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What you need to know when the first flight by plane during pregnancy and with a baby?

perelet na samolete vo vremya beremennosti

Air travel has become a norm of our life and this is not surprising because in the 21st century this is the fastest and easiest way to travel long distances.

During pregnancy also may need the flights: this can be a working trip, vacation, visiting relatives.

But the question arises: how safe are flights by plane during pregnancy, will not cause whether this harm both mother and baby.

Because either way, the General condition of the mother changes with the increasing of pregnancy.

Can hop on a plane to harm the child?

A simple answer to this question is quite difficult, but still no evidence that the flight can cause serious complications.

Many expectant mothers fear that the low pressure of the aircraft, specific air and low humidity can trigger such as childbirth and other problems.

It is considered that if there are any serious abnormalities with the health of the pregnant woman or abnormality of the pregnancy itself then there is nothing to fear.

Anyway, every pregnant before the flight need to be examined and consult with your doctor. You should pay attention to the overall state of women's health if there are serious violations:

  • cardiac activity;
  • nervous;
  • respiratory systems.

In this case, you need to pay more serious attention to this issue and together with your doctor to decide whether to make this flight or not.

It is also worth considering that if it is flying on a plane for the first time, the woman is even more difficult in moral terms.

Anyway , all the world's medical community concursthat if there are no abnormalities and health issues then the flight will not cause any complications.

If scared of flying

Almost all women with anxiety are to fly during pregnancy. Great anxiety a woman experiences in the first and last trimester of pregnancy, as the probability of an adverse outcome in this period is greatest.

During the flight, the woman may experience a lot of stress, which will adversely affect the pregnancy and the baby. It is also important to consider whether the pregnant fear of flying.

If she's already scared of flying, while pregnant this anxiety will only be stronger. If a woman knows that there is a fear of flying and flying is still necessary, before the flight will certainly need to consult with your doctor.

Also it would be helpful to see a therapistwho will help you to overcome fear and tell you easy techniques that help to cope with this anxiety. He also may prescribe a mild sedative, safe for kids and women and tell how and in what cases it is necessary to accept it.

Often women experience a lot of stress not only during pregnancy, and if it is a flight with a baby, as they fear for the condition of the baby.

To 37 weeks is the optimal time for flights. To 37 weeks, the risk of premature birth or serious complications is small, so this term is considered to be safe for the woman and for the child.

Since 37 weeks, the chance of complications increases. Therefore, many airlines aren't legally allowed to take on Board women with a term in excess of this figure, and some company do not allow to allow to fly after 34 weeks.

Anyway, the woman most likely will require a doctor's certificate stating that no major violations and she can fly.

Also , in some airlines may require you to sign a legal agreement, whereby the airline is not responsible for any possible problems and deviations.

Before 34 weeks - this time doctor recommended if the expected emergence of twins and more children. Due to the fact that the load on the woman's condition more then the pregnancy a little lower.

In case, if the expected emergence of more than one baby, highly recommended conclusion and recommendations of an experienced physician, who will tell you whether to fly and how to fly on a plane without negative consequences.

The likelihood of problems with the cardiovascular system

Special anxiety, nervousness, sitting position for many hours may adversely affect the General condition of women and on the cardiovascular system in particular.

The result is a stationary state for several hours, especially during long flights may develop a thrombosis in the so-called deep veins.

This occurs predominantly in the pelvis or legs. There is evidence that the likelihood of thrombosis increases seriously for flights over 8 hours, and if there is a special predisposition to heart problems or blood vessels.

Responsibly to this issue should be treated and women with excess weight.

What to take to reduce the likelihood of complications and thrombosisveins:

  1. Seriously to worry with regards to this question is, if the flight exceeds 4 hours. As a rule, in the case of flights lasting less than 4 hours no complications arise.
  2. Need to consult a doctor, there is the risk of complications in this area. If this possibility exists, it is necessary to take a number of measures to prevent complications.
  3. Better to sit near the aisle and every half hour to stand and walk a little on the plane. This should be done only with the permission of the flight attendants, and maintenance personnel of the aircraft. The aircraft can enter the area of high turbulence and this increases the likelihood of falling. Therefore, we should stand up.
  4. Is to avoid carbonated, alcoholic beverages and products containing caffeine. All these products have a negative impact on the condition of the pregnant woman. Better to use just water without gas.
  5. If there is a chance of thrombosis, the doctor may prescribe and appoint to take to flight and a few days after the drug Heparin, an injection which prevents the development of thrombosis.

Whether a pregnant woman wear a seatbelt?

The answer is Yes and only Yes. During flight the plane may be in the area of high turbulence, which in turn can lead to injury.

Therefore, pregnant women at any time definitely need to wear a seat belt. It will keep health as the expectant mother and the child, as in the case of unforeseen situations and sharp shot of the aircraft, the impact is likely to have on the stomach.

In this question it is necessary to consider only one point. It is worth to pay more serious attention to the strap and adjust it so that having fastened, the straps were a little below the stomach.

This ensures reliable fixation in the chair, and there is no danger that in case of sharp fluctuations of the strap will exert excessive pressure and impact on your stomach.

In some cases it is necessary to avoid flights

Some chronic diseases, deviations of the pregnancy and other factors can say that it is better to avoid flying during pregnancy. To make such conclusions possible if:

  1. If there is the possibility of developing preterm labor.
  2. Serious problems with heart and blood vessels that can lead to complications while flying.
  3. If a pregnant serious anemia, that implies a reduction in the number of erythrocytes, the so-called red cells in the blood.
  4. If shortly before the flight was observed spotting or bleeding from the reproductive system, it can indicate serious deviations and in this case it is better to avoid flying.
  5. Recent surgery of the abdomen and internal organs. Even such a seemingly simple operation like an appendectomy is still considered a serious surgery. Therefore, in the postoperative period is strongly recommended not to fly, especially long and long.
  6. Inflammatory diseases of the ear, as low pressure may develop complications.

Before the flight you need to consult with the doctor to discuss all possible risks if you must take drugs are needed to help during the flight.

If you will be flying a plane with a child then you need to think about its security. Because young children often suffer the flight, especially if this is the first time.

Flights with a newborn baby

If this is the first flight on the aircraft that you need to know about the child, so it is primarily the fact that it is not recommended to place a child under the age of 7 days.

Child's organism is still not fully grown and it would be hard to adapt to such changes in the environment and physical conditions such as abrupt changes in humidity, pressure and air density.

If the child is under 7 days, most airlines prohibit flight legally with these children.

To summarize

Before the flight to ask yourself some important questions:

  1. Is there such a need to fly it at the moment. If it is possible to postpone the trip and fly after birth, it is better that opportunity, it will protect and condition the mother and child.
  2. Is there a possibility of complications, both from the mother and child. You should definitely consult a doctor, undergo all the necessary tests and tests. If the doctor does not recommend the flights at the moment or in this situation, you should listen to the opinion of a specialist.
  3. The important factor is travel to another country for the actual birth itself. If so, you should consider all the possible risks. Also in this situation, it is desirable to carry out the flight to term at 37 weeks and 34 weeks is better. The smaller the pregnancy, the safer and easier it will be to fly.
  4. Is there a modern and reliable medical institutions in the city, the country, the place where flight is planned. If it is not a European country, for example, and African countries or distant cities and States, it is necessary to think seriously about where to go for help in case of anyof unforeseen problems.
  5. Made all the necessary vaccinations recommended before visiting certain countries. If not, it can pose a serious danger as the woman and the unborn baby.
  6. Is there a financial opportunity or whether the insurance covers all the possible costs if in another country will have to bear.

The main thing that you should remember is that if there are no serious complications, you should not be afraid of flights.

It is only necessary to take a number of measures to alleviate the condition. Drink more water, drink carbonated drinks, energy, espresso, eat in small portions, to take with you on the plane light snacks.

Follow some simple and easy recommendations, your flight will be quiet and uneventful.