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Rules and baggage allowance in the plane in Russia: what can and cannot be?

pravila provoza bagazha v samolete

Going on a trip, it is necessary to remember about the rules and regulations of baggage on the plane. If we forget about these requirements, or simply they do not know, you can be in unpleasant situation.

The foundations of flights on passenger planes in Russia and abroad

osnovy poletov na passazhirskih lajnerah v raznyh stranah

There are General rules and requirements that are shared by all travelers.

The passenger needs to remember:

  • On the full package of services in accordance with the type of ticket. You can count on the help of flight attendants in the case of the raging neighbors;
  • About safety rules, which they say before a flight. You must follow the instructions to fasten the seat belts;
  • Smoking aboard aircraft is prohibited, excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages also are excluded.

  • That prohibited verbal and physical abuse;
  • What about the transportation of animals the passenger shall inform the carrier in advance.

General requirements and rules of baggage transportation:

  1. It is recommended not to carry objects and literature of a religious nature;
  2. The baggage allowance established by the airline;
  3. The bags must be intact, without cracks;
  4. If you have exceeded the baggage allowance or Luggage, it is necessary for her to pay;
  5. It is impossible to take the Luggage to alkali, acids, mercury, toxic and infectious substances.

Buy a plane ticket, you can use this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

Rules of carriage of baggage and hand Luggage

Cargo during the flight is in the baggage compartment of the aircraft. Requirements for shipping may vary depending on the airline, but in General they are similar.

The size and allowable weight

Dimensions and permitted weight of Luggage and carry-on baggage differs depending on the selected class.

For economy class: size must not exceed the sum of 158 cm (length, width, height of Luggage). Some airlines allow you to carry the Luggage of a larger size. The permitted weight is 20 pounds.

For business classthe maximum size of baggage is 158 cm. Weight suitcases 32 kilos.

Oversized baggage

negabaritnyj gruz

This category includes:

  • Musical instruments;
  • Items for athletic use;
  • Technical devicesbelonging to the household;
  • Baby strollers;
  • Bikes.

Accepted presents baggage airline only on preliminary request, at the reservation of the ticket. Refers to this category Luggage, whose amount in the amount greater than 2 meters and the weight is over 30 pounds.

To report carriage of such baggage is necessary upon arrival, purchasing tickets. If items of this category do not meet the size, weight, the airline has the right to refuse to carry oversized baggage.

Limit per person

Many wonder: "How many bags can be checked in for 1 person?". One person can take 1 suitcase, but if weight is exceeded, the airline staff may ask to divide things into two bags and pay for excess baggage.

Hand Luggage

Hand Luggage can be accommodated in the cabin. Howeverit needs to contain things that are not dangerous to passengers. In sum, the size of the bag must not exceed 115 cm, weight varies from five to ten pounds.

To the basic requirements of transportation of hand Luggage include:

  1. The liquid may be packaged in a container up to 100 ml;
  2. All bottles must be Packed in a plastic bag;
  3. The total volume of liquid should not exceed one liter;
  4. The bag must be zipped, transparent;
  5. You can take a laptop, camera;
  6. You can not carry in hand Luggage toxic, poisonous substances, sharp objects.


For certain items in the Luggage would have to pay. Please read these rules to avoid embarrassing situations.

What cargo you can bring for free?

Carried free of charge Luggage that does not exceed the norm. If it weighs less than 20 pounds and weighs less than 158 centimeters, hand Luggage not exceeding 10 kilograms and 115 centimeters, no need to pay extra. The unchecked baggage does not exceed the norm, so they carried free of charge.

chto mozhno perevezti besplatno?

But there are airlines, it is often a low-cost airlines, where the plane ticket is much cheaper due to the fact that the baggage allowance and hand Luggage is very limited. For example, the airline "Victory" allowed to take only personal belongings and in Luggage to hand over the bag weighing up to 10 pounds.


If the weight or mass of baggage or the hand baggage exceed the norm, you need to pay a certain amount. Usually it is 50 euros.

In some cases there is extra charge for carriage of animals. However, this is being discussed by the passenger and the airline in advance.

How to pack?

In baggage to take almost everything, but there are some exceptionsabout which you should know to avoid trouble.

