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Whether on the plane to get food and what foods you can?

Mozhno li v samolet brat edu?

Often the food offered on Board, leaves much to be desired. Provoking heartburn pasta with chicken and the sweet chocolate waffle for dessert will awaken your appetite only pretty hungry passenger. So the question is - whether on the plane, take the food out of the house – there is a lot of passengers.

Probably not all know what to bring food on Board of aircraft is permitted, and not necessarily one that was purchased in Duty Free before departure.

Seasoned travelers take with them not only biscuits and chocolate bars, but sandwiches and other homework. Restrictions apply only to drinks. But they carry flight attendants, so long to experience is not necessary.

In this case, the cooking of the ration is a minimum of time, the main thing – in advance to compile a list of needed food. Then you won't have to worry neither about the quality of the flight attendants offered food, nor about the cost of the desserts and side dishes.

What products are desirable to take with itself in flight?

Fruits are a great dessert and quench your thirst. It is important not to take the fruits which need to be cleaned. Dirty hands and the extra weight will make you forget about comfort. It is better to take the seedless grapes, other berries, apples. Pre-washed fruits are best put in a plastic container for food.

Dry rations in the form of a mixture of nuts or dry fruits will be a great way to relax during the flight. These products are also preferably stored in plastic containers. Because plastic bags tend to tear and open at the most inopportune moment.

Many passengers are unfairly overlooked to take such a useful root vegetable like a carrot. First, the crunch produced from eating vegetables, save from the laying of the ears during takeoff and landing. Secondly, the carrots will satisfy the constant desire to chew without harm to the figures. The main thing is to wash the root in advance.

Stuck from home breadsticks or crackers will be a great snack on the way. Especially if to combine them with any sauce or cheese. Thus choose to be not very crumbly products.

If preparation time is not enough food, it is possible to grab granola bars with dried fruit. Fortunately, you can buy this dessert in almost every supermarket or pharmacy.