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Where to go on honeymoon inexpensive in Russia and abroad?

Kuda poehat v svadebnoe puteshestvie?

Where to go on honeymoon? This question arises from the newlyweds for a few weeks and even months before the wedding. It's really the right approach. To solve, you need to evaluate financial opportunities and released time for leisure.

Travel options across the expanses of our great country very much, and variants for vacation in other countries even more. You should approach the selection very carefully. Everything should be subtle and romantic! Where to go on honeymoon in Russia?

The Unknown Russia

Romance of the white nights

Saint Petersburg is a great choice for the honeymoon!

If you don't live in the North of our country, it is unlikely to have seen lights in the Northern sky or the white nights. This natural phenomenon will leave a lasting impression. It is quite difficult to compare the romance to something else. Because of this, it is worth to visit Saint Petersburg and to include it in the plans of their honeymoon.

The city of St. Petersburg - the unofficial second capital of Russia. The city has something to see. A huge number of attractions, romantic white nights, the bridges, and the Golden fountains of Peterhof. A huge number of different temptations can offer this wonderful city for the newlyweds. Consider this option for travel and the most vivid memories you provided!

Wedding trip along the Volga on the ship

Boat trip on the boat is a great kind of wedding tour. Lovers will get a lot of joy and pleasant moments. Just imagine that you are in a cozy cabin, without prying eyes. You will be able to enjoy in full by the company of each other, rhythmically swaying on the waves. Admire the coastal scenery, sipping wine or maybe brandy with fruit. You can the deck be in the arms of a loved one, prehravaci under the sun, knowing the approach of the next gateway.

Get a sense of relaxation and a break from household chores. Total relaxation for the bride and groom after the wedding preparations and the hassle you provided.

A journey through Central Russia

You can go to the South of Siberia in Altai Krai. You will experience the unique nature of these edges. Here is a mysterious forest, and plains give way to mountains. The people here are just wonderful. Altay is a great choice for a winter tour especially if you lead an active lifestyle. After the winter in the Altai is a thriving ski and will have the opportunity to ski or snowboard.

Kuda poehat v svadebnoe puteshestvie v Rossii?

If you decide to go in Karelia, the exoticism of these places will shock you. Wild Karelia will amaze descents on mountain rivers in canoes and Hiking through the woods. You will communicate with nature, breathe in the pristine air, sit around the campfire to the music of the guitar. Because it's great?

Baikal is a special place!

Baykal will make your wedding trip unforgettable. Building plans where to go on honeymoon inexpensive, consider a trip to lake Baikal. Here you will be in the most sacred place on the planet, everything here is special. Local flavor doesn't like people with bad thoughts in my head. In the realm of mystics, shamans say that the Baikal land are under the protection of the spirits.

The lake itself has supernatural powers and unique properties. This is historic times the most ancient water on the planet Earth. Baikal is the deepest lake in the world with crystal clear water. Its water has healing power. If you decide to come here on a honeymoon, you will no doubt remain in the memory indelible impressions, which nothing can compare.

For sure, your true love will bless the Baikal shamans and your marriage will flourish. Do not forget to ask the spirits permission to enter into their possession. Before visiting these places find out more information about Baikal customs, lands and traditions.

Journey to ParadiseIslands

Islands for those wishing to retire

For those seeking tranquility and want to stay with your loved one alone, but do not know where to go on a wedding tour, will approach the Maldives. There you can spend your honeymoon as you plan it, because you will not be disturbed and bored. On these Islands you can truly enjoy the peace and quiet, beautiful scenery and mild climate will help you to relax from the urban bustle. You can literally be alone on the island in the middle of the ocean. For this you need to choose suitable hotel on one of the many coral islets.

Kuda poehat v svadebnoe puteshestvie nedorogo?

Immersed in the atmosphere of peace and quiet, you will cease to feel the passage of time. Each day you will sail in the turquoise waters of the ocean, sunbathing and beautiful sunsets.

But even if you want something else, there is always the opportunity to do more active activities. Together with your partner, you can enjoy a variety of Spa treatments or go diving. Diving in the Maldives is considered the best in the world. And no wonder, because only on these Islands will you find such clear water in which to consider all the beauty of the underwater world. Impressions from this trip will remain with the newlyweds for life.

Island for those who want to have fun

If you want to relax on the coast and spend time with your loved one, but also to have fun, then place your holiday you need to choose the Dominican Republic. This is a small country located on the island of Haiti, which is bordered by the Caribbean sea. Here you can choose one of many honeymoon hotels with all the amenities.

The island has everything for a holiday for every taste. You will be able to:

  • good restaurants and night clubs
  • to try unique Spa treatments
  • diving

Also to the island's attractions are many excursions, including the places which were visited by the pirates of the Caribbean. On the territory of the Dominican Republic's annual traditional carnivals and festivals, which can take part and tourists. This active rest will just fly by unnoticed.

For lovers of luxury and comfort

If you prefer only hotels and top-class service, then you need to go to the island of Mauritiuslocated in the Indian ocean. Here is really the most expensive and luxurious holiday. The atmosphere on the island, just amazing. And all because here intertwined traditions and culture of different nationalities and peoples. Also on the island you can see a variety of exotic animals that are found nowhere else. Just from the hotel window you can see one of the extinct volcanoes, which are on the island quite a lot.

There's something for lovers of sport and active recreation. In addition to swimming, campers can play tennis, sailing and diving. There is even a Golf course and a small casino. But the real Mauritius is famous, is underwater fishing.

Journey to Asia

Kerala, India

If you are wondering where to go on honeymoon abroad and to relax with style, Kerala is what you need. This is the most beautiful Indian States that is located on the azure shore of the Arabian sea. Here you will find:

  • beautiful beaches and lakes
  • the bays and hills
  • sharp kitchen
  • ancient architecture

This place is ideal for honeymooners. You are free to choose what city to go on a trip and the choice is big enough. All city staff for their unique architecture from different eras and other cultural monuments. Every city has well-developed tourist infrastructure, so your journey will be comfortable and unforgettable.

Tokyo, Japan

For those who want to visit major cities in the world, not to sunbathe on the beach, you'll enjoy a trip to one of the big cities in Japan: Tokyo or Osaka. In those cities, surprisingly combines ancient culture with modern technology. This is what makes Tokyo so appealing tourist destination. In addition, you will be amazed and the nature of the city. Among the woods and hills you will find temples and samurai castles. All this is perfectly combined with modern architecture.

Going to a wedding trip, the main thing to choose a place in the world where your young family will feel comfortable, and memorable experience you can get in any country and on any holiday!