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At what temperature water you can swim to children, pregnant women into the sea and the river?

pri kakoj temperature vody mozhno kupatsya v more?

Bathing is very pleasant and everyone's favorite procedure which not only heals the body but also uplifting. Few people will refuse to swim on a hot day in the warm sea or swim heartily in the clean river.

But all you need to know the measure, and the body of each is his own: for example, hardened winter swimmers can swim even in the water, the thermometer shows low temperature. Therefore, it is better to remember about what the temperature regime should choose when bathing.

The benefits of swimming

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Swimming is useful for many reasons:

  • The improvement of metabolism;
  • Hardening;
  • Increased immunity;
  • Stabilization of blood pressure;
  • Light exercise (particularly useful for asthmatics);

Improving the condition of the nervous system (with regular swimming sleep and anxiety)

  • Support muscle tone, reducing excess weight;
  • Yogosareta therapy in the sea (particularly useful for those suffering from chronic rhinitis, sinusitis);
  • Bathing and swimming is a physical activity that do not adversely affect vision;

And now the numbers, or when you can swim?

Temperature for swimming everyone chooses for himself, taking into consideration the possibilities of their own body and health.

  • From 17 to 19 degrees – relatively cool water temperatures for bathing, she did not particularly enjoy, but stay in this temperature of water is much refreshing. Maximum time to swim in this temperature of water: 4 hours.
  • From 20 to 22 degrees – so the water temperature is quite warm. But some people with poor circulation still complain that they are in the water cool.
  • optimalnaya temperatura vody dlya komfortnogo plavaniya

  • From 23 to 26 degrees in this temperature of water is comfortable for everyone.
  • From 27 degrees – very warm water. At this temperature, a person can stay in water without any discomfort.

In the sea should not swim in temperatures below +14°C – this water is too cold. If you are quenched for a long period of time, such temperatures in water should be avoided. It is better to choose a temperature of 20-22°C lukewarm water well contributes to the thermoregulation of the body and accelerate the metabolism. For children and people with weakened immune systems will approach the water temperature of 23-25°C is the optimal warm water.

In the river

If you decide to quickly cool off on a hot day swimming in the river, suitable temperature is +19-24°C. Importantly, after quickly dipping well to wipe dry.

At lower temperatures, swimming is not recommended, you can easily get a nasty disease from hypothermia.

For regular bathing fun suit more warm water: +25-30°C.

Pregnant women

Before bathing, especially in sea, you should consult with your doctor. For example, high blood pressure – contraindication during pregnancy.

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In the early and late time climate change is also not recommended, while difficult pregnancy long journeys are best avoided.

Optimally it is better to swim 2 hours after a meal in the reservoirs, where the temperature has reached +22°C, and the waves no more than 2 points.

To begin bathing it is recommended with a 10 minute swim, and then increase the time each day to half an hour. Must swim actively, it tones your muscles and allows you to stay warm. To get out of the water when there is muscle fatigue or any feeling of discomfort or cold.


Even if you are quenched with the child years, don't bathe it in waterwhose temperature is below +22°C. This can cause unnecessary hypothermia, and as a consequence colds and low immunity. After noon the water in the river or sea optimally warm, time to warm up to max, then go to a beach. But after lunch, the child must be at least 1.5 hours, so food had to be absorbed.

Tips for bathing a baby in this video:


Infants skin is very thin and delicate, soto them need a special approach, not to burn and not freeze. Thermoregulation of them is still evolving, which is why they so often sweat and get cold. Hot water will open the pores to infection and for a child with an immature immune system that does not need. Cold water is slightly better: the urogenital system to SuperCool is not necessary, and will be swimming in not fun.

The optimum temperature for bathing infants – from 34 to 37°C. do Not be alarmed that the temperature is high, because it is the temperature of the amniotic fluid, and baby will be absolutely comfortable.

Temperature above 38°C will cause rapid heart rate and overheating and lower than +33° – can beat all the hunting for swimming because of the environment the unusual temperature. To bathe the child it is recommended that no more than 10-15 minutes, so that water does not have time to cool down.

At night

Bathing at night has its own nuances. In addition to the romantic aura and swim in warm water that is uplifting, quiet and pure, clean water. Most of the recommendations regarding the water temperature converge in one: one should be from +23 to 26°C.

temperatura vody dlya plavaniya v nochnoe vremya

Remember, if you swim at night, you need then be sure to wipe dry because the water in the night is warmer than the air and you can freeze instead of the expected pleasure from bathing.

Don't forget to change the swimsuit to dry clothes.

It is best to bathe the night in a familiar dark place, to avoid injury, not to slip on the rocks or drown.