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How to prepare for a vacation with your smartphone?

Podgotovitsya k otpusku pomozhet smartfon

The key to successful travel is careful planning. Not to overshadow the rest to bring home only good memories, we recommend you to start preparing for the holidays in advance. For example, we have already started to choose where you go next year, because the anticipation of a holiday is in itself a pleasure.

So, first decide in what point of light you would like to go. Do you want to get on a crowded holiday show, or prefer to wait until the main crowd of tourists subside. Modern technologies allow to learn the traditions of different countries and figure out how to find the most interesting sights, that is, without leaving the couch. And the vivid pictures of breathtaking that will help even better to plunge into the atmosphere of the upcoming trip.

Equally important are the questions that stand in front of any traveler: how to get and where to live. To see all possible options you can, literally, not looking up from the phone. Numerous applications will help not only to choose the flight and hotel but and immediately book seats.

The level of service and the number of included additional services each will determine for himself. We suggest not to be lazy and carefully study the reviews and compare prices on different services, the difference can sometimes be substantial.

During the trip we recommend to pay attention not only to the study of cultural heritage and showcases of museums, but also to get acquainted with the local cuisine. Believe me, this experience will give you a lot of information about local customs and will bring a lot of pleasant impressions and new acquaintances.

Moreover, it is recommended to abandon popular among tourists and promoted on the pages of tourist guides of places and try to find a small family café, where in the evenings locals.

It's so nice for a day at least to feel like a resident of another city, to get lost in the narrow streets and chat with the regulars small restaurant on the edge of town. It is possible that in such places the owner and the waiter will not be able to maintain a conversation with you in English.

So it will be very useful if at the stage of preparation for the trip you will remember at least a few words that will be useful in the journey.

And in any case, the ability to say Hello or thank people in their native language for them – common courtesy, which will surely make a good impression.

Quickly memorize words in a foreign language can, for example, using the app Easy Ten. Every day, your smartphone will send you ten new words to memorize. The theme and the difficulty level of words chosen for a particular user.

Thus, spending just five minutes a day learning the language, after a month you will be able to build simple phrases. A year later, your vocabulary will be more than three thousand words – this is enough to communicate fluently on General topics.

Easy Ten

By the way, for successfully memorizing words Easy Ten still gives awards: foreign language lessons and tutoring. So to pull up the grammar, too.

Finally, when the cherished date of departure is getting closer, look again at the smartphone and download an app that will help you pack in suitcase all things and not to take superfluous. So you can be sure that you do not forget your documents swimsuit or passport and be able to do without extra Luggage.

Well, the main thing that you will need on vacation – friendliness and good mood. Positive attitude towards life helps you to keep only good memories from the trip.