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Where to go in the suburbs, to walk with the kids and without?

Kuda poehat v Podmoskove?

For residents of such a large megapolis as Moscow, it is very important to be able to break out of the "stone bag" and go to the nature. Moreover, the suburbs has a mild climate of Central Russia. Coniferous and mixed forests, abundance of rivers and lakes, numerous recreation centers, boarding houses and sanatoriums, children's camps - all this gives the answer to the question where to travel in the suburbs.

Suburban families with children

It is known that young children dramatically change the climate is not recommended. So relax in your climate zone is the most correct and useful. If you don't know where to go with children in the suburbs, our tips will surely help you navigate. After all, for a good and safe trip you need to plan it carefully.

Criteria of choice of destinations

  • The most comfortable conditions of stay
  • The presence of medical staff
  • The children's menu in the dining room
  • Good transport links to major settlements

These are key points that must be taken into account. Food and comfortable accommodation – very important points when choosing the place of rest with a small child. Well, the medical staff, of course, necessary in case of unforeseen health problems. It is also important to quickly deliver the baby, if necessary, in a major medical institution. Therefore, it is not necessary with the kids "hide" in the wilderness where no one has gone before.

In order to make your trip with baby was a success, nice if in the hotel or recreation with a Playground, trained staff to work with the child (nannies and governesses), a children's animation and swimming pools. Neither you nor your child will not be bored.

Choose the direction for holidays with children

A lot of boarding houses and rest homes in the suburbs offer to come along with the children, and the geography of places is extensive. In any suburban area there are many convenient and comfortable medical and health institutions, so the choice is yours. The first thing to consider pensions in the direction faster and more convenient to get from your home.

Here are a few options:

  • Sergievo-Posadskiy district, pension "Buran"is located in the pine forest on the shore of lake forest. Open year round, delighting in the summer medical air and flowering meadows, and in winter excellent ski trails. In addition to its developed infrastructure offers its visitors a specialized program "Energy of life", "healthy body, healthy spirit," and periodically offers discounts on accommodation for children.
  • Kuda poehat s detmi v Podmoskove?

  • Noginsk district, the rest house Kolontaevo near Moscow, 30 km along the Gorky highway in a wooded area with amazing healing air. Children discounts on accommodation.
  • Solnechnogorskiy district, rest house of "Component" is a picturesque suburban setting near the Istra reservoir, just 60 km from Moscow on the Leningrad highway. There are all conditions for a relaxing and comfortable stay with nice walks in the woods, go Hiking for berries and mushrooms, Biking or for "Nordic walking".
  • Taldom district, the hotel "Heliopark Country" all year round provides comfortable rooms in different price range for every budget and taste. To spend time outside the city with kids best family pastime.
  • Krasnogorsk district, Rublevo-Uspensky LOK "Petrovo-Dalnee" , located in the former estate of the genus Golitsyn, in the most picturesque place of Moscow suburbs. A relaxed stay can be easily combined with tiring walks to ancient temples. For those who want to strengthen your health with a sauna, pool, gym, tennis courts and much more. For children there is Babysitting and caregivers, a children's menu.

Weekend in the suburbs

Not worth all the weekends to devote to the monotonous chores in the house. Make holiday and enjoy a weekend in a fascinating journey through the suburbs. Many tour operators offer "weekend Routes", as a rule, this is the most interesting city in the region that are worth visiting.

Suburban estates

  • Arkhangelsk
  • Abramtsevo
  • Vvedenskoye
  • Valuyevo
  • Vyazemy
  • Marfino
  • Petrovo-Dal'neye

Kuda poehat pogulyat v Podmoskove?

Manor Valuevo

The long history of the ancient noble families of Golitsyn, Yusupov, Lopukhins is inextricably linked with the names of famous Russian writers, Industrialists, artists and actors. Visiting the well-preserved noble manor, you can look back centuries, to learn about traditions, lifestyle, history, influence on the fate of the country of famous people, and also to get acquainted with the architecture and just get pleasure from exploring the old shady alleys of the magnificent parks and gardens.

Access to the estate by car or by bus.

For those who when deciding where to go for a walk in the suburbs, choose a ready thematic tourist routes are interestingproposals of tourist agencies. You can go to:

  • Mozhaysk – Borodino Vereya. The route is called "the Glory of Russian arms" and is perfect for family holidays with children, as it allows to study Russian history in places of fighting glory.
  • Ostafyevo – Dubrovitsy – Red. Route "Palaces of classicism" gives you the opportunity to see unusual for Russia, the amazingly beautiful temples and palaces built by foreign architects. For architecture lovers.
  • Arkhangelsk – Hats – Zvenigorod
  • Serpukhov – Oka reserve – Polenovo – Tarusa

There are many other interesting and educational tour that will fill your weekend with positive emotions, new impressions and knowledge.

