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A holiday in Croatia or Montenegro with children where better and cheaper?

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Montenegro and Croatia – two of the neighboring country, situated on the Adriatic coast.

The highlight of the countries is that they are famous for their unique beauty and pristine nature, as well as favorable environmental conditions.

If we consider Croatia and Montenegro as tourist centres, each country has its own peculiarities, which you should carefully review when choosing a vacation spot.


The country is located in South-Central Europe and the Western shore of the Balkan Peninsula. The climate on the coastal part of Croatia is Mediterranean, the temperature of the air in the summer ranges between 28 and 34 degrees Celsius.

The air is warm and clean, comfortable to stand the heat helps constant sea breeze. The water in the sea is warm, crystal clear, with diverse wildlife species especially attractive for diving or fishing.

Beaches in Croatia a free, clean and well maintained. In the coastal area is characterized mainly pebbly or concrete.

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Croatia is a country with a rich cultural heritage. Historical attractions include:

  • Pula, Porec, Rovinj;
  • the city–Museum Dubrovnik;
  • Colosseum – example of Roman architecture;
  • Diocletian's Palace;
  • fortress Klis and Lovrijenac.

The country is also rich in protected places: three national parks and four marine, preserve the pristine natural beauty. This landscape of Kornati, Plitvice lakes, Krka waterfalls, rivers, group of Islands Brijuni, Mljet and numerous caves.

Guests of Croatia can stay in hotels, hotels, villas, service level which is close to the European standard. A well-developed infrastructure.

Attractive for tourists is the Mediterranean country, rich in dishes of sea fish and seafood, which perfectly complement a variety of winesmade from local grapes.

The resort centre enjoys great popularity among tourists from Europe: Germans, poles, Frenchmen. For Russian tourists, in connection with the accession of Croatia to the European Union, requires a Schengen visa.


The country is located in the South-Eastern part of Europe, on the Adriatic coast of the Balkan Peninsula. The climate is Mediterranean, in summer the air temperature reaches 25 - 28 degrees Celsius.

Montenegro is considered the amazing beauty of the country, sung in the works of Pushkin and Vysotsky. This national parks with beautiful mountains, picturesque coves, bays and caves, as well as numerous ancient churches, monasteries, palaces and fortresses.

The hallmark of Montenegro are:

  • The Tara canyon - the deepest canyon in Europe;
  • Ostrog monastery, carved into the rock;
  • Kotor Bay and town of Kotor, listed in the UNESCO world heritage list;
  • the ancient city of Cetinje.

Its great beauty is famous for: mount Lovcen, lake Skadar, the Boka Bay, the Blue cave, Makarska Riviera.

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The major resorts of the country – Budva and Sveti Stefan are not only a modern tourist centres with numerous hotels, hotels with developed infrastructure, but also historical sites of Montenegro.

The country also attracts tourists with its numerous beaches: pebble, sandy, city with all amenities or a quiet village, wild, nudist.

The coastal area is always clean, the sea crystal clear, warm, calm. High waves are extremely rare on the resort beaches.

Montenegro is one of the friendliest tourist destinations, and stay at its resorts one of the safest, quiet and calm.

The most popular type of housing in the resort is to rent apartments and villas. Local residents also rent apartments and rooms.

Attractive for Russian tourists is visa-free entry to the territory of the mills for less than 30 days.

Where to go? Selection criteria

When choosing places to stay in Croatia or Montenegro - should be based on several criteria, specific to one or another of the resort centre.

The financial costs. Where it is cheaper?

Croatia is a more expensive resort compared to Montenegro. Pricing policy of Croatia is focused on tourists from developed countries: Germans, French, Dutch.

Also in the hot season, one can observe the drawback in choosing the best and inexpensive housing in the resorts of Croatia.

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At the same time, the possibility of renting numerous private sector in Montenegro: villas, mini-hotels, houses, apartments, significantly reduce the expenses on vacation.

Offer yourself visually compare prices on accommodation in Croatia and Montenegro:


At the level of service delivered Croatia closer to European standards, while in Montenegro there remained the imprint of the former Soviet Union, characterized by average indicators of quality of service and comfort.

Tipping in Montenegro and Croatia - and how much to give? Find out in this video:

The local people of Montenegro are known for their friendliness, a holiday at this resort – tranquility and serenity.

A large part of the population of Montenegro are Orthodox Christians in Croatia is Catholicism.


For Spa centres in Montenegro and Croatia typical quiet stay in ecologically clean places of natural beauty and ancient history.

This holiday is well suited for guests who prefer to break from the accelerated pace, noise and stress of city life, to enjoy pristine nature, a beach holiday and discover the culture of two Baltic peoples.

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Beach vacation by the sea

Montenegro is famous for its variety and multiplicity beach areas. Croatia has a longer coastline, but most of the beaches are covered with pebbles or concrete.

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Vacation with children

A big plus for families with children are numerous sandy beaches in Montenegro. Equally important is a safe stay at sea, in connection with the rare high waves.

At the same time, the European service of Croatia provides a more developed children's infrastructure, making the child a variety of and unforgettable.

Also equally important is peace and security, are common to both resorts.

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What to choose?

Croatia and Montenegro are two great tourist center that are worth visiting for clean places of indescribable beauty of nature and rich historical heritage.

Feature of Croatia is close to the European standard of living and, consequently, the quality of service, service and infrastructure.

Montenegro is famous for a beach vacation, lower prices and cultural similarities with Slavic people.

What tourist spot is preferable? To solve most tourists and, preferably, to try to experience all the advantages on their own experience.