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Is it possible to take a plane the laptop?

Mozhno li brat v samolet noutbuk?

Recently due to the perceived threat of terrorism, many airlines have tightened flight rules. The passengers, the question arises whether it is possible to take a plane the laptop. This is particularly a problem for those who can be in long or business flights.

Of course, to take the laptop in Luggage is not the most reasonable solution. Firstly it can steal, especially if it is a flight with a connection. Secondly, during the loading of the Luggage is not provided care for him. In addition, you may not know where to place your Luggage. Perhaps it will be a couple of suitcases that can damage the hull and the inside of the laptop or the bag it is securely fixed during flight.

Also, in accordance with the rules of aviation security in the Luggage compartment it is impossible to take on Board products with lithium batteries.

They are considered flammable category, so if you suddenly have the ignition, then to detect it and it will be easier to pay off in the cabin.

In no case do not put the laptop on the Luggage rack of the plane. Most often it turns out to be half-empty, so during takeoff, landing or turbulence is inevitable damage to the laptop. The best solution is to put it under the seat or in the seat pocket in front of you.

During the inspection, place the computer in a separate container without cords, mouse, CDs and other accessories. It should be noted that there are special bags from which to get a laptop is not required. Or the usual case, or bag-tie. Bag should be without locks, chains and other decorations that impede the inspection.

Mozhno li Provozit v samolete noutbuk?

Laptop bag

The laptop is not included in the weight allowed for hand Luggage. It belongs to the category of personal belongings. Turn on the laptop it is not recommended during takeoff and landing, since the electronic waves they generate can interfere with the reception side of communication. In addition, when performing maneuvers in the air, the laptop can slip out of your hands and injure you or your neighbor. Try to minimally use the device during the flight, not to cause disagreements with the airline staff.