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Travel by car in Russia: routes, where to go, what to see?

Puteshestvie na mashine po Rossii

Fascinating journey by car in Russia can become for you the most interesting adventure you will not only be happy to tell my friends, but if you want to write an essay or even a book. How to properly organize your trip? What if you have no such theoretical and practical experience of the trips? How to plan a route and where, in the end, go? Discuss these questions in more detail.

The planned route Autotravel in Russia

To start with the route in order not to be trapped in a way not to lose a lot of strength, nerves and money. To cope with path planning easy even for the novice motorist. To help the travelers will come handy navigation software, to install them on your portable gadget.

Recommend to install GPS navigation in advance and make necessary notes, to confidently get behind the wheel and hit the road.

If you choose to travel by car in Russia, routes should be clear and simple. Use proven options that have been checked by numerous campers.
The most popular directions in Russia are:

  • Karelia and Solovki. These places amaze with the beauty of landscapes and abundance of entertainment, such as fishing, rafting, etc. the Architecture and landscape will result in genuine delight of any tourist. The best time to visit these places is between may and September.
  • The Golden ring of Russia. Every Russian needs to make a trip to the Golden ring of Russia to have a right to say what he has seen and knows his country. The most curious thing is that these sites attract foreign tourists, while among the Russians, the beauty appreciated is that locals. Long time it is time to correct this injustice! This route will take you a lot of time, so will need to see cities such as Sergiev Posad, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Yaroslavl, Rostov, Kostroma, Ivanovo, Suzdal, Vladimir. Some of the Kremlin only can count three, as for other attractions, they are not countable. To travel by car around the Golden ring of Russia at any time of the year as each season offers you its fun.
  • Puteshestvie na mashine po Rossii - marshruty

  • Baikal. The locals are always proud to call this lake a sea, but the tourist infrastructure is developed insufficiently. But if you decide to enjoy all the sights and attractions, it is recommended to seek the assistance of professional guides who are able to show you the most attractive places of lake Baikal, as well as their own to navigate the tourist-beginner will not be easy.
  • The Altai Republic. A wonderful travel option for the fans of the rest “savage”. To get by car to this region is possible, but the most beautiful places you can see, getting to them on foot, taking a bike and a stock of food, drink, clothing. Of course, you will spend a lot, but this kind of tourism will replenish your stock of experience, but will also grant health healthy air of the Altai territory. The best period to visit is from may to September, as this is the warmest time in these parts.
  • The black sea resorts. Few Russians at least once in my life was on the Black sea and remembers all his simple, unpretentious, but fun and exciting entertainment. Go boldly into the most favorite resorts, explore new places, enjoy your life!

If you decide to travel by car in Russia, where to go - the question is no longer will you have to worry.

Preparing car for trip to Russia

Somehow, quite a large number of Russian motorists are negligent in the preparation of your car before a long journey. Very strange position, given the state of many roads of our country.

Going on a journey, remember not only about things that will brighten up your life and satisfy basic needs, but also the tools and devices that are important for your car. Let's make a small list of important items for which the first step is to find a place in the car:

  • Spare wheel. The lack of this simple and essential element of a was created to many motorists a lot of problems and time-consuming even on the streets of his native city, not to mention such departures on long-haul
  • Jack
  • Winch,
  • The cable
  • Fuses,
  • Antifreeze,
  • Candles,
  • Oil

These are the most essential things you will need on the road. To forget about them should not, under any circumstances.

Also don't forget to put your car a full inspection to resolve possible problems. Make sure that everything is in order with the pressure in the tyres, battery, suspension, braking system, fluid levels, etc.

It's time to tidy all the loose parts that can come in your final disrepair during the long journey. It is advisable to take your car for a professional inspection tospecialist that he was given the correct verdict and was able to correct all the issues.

Sleep while traveling in car

To choose the night before you travel by car in Russia, should be very carefully and thoughtfully. If you are a big fan of comfort, you can stay the night in the car. However, to do this you have to find a relatively safe place, and travel in a small group of two to three people.

If you go during the warmer time of the year, you can bring a tent, it is much more comfortable than sleep in the uncomfortable car. Besides, you will have a change of venue and practically sleep in the fresh air will restore your vitality, and you will sleep in a comfortable position. However, you will need to bring bedding to really sleep comfortably.

In winter or in cold weather it is best to use the services of roadside hotels or hotels that will welcome their guests at any time of the day.

Do not neglect sleep during long journey as similar to the behavior you are endangering your life and the lives of their passengers. A good rest is the key to your mental and physical equilibrium and, therefore, never torment yourself if you feel tired behind the wheel.

Journey through Russia by car: what documents to take?

You have already thought of a reliable route, we Packed all our things, checked the condition of the car and solved all the problems with it security. It's time to collect all the important documents that you may need you along the way. The absence of necessary documents can cause unpleasant situations. Here is a list of the most important documents be sure to bring:

  • Driver's license,
  • Those. passport
  • Those. inspection,
  • Insurance
  • Power of attorney (a notarized power of attorney).

Remember that the representatives of the DPS awake in bed at night, so the existence of important documents is a must.

Also we recommend to download on a portable gadget program - the so-called “Antibes” that will warn you about the presence of cops in certain areas.

You will be able to learn about the presence of traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, bridges, to use the information about how to find a quick detour.

Puteshestvie na mashine po Rossii - kuda poehat

The advantages of travelling by car on Russia

Why travel in Russia by car is in demand and so attractive? This explains a number of advantages of this type of tourism, which are impossible to challenge.

  • No need for a visa. You can only take a standard set of documents and safe to drive.
  • The opportunity to admire the beautiful scenery behind the wheel of his car.
  • The opportunity to take a break and stop at the time, as soon as you wish.
  • Independent planning of the route, the option to change it at any time.

If you have a tendency to gamble, like spending time behind the wheel, this kind of travel for you. This is a great way to relax, get a lot of impressions, learn a lot of new and interesting things. You can test your own strength, learn to navigate in difficult and unexpected circumstances, will get an amazing experience.

Get ready for an exciting journey now!