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Where to go on vacation cheap summer, winter, autumn and spring?

Kuda poehat v otpusk nedorogo?

Even just coming back from vacation and showing friends photos, you are already making plans for the future. In order to relax, you use weekends, new year's and may holidays, well-deserved vacation, which, unfortunately, working people are given no more than two weeks. You are traveling in summer and winter, autumn and spring and each time ask yourself the question: where to go on vacation cheap?

When you are very low prices on travel?

This question is very interested in budget travelers. Analysis of the market of tours for the year allowed us to draw the following conclusions. The most affordable prices for tours are in the "off season." It is usually:

  • period in January, immediately after long Christmas holidays
  • February-March on tours of Europe
  • November-December before the Christmas break
  • the "tours" a few days before you travel
  • tours of the system of "early booking"

But in the season you can catch a budget vacation option, for example, in hotels of a lower star or a place to stay without food.

Lovers, independent travelers will enjoy a tour without the obligatory excursion program. It is always possible to develop your route and see exactly what is interesting to you.

Where you can relax inexpensive?

Most popular cheap holidays offer hotels in Turkey and Egypt. That is why thousands of tourists flock year-round prosperity in these countries. The lion's share of Turkey and Egypt is the tourist business. Therefore, the Mediterranean, the red sea to build all new hotels, are taught to serve the tourists all the new employees, teaching Russian language for Russians to feel comfortable to relax.

The Resorts Of Turkey

The most popular Turkish resort city Antalya, side, Belek, Kemer, Alanya. All of them features a long coastline with fine sand, the whole set of excellent hotels, waterslides and water parks, many hotels, meals All inclusive, great service and fun animation, Aqua aerobics and concerts in the evenings. Holiday in Turkey recommended to the couples and young people, and a truly large companies.

The Resorts Of Egypt

We have all heard about Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada. These names have become synonymous with affordable but comfortable stay on the shores of the red sea. Some tourists like the tranquil lazy holiday in Egypt, each year they return again and again to favorite hotels.

The prices stay in Hurghada is much cheaper and suitable for those who like the combination of a high level of service and tranquil rest. Makadi Bay and Soma Bay is the ideal resort towns on the coast, where beach holidays are easy to combine with a variety of water sports.

Diving fans can go to Marsa Alam, where are the best centers of the sport. Also in Marsa Alam you can go Windsurfing and yachting. The youth water activities.

The most picturesque resort of Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh. Date palms, an abundance of unusual flowers, amazing beauty of fish swimming in the water right at your feet, the sea trip on the yacht and swimming in the open sea, night parties of youth – well, what else do you need for a good rest?

Bulgaria – our second home

Of European resorts most accessible for Russians, the country is Bulgaria. Well, everything is good in this country:

  • No language barrier
  • Lowest prices on tours
  • Cheap fruit and vegetables
  • Magnificent sandy beaches
kuda poehat v otpusk letom?

Sunny beach (Bulgaria)

No wonder, many of our compatriots already bought real estate on the Black sea coast of Bulgaria. The Bank actively settled around the coast is an active construction and a huge tourism complexes, cottage villages, and just housing infrastructure. But, if you haven't bought property in Bulgaria, you can relax:

  • on the Golden Sands
  • in Sunny beach
  • in Nessebar
  • in Ravda
  • in Pomorie
  • in Burgas

For early booking a week-long tour to Bulgaria to buy from tour operators for 7-8 thousand rubles with airfare, accommodation, transfers and services of English speaking guide.

Spring break has its own rewards

Immediately after the holidays, the question arises: where to go on spring break? And selection of proposals is quite extensive.

First, in the spring of the attractive resorts of South-East Asia:

  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • Hainan (China)

Lovers island vacation flock to the Maldives, the Seychelles, on the island of Sri Lanka. Do not forget about the rest of Goa (India). The rest of the island is suitable for either those who want to retire and relax from all problems, or for those who prefer entertainment to all rapid running the waves on a Board under a sail and without sails.

Second, in the spring you can go to Israel at a very attractive price, and, most importantly, in February – Aprilthe temperature in this hot country is quite comfortable for residents of Russia. The most popular resorts in Netanya, and Eilat, where a high level of service combined in the "low" season with affordable prices. This is the "spring bonus".

Thirdly, the mother-Europe spring is surprisingly good. When Russia still whistle blizzards, the air of Europe is filled with aroma of flowering trees. But best of all for budget-conscious travelers, the low prices for permits in the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Greece. Only 199 Euro for a week to go to an interesting first encounter with Italy or visit medieval Prague, to touch the stones of ancient Greece and enjoy the delightful air of Spanish passion at a flamenco gig in Spain.