Beach vacation in the suburbs

Naturally, in the summer want to escape from stuffy Moscow and to go to the shore of a water body. Many suburban rivers, lakes, ponds, reservoirs allow to organize a comfortable stay, especially that on the banks of ponds there is always a hostel, boarding house or private hotel where you can stay.


  • Istra
  • Klyasminskoye
  • Pirogov
  • Mozhaisk
  • Ruza


  • Volga
  • Moscow
  • Oka
  • Nara
  • Klyazma
  • Yakhroma
  • Iksha


  • Senezh
  • Bear lake
  • Shaturskaya lake – Moscow Meschera (lake district)
  • Biserovo lake
  • Koscinski lake

A trip to the ponds surroundings in any direction. You can just relax by the river or the lake, swim, sunbathe, play beach volleyball, badminton or outdoor games with children.

You can ride a boat, a water bike or water skiing. Often, banks offer such services for tourists.

And you can Nestle in a secluded spot with a fishing rod and enjoy fishing, which is known to be very good in the suburbs. Pike, roach, IDE, Chub and many other representatives of the fishing of the Kingdom willing to bite in these waters to the great delight of fishermen.

Eco-tourism of the Moscow region

Visit the Park of birds "Sparrows" in Kaluga. No doubt, this holiday will appeal to both adults and children. In cages and the cages contained exotic and local birds, animals, reptiles. The diversity of birds is fascinating. For lovers of more active holidays there is a koi pond, where you can not only catch, but also to fry. Horseback riding and paintball diversify the trip, especially since you can stay for a few days in a local hotel.

Also for lovers of nature we offer you to visit Moscow zoo. Never heard of this? Just 20 km from Moscow on Kaluzhskoe highway stretches "exotic Park". Then you and the monkeys, and porcupines, tigers and lynxes, raccoons and owls, a huge collection of parrots. The Park is 8 hectares. Separately, there is a terrarium, aquariums with marine life. After meeting with representatives of the fauna you can ride the rides or eat at the many cafes. (47th km of the Kaluga highway)

Kuda poehat v goroda Podmoskovya?

Intellectual leisure in the suburbs

Various technical museums are always of interest not only boys. To touch the history of aviation, automotive and touch the first domestic car, twist knobs some vintage unit... is it Worth to look for a more interesting pastime for techies?

  1. Aviation Museum (38 km of the Gorky highway). Anything that flies or flew in the sky, represented in the Museum of aviation. From the first flying machines to high-tech helicopters, airplanes, machinery of armed forces of Russia.
  2. The tank Museum (Kubinka, Odintsovo district). All domestic armored vehicles since 1931, gathered in a unique Museum tanks, more than 300 exhibits. Be sure to take my boys to the Museum!
  3. Museum of technology (Arkhangelsk, 5 km of Ilinsky highway). The most attractive Museum of Vadim zadorozhnogo. Then you and vintage cars, and small arms, vintage motorcycles and military vehicles. And most importantly, in this Museum it is possible to twist pens, to disassemble weapons, to ride on an armored personnel carrier. And, of course, to be photographed for any technique.

Walking around the suburbs

All these options stay interesting and really decide where to go for a walk in the suburbs. Introduction to ancient Russian cities, visiting manors, study of monasteries, temples and churches fascinating, informative and memorable.

The original version of journey is a boat trip along the rivers and reservoirs. Tour operators offer a variety of routes, from day trips to week-long tours to the ancient cities of the green stops, an extensive excursion program. For those who don't like a lot of walking is a great vacation option.

River cruises weekend

  • Moscow – Uglich – Moscow
  • Moscow – Kalyazin – Moscow
  • Moscow – Myshkin – Moscow
  • Moscow – Tver – Moscow

The cost of the cruise includes accommodation in cabins, meals, excursions, entertainment on Board, tour guide services for the duration of the journey.

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If you want some "peppercorn" for a weekend in the suburbs, visit a unique place in manor Serednikovo, it's not far from Solnechnogorsk, only 24 km from MKAD. You seem to make a teleportation to another dimension and get into the Europe of the 18th century. Pirate port and the sailboat Jack Sparrow, cobblestone streets of old Europe, at home, in which you can go and get into that age – all that remained from the shooting of a historical adventure film and now enjoys continued popularity with visitors is the magnificent interiors for photo shoots of different levels. Such is the film location.

Good luck with traveling!