Prohibited items

In any case it is impossible to carry the following items in their baggage:

  • Strictly prohibited on Board the weapon;
  • Lighter and thinner;
  • Signaling device;
  • Magnetized and radioactive substances;
  • Lithium battery;
  • Alkali, acid , and mercury.

We should also mention hairspray. It is a flammable substance and is banned for transportation, but not all companies. Problems will not arise, if the hair in liquid form.

In hand Luggage, in addition to the above items, you cannot bring:

  1. Nail scissors represent a danger, they are Packed in the Luggage;
  2. Blades and razors;
  3. Corkscrew;
  4. Liquid, if the volume of one bottle greater than 100 ml;
  5. Spirits.

Allowed, but not recommended to put in the suitcase:

  • Money and documents. Should be put in a bag and hand bag;
  • Fragile items, they can be broken;
  • Perishable food.

What can I take?

chto razreshaetsya brat?

May be taken in baggage the following items:

  1. Clothes and shoes;
  2. Towels;
  3. Tutorials;
  4. Foodthat is not perishable: canned meat, baby food.

If there is a question of packing in the Luggage of a knife, about these items have special rules. Blade length for economic knife should not exceed 10 inches. The length of the folding knives may not be more than six inches.

If knives gift, you must have a certificate from the seller that says that this merchandise.

With a knife, you should be careful - it needs to be well Packed.

Tips on filling the suitcase

Novice travelers should know that the Luggage must be Packed properly. If you do it carelessly or improperly, it can open during loading. Consequently, this can lead to the loss of certain things.

Clothing rolled into tight rolls. It is necessary to save space in the suitcase. The pants fold in half and stacked on top. Shoes are best to put on the bottom, packaged in two separate package and fold the sides of the suitcase. So it will take lessplaces.

If bottles of liquid glass, you should wrap them with paper in several layers or clothing. Thus the bottles will not break.


Inexperienced travelers should be familiar with the recommendations and advices of experts.

How to send something without a passenger?

In some cases you want to send the Luggage on a plane without a passenger. This is indeed possible and actively practiced in the modern world. However, it is necessary to follow a few rules:

  • The first step should be to contact the airline and see if they can send the necessary cargo to the right city. It should be called weight and the weight of baggage;
  • Further application is made, which includes not only the characteristics of the Luggage, but also information about the consignor and the consignee;
  • Negotiated terms of delivery individually;
  • On the package must bear the marking, having the data of the consignee;
  • The company later reported the day of delivery and the time when the goods need to be picked up;
  • Luggage obtained the passportor by proxy at the cargo section of the airport.

What to do if lost bags?

kuda obrashatsya, esli uteryany chemodany?

There are situations when a passenger cannot find his Luggage. At this point, he can feel the confusion. What to do in this situation? If a few tips:

  1. Need to go to the lost Luggage counter and fill out a questionnaire;
  2. You should know, in case of lost Luggage, the questionnaire at the reception is filled with the language of destination, or in English.

  3. The questionnaire identifies the contactswhich you can contact the owner of the Luggage;
  4. It remains only to waitwhen the Luggage is found. With the owner of the Luggage will be contacted by the airline.

Tips when flying with children

If you are traveling with children, it is very important get going on the rules, as in the strange situation, analyses can be conducted for a long time.

If the child is small, parents do not queue up to register, and to make the kid feel comfortable in the airplane, you need to take with you kids toys.

When the airplane ears, the baby can be very unpleasant, he will begin to cry. It is recommended at this point to feed him breast or infant formula from a bottle.

In some cases it is necessary to do inoculations. Some countries put forward such claims. In this case vaccinations are needed not only for adults but also for children.

If the child is older, he should be requested to explain the rules of conduct in the plane.

Rules of transportation of children's Luggage:

  1. Pushchair can be rented along with a suitcase for free. She not need to pay extra;
  2. Baby strollers can weigh up to 12 pounds. For overweight will have to pay;
  3. Baby food can be put in baggage and hand Luggage. Experienced travelers say this is because the child may need food during the flight;
  4. If the child is older, he has a separate place, it can take baggage weighing up to 10 kilograms.

Thus, the Luggage is carried in a strictly defined size. In reviewing these recommendations and rules, the traveler will be ready to go, you will avoid awkward, uncomfortable situations.

See this video General rules baggage allowance on the plane: