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What to bring on vacation to sea with the child: a list of needed items

chto vzyat s soboj na more - spisok veshej

While collecting things before the trip to the sea at least a third of potential tourists thinking: "why did I just agreed (agreed) to go?! The case is not closed, but has not yet laid a big towel for the beach, a new hat, and a camera. To spend the vacation on the couch with the tablet and the TV remote control".

A list of needed items

Kakie atributy neobhodimy?

Sound familiar? This dramatic moment is necessary, as the athletes, "to endure" (well, not to take, because of such nonsense tickets), and even better – to approach the issue with knowledge of the case and not to fill the bags and suitcases to overflowing with all sorts of things.

First you need to make a list of what you may need during the journey.

It should be done in advanceto have a place to adjust it, to cut or expand – in short, to bring to perfection. Helps the advice of friends, recently returned from a trip, private travel experience, even the weather forecast (if in the resort area rain is expected, you will need a raincoat and waterproof shoes). Our recommendations, I hope, will be useful also.

Ideally, cargo should be a bit. At least for the reason that most airlines will accept carriage of baggage weighing up to 20 kg and exceeding this figure will have to pay a round sum. But there are things it is absolutely necessary, without which it is impossible to travel.


Documents – it is something without which the trip could not take place at all (remember the sad experience of one of the heroes of the film "Unbelievable adventures of Italians in Russia", whose stolen passport).

Jokes jokes, and the documents in the journey can give a person all the required rights.

komplekt dokumentov

So, you will need:

  • Passport (Russian, a passport or both depending on the circumstances);
  • Tickets for plane or train;
  • Medical insurance policy;
  • Vaccination certificate (to travel to several countries in Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America);
  • Insurance;
  • Payment card;
  • Student ID (if you are studying, and the document confirms your eligibility for discounts, for example, when buying tickets);
  • The power of attorney on export abroad of the child (a document required when traveling with a baby travel is not both, and only one of the parents);
  • Driving license (national or international, for those who are planning to rent a car);
  • A document confirming the reservation of rooms in the hotel.

Of course, that every traveler to the whole set of documents is unlikely to be needed. The following list is a kind of food for thought, and what he will specifically you depends entirely on your individual circumstances.

By the way, there is another recommendation from experienced travelers: it is necessary to take photocopies of documents (in addition to the originals), those would be useful on the trip "just in case". As an option – it is desirable to have "scans" of documents in their e-mail on your phone or tablet.

Beach attributes

Number of beach attributes is largely dependent on the nature of the upcoming holiday. If you have booked a good hotel, towels there you will accurately. Those who are just renting a property, you will need and towels, and something like a Mat, as the special of sunbeds on the beach for "foreign" tourists may not have or that the service will be too expensive.

In this case, it would not hurt and a small umbrellato hide underneed the face and shoulders from the scorching sun.

Do not forget about sunglasses, but if the sight you have is not ideal, it is necessary to take sunglasses with diopters.

If you go to the sea with the child, you'll need it for "security":

  1. Vest;
  2. Lifeline;
  3. Arm ruffles.

Choose what you think is most reliable and will please the child.

kakie predmety brat na plyazh?

If you go to the sea company, take all one beach ball. Swimwear (for men – heats) shall be not less than two, and the baby will need three. Yeah, don't forget a beach bag, otherwise where you gonna put all your stuff?

First aid kit

The best option is when you first aid kit during the holidays do not need. However, we must be prepared for unpleasant surprises, because if you meet them "head-on", it will overcome with less damage to health.

At the pharmacy, where you come to pick up the package of drugs, tell me what they need for the trip. You certainly will give you professional advice that may be useful.

For example, we may not know it, but iodine and Zelenka today released "the road" option – whether in the form of a narrow screw-down case pen style: it is safe for other things (no iodine or green paint is not spilled), hygienic to use.

That's what medicines and tools should be part of your travel kit:

  • Painkillers;
  • Fever;
  • Tools to help cope with problems of the gastrointestinal tract is often the result of acclimatization;
  • Activated carbon;
  • Burn ointment or spray;
  • Bandage;
  • Band-aid (preferably bactericidal);
  • Iodine, Zelenka or hydrogen peroxide.

It should be borne in mind that this first aid kit is designed for healthy peoplewho have any problems. For those who suffer from chronic illnesses requiring continuous medication (e.g. hypertension, diabetes), it is necessary to take "their" drugs and in the quantity enough for the entire period of your holiday by the sea.


sredstva lichnoj gigieny v otpusk

Is it possible to save space in your suitcase at the expense of hygiene? Yes, if you take them in small packing. To abandon them completely in any case impossible.

Even shampoo it is advisable to take your because provided in hotels is often very poor quality.

That's what hygiene products we should bring on a trip:

  1. Shampoo and (if you can't go without it) air conditioning;
  2. Shower gel;
  3. Loofah;
  4. Moisturizing cream (hands, feet);
  5. Sunscreen;
  6. Soap;
  7. Wet wipes with antibacterial effect;
  8. Deodorant;
  9. Toothbrush;
  10. Toothpaste.

In addition to this universal set of women have to grab a set for a pedicure and the tools used in the critical days.

Men need the device and shaving (gel, foam, lotion) and if necessary, condoms.

In addition, both genders need to take a trip makeup and favorite perfume (in modest amounts).

The clothes to take with me to the sea

In order to take the minimum of garments, prove (of course, himself), why in your road suitcase must be these specific shorts, dress, pants. Don't forget the "insurance" case.

Imagine that on the way to the resort in the cabin, there is a trouble: woman doused with sauce or coffee skirt, male pants. But if in the streets you had the only copy? Help out the shorts? Unfortunately, not always dress the control of the restaurant in which you are planning to dine out, allow such a change. So, whether you like it or not, to provide force majeure must.

Try to keep the garments were complementary (e.g., a t-shirt equally well to match with the shorts and skirt). Preferably things you've already managed once to wear and make sure that you feel comfortable in them. As for shoes, here generally without variants: unworn shoes in any case can not take a trip – erase feet and arcite this wonderful vacation.

Women and girls

odezhda zhenshinam i devushkam

Here are some of the items of linen, clothing and shoes will need women and girls for 10 days staysea:

  • A couple of swimwear (different style and colors);
  • Pareo or tunic (perhaps both);
  • Skirt;
  • 3 t-shirts (or t shirts);
  • Shorts;
  • Jeans or light (e.g., linen) pants;
  • Cocktail dress;
  • Womens blouse;
  • Jacket or windbreaker for cool evenings;
  • Linen (pair of bras and panties set "week");
  • Nightgown or pajamas;
  • Beach shoes (e.g., Slippers);
  • Sandals – 2 pair (casual and elegant, better – without a heel, because most likely you will have to walk a lot);
  • Headgear (hat, Panama hat or baseball cap).

To pick up clothes need to be sure to suit your travel at sea. Plan to play sports – take an appropriate costume for a hike in the mountains, running shoes (or sneakers) and socks (they often forget). Planned many cultural events – one cocktail dresses may not be enough.

One of your things (shirt or blouse) necessarily need to be sleeve – it is very likely that your skin will burn under the sun and you will need to keep.

It is desirable that your items were made of natural fabrics, which is well breathable - cotton, linen, muslin, and if necessary they can be easily washed and quickly dried.

It is also very important that your clothing is not required daily iron Ironing – you did come to the sea.

As for the decorations, without them, many women are just not used enough. Besides, the last time there was a category of beach jewelryto complement your swimsuit and pareo. It is important that these additions to your outfit is not too bulky (keep in mind the extra kg of Luggage) and very expensive (if you suddenly become a victim of thieves or corny you lose your favorite Golden earring - will spoil all impression of the rest).


chemodan muzhchiny

Men usually are proud that they, unlike women, are almost "nothing not necessary". However, their list is also not the shortest. Here is what you will need on vacation to the representative of the stronger sex:

  1. A pair of swimming trunks;
  2. Two trousers (one for the hotel, restaurant and travel into the city, others for the evening entertainment);
  3. Belt;
  4. Shorts;
  5. 3 t-shirts or jerseys;
  6. Light shirts (one long sleeve);
  7. Headpiece;
  8. Socks – 3 pairs;
  9. Three of underpants;
  10. Beach shoes (flip-flops or sandals);
  11. Shoes (matching the trousers).

If the plans men have sports in your suitcase should be a place for a sweat suit and sneakers.


Children's list largely depends on the age of the child. However, make no mistake that once the child is small, then his stuff will not take in a suitcase much space.

According to experts in the sphere of summer recreation for boys and girls need to take twice as many garments than for parents.

The fact that kids more often than adults, there are all sorts of trouble is to pour the juice, slap a t-shirt with ice-cream, even tear the clothes, trying somewhere to climb or climb for children a piece of cake. But you don't want a half-holiday to do the Laundry and the mending?


So, are you going to travel with children:

  • Swimming trunks for boys, swimsuit for girls – 3 pieces;
  • Jeans;
  • Shorts – 2 pieces;
  • T-shirts and tops – 4-5;
  • Panties – 3 pieces;
  • Socks – 2-3 pairs;
  • For girls dress and skirt with top;
  • Warm jacket or sweater;
  • Pajamas;
  • Headwear (Panama, cap);
  • Flip-flops for the beach;
  • Sandals - boy, shoes for girls;
  • Sneakers.

Children's clothing, as an adult, should be sewn from natural fabrics. Try to find crease-resistant or melanosis things you do because you want to have your guys looked elegant and neat.

For the youngest children, of course, need diapers. Do not attempt the entire necessary supply to bring – it is in a bag or suitcase too much space. To buy diapers where you will spend your vacation is not difficult.

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What else might be useful?

The answer to this question depends largely on your personal needs. For example, you want to take a Hairdryer – well you can't without it's beautiful to style your hair. Try to buy a small, road.

Love to read but do not recognize e-books? Take the "paper" novel, but this to him was enough for the whole trip. Detectives that you swallow in one night, it is better to leave the house.

Electronic equipment

Without electronic technology, of course, do not succeed, even if you wanted to relax from everything, including from different gadgets. But what about calls to family with the sea? A photo for memory?

Elektronnye gadzhety

That's what I generally take travelers:

  1. Mobile phone with charger;
  2. The tablet (also charging);
  3. The stick and the optional memory card;
  4. Travel SIM card;
  5. The camera (if not satisfied with the quality of pictures taken with your mobile phone or tablet);
  6. Camera;
  7. Player with headphones.

By the way, preparing to leave, try to buy in a store a portable devicewith which you can charge all your equipment – phone, and tablet. Save space in your travel bag. If you do not find this product in stores, get it through the Internet, there are such proposals.

Household items

Usually the household items that would be useful on the trip, remember experienced travellers who do not wish once again "stepping on the same rake". Why, for example, put in a suitcase a few plastic clothes pegs? Yes, because "the wind was blowing from the sea" and took shivsena on the balcony of melting.

Ground pad saving the ladies, whom it was necessary to put in order the fancy dress, but the hotel failed to stroke him. Why take the road corkscrew? As without it to open a bottle of dry wine to spend a romantic evening together?

May also need a penknife, the fumigator (device, saving the night from mosquitoes and midges).

And families with young children sometimes take trips even small slow cooker – a versatile device where you can cook baby porridge and steamed vegetables.

Other useful stuff

Well? There are still a little space in your suitcase and backpack? Then put in them:

  • Notepad and pen (to quickly write down the address, phone number, name of the medication);
  • Road sewing kit (a couple needles, thread, 2-3 buttons, which are very useful);
  • A Board game like "Scrabble" to occupy themselves on the beach;
  • Games for the child, whom he carried away for longer than 5 minutes;
  • For a child the same – markers and the album (and better colors);
  • The selfie stick (it's called "monopod");
  • Different things for women of all ages, invisible, hair pins, elastics, barrettes.

And another important point: the choice of the suitcase, travel bags, or backpack. They should be comfortable, light, durable, spacious, so they have enough space for everything that got in our listings and, of course, Souvenirs from the sea.

By the way, your own backpack need to be behind them and the young traveler. He (or she) will be happy.

Happy journey!

And in this video see details to collect the suitcase for travel with a child on the sea: