which is famous worldwide for its white sand beaches. The temperature in may is around +30°C, and the water warms up to 27°C. it does not have to lay on the beaches and to consider the fish and turtles in crystal clear emerald sea. The Dominican Republic is famous for the nightlife in numerous clubs. Comfortable hotels offer a food "all inclusive". Quality service and friendly locals will leave only good impressions.

Any tour company will help you to choose a tour to an exotic country for vacation in may.

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