VIPs can afford a trip overseas:

  • Dominican Republic
  • Mexico
  • Cuba
  • Brazil

Those of the country of eternal spring, at any time, encouraging tourists a varied program, and spring is still a little cheaper and you can buy vouchers for an extended period of time.

Summer is the busiest time of holidays

From the question "where to go on vacation in the summer" head will spin. Selection of proposals is so great that it can only limit the size of your Bank account. And, of course, the range of your interests.

Beach vacation

  • The resorts of the black sea coast of the Caucasus
  • The Crimean coast
  • Adriatic (Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Italy)
  • Mediterranean sea (Italy, France, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, Malta)
  • Turkey
  • The Algarve Coast (Portugal)

Sightseeing holiday

  • Tours around cities of Russia
  • Cruises on the motor ship on the rivers of Russia
  • Cruises on the Baltic sea
  • Tours to Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland)

Wellness and medical tours

  • Resorts of the Caucasian mineral waters
  • The Resorts Of Crimea
  • Rest and treatment in lake hévíz (Hungary)
  • Treatment in the Czech Republic (Karlovy vary, Marianske Lazne and other)
  • The island of Ischia (Italy) thermal springs
  • Baden-Baden (Germany)

Autumn season – nature's gift

Otherwise you could not estimate the harvest of fruit, grapes, abundance of holidays of tomatoes in Italy, wine in Bulgaria, and beer in Germany. So where to go on vacation in autumn, only you can decide. A few tips can help you make the right choice.

Beer lovers should visit Oktoberfest in Germany!

All the towns of Bavaria is a traditional festival of national music, girls in national costumes, singing and dancing, thousands of visitors from around the world. And, most importantly, with real Bavarian beer. But to book tickets and hotels for a holiday in advance is necessary, otherwise – see you all this only on TV!

kuda poehat v otpusk osenu?

It does not matter if has not got to Germany for the beer festival! In the neighboring Czech beer is even better, some varieties of this intoxicating drink, there are about 600, but nobody knows for sure. After all, every town, every brewer has its own unique recipe for the drink. Will fall to the Czech Republic in the autumn – try Staropramen, Czech Urquell, Pilsner Urquell. Be sure to drink a dark Czech beer! Well, boar knee – this is the card of Prague. It's all gourmet.

For tourists sightseeing the traditional values of vacation in the fall will give a lasting impression from acquaintance with architecture, culture and customs of the countries where the draws you thirst for knowledge. Autumn – the best time for travel. The choice is great:

    • Weekend tours by region
    • City tours in any city of Russia (Saint-Petersburg, Kazan, Volgograd, Rostov and others)
    • Excursion tours to Italy, Spain, France, Benelux, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic)
    • Trips to India, China, Tibet

Give yourself a winter Wonderland

Increasingly popular among Russian tourists is the winter holidays. This is not surprising because of the long new year holidays long ago taught us to plan interesting and useful pastime during this period. Where to go on vacation in the winter - now not a problem. The desire of the people to a healthy lifestyle leads to intense winter sports. And this is a great material base in Russia.

The winter holiday resorts

The Olympic objects in Sochi are accessible to tourists of different financial means. Here you can learn the ski slopes, ski tracks, skating, and swim in the pool, saunas and SPA and numerous recreation centers.

More experienced athletes prefer ski resorts of world importance:

  • Courchevel (France)
  • Andorra
  • The Swiss Alps
  • Innsbruck and Salzburg (Austria)
  • The Carpathians and the Tatra mountains

Invariably loved by Russians Finland, especially in winter. Numerous winter resorts Hand, Vuokatti, Levi to the slopes for beginners and experienced athletes. Cottages, ice fishing, the opportunity to relax in nature with a big company. This holiday will be liked by both family people and youth-led companies looking for the holidays to spend time with health benefits.

in winter?"/>

Students prefer to go skiing and snowboarding in Bulgaria. The most popular resorts of Pamporovo and Bansko. But we are talking about those who are in winter like winter. But if you want from winter to wave in the summer?

From winter – in the summer

December, January and February are the most comfortable period of rest in the warm seas in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Goa, the Dominican Republic and in the Seychelles, the Maldives and the Canary Islands. White sand, exotic fruits, tropical greenery and turquoise sea will allow you to immerse yourself in an extraordinary state of peace and tranquility. In addition to the Canary Islands all country visa-free, so there is a possibility to "catch" trips with a discount, at a more attractive price.

The Canary Islands are called the Islands of "eternal spring". To stay on the Islands need a Schengen visa, but promotions and discounts on tours too, so consider this an exotic vacation on the ocean in the winter worth it.

At any time of the year you can find a place on earth where a vacation will be comfortable and enjoyable! On this subject I recommend to watch an interesting radio station "Mayak":