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How many seats in a passenger plane: layout of the letters

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The choice seats on the plane - a complex and responsible process. The flight itself is tedious, even if you need to overcome small distance, so it's important to take a seat with a high level of comfort. After studying the diagram, their location, people will find the best option for themselves.

Classes of service

klassy komfortnosti

There are three class, each of which has certain characteristics:

  1. Economy class. This is the cheapest option that has the greatest popularity among travelers. This is usually two or three rows of seats each with three seats. In economy class leg space is minimal and the comfort level cannot be called high;

  2. Business class. Places separated by a curtain from economy class. More space for legs. Fewer seats - two in each row. The ticket price includes the possibility to choose dishes from the menu. Alcoholic drinks are free of charge.
  3. First class. Most expensive and comfortable option. High class of service: seat folds into a sofa, they are made of leather. Is quite wide, so you can take recumbency and sleep during the flight.

The scheme of the aircraft

The seats are located in a specific pattern. Knowing this, you can find the most attractive option.

How many seats in a passenger plane?

The maximum number of seats depends on the aircraft model. There are aircraft that can accommodate the unimaginable number of passengers. The leader is the Airbus A380, which can accommodate the largest number of passengers and to fly with 852 passengers on Board. The plane was built in 2005. In the production participated UK, France, Italy.

The second place in terms of capacity of passengers is the Airbus A340-600. He makes the flight, when on Board a little less than 700 passengers. presented seat of the highest class. They are made of expensive materials, are comfortable, soft and quite wide.

Between the seats a lot of space, so passengers can take the most comfortable position. In the illustrated aircraft has three rows of seats, each with four or five seats.

Passengers in the Airbus A340-600 are located on two decks. Beds in large plane lacks everything.

And there is a standard number of seats. Often in airplanes from 250 to 350 seats. If the direction is not international, the number of seats may reach 150-200. The exact number of seats cannot be called, because it all depends on the aircraft model.

Is there room for the chairs?

Numbering is from the nose of the plane. The row number is denoted by. For example, if the ticket is written "4A", that is the fourth row window seat. At the beginning of the cabin sites are considered to be the most comfortable, usually they offer passengers with children.

The designation by letters

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Every traveler need to know that:

  • A and D - space window;
  • B and E - in the middle;
  • C and F - on the aisle.


To flights brought only positive emotions, you need to think in advance about the location.

What places are the most convenient?

The most comfortable seats are window seats. You can look out the window and enjoy the beauty of the planet, or to read the book, because it is the most bright place. The text will be highlighted in the best way. Moreover, no one is going to squeeze past the passenger window in search of his place.

Some travelers are crazy places in the middle. They have both advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is you can look out the window,because the distance is quite small, and on the other side to go to the toilet is much easier than the person at the window. Side passenger will touch the people passing by, and the man in the middle this can be avoided.

However, space in this case is not so much a traveler can feel trapped.

Seat in the tail

The main advantage of the seats in the tail of the aircraft is safety. If you believe the statistics, a survivor of the accident, the passengers flying in the back of the liner. They account for 67% of the total number of survivors.

If the flight is "not loaded", seat tail usually empty. The passengers in this case can sleep on three seats at once, and enjoy tranquillity, comfort.

In the near future

Just a few years ago standing room could seem something amazing, but now more and more manufacturers think about the creation of such seats. Every year passengers is increasing. Standing room would be the best option for flights on small distances. Such seats are less comfortable, but more affordable.

Standing places at the present time in the aircraft does not exist, but soon they will become reality. Airbus has already presented the structure of the aircraft with such seats. Soon standing room will appear in the liners. Domestic aircraft not equipped with such seats. However, this is one of the developments of the future.

Recommendations on the choice of

Rekomendacii po podboru sidenya

Some of the places that seem the best, it can deliver discomfort in flight.


You should avoid the following locations:

  1. Above the wing - passengers will not be visible to a bewitching landscape;
  2. The seats in the row before the emergency exit - seat these seats do not recline;
  3. Place next to the toilet - past will always be passengers. The flight will make a person nervous. Sleep is unlikely.

Sit at the window, but be aware!

This location prefers most travelers. This is a great opportunity to see the planet from a bird's flight. However, you must remember that there is one significant flaw in such a place: to leave would be difficult.

Have to disturb passengers in the middle and the edge. It will make them nervous.

To food, drinks also very uncomfortable. The man put a lot of effort to pull together and get meals. Otherwise, it would again have to disturb the neighbors and ask them for assistance in the transfer of drinks, food.

How to find your place?

Some rules will help passengers to quickly find the right place:

  • It is necessary to carefully examine the ticket. It has information that will help to find a place. Letters and numbers on the ticket will help to Orient;
  • If you encounter difficulties, you can ask for help from flight attendants. They are happy to help passengers to understand;
  • Indicate number and location on the panel above the seats. It's hard to miss, but alertness, the traveler will not be superfluous.

Advice to passengers

So the flight was most comfortable, the chosen place did not disappoint passenger, you should take into account the experts ' recommendations:

  • The place chosen for your own needs. If a person frequently visits the toilet, it is best to acquire an aisle seat;
  • Long stay in a sitting position is very tiring, so at far distances, experts recommend passengers to move, to swing the head to stretch the neck. It will enhance the mood, improve the state of health;
  • You can choose a place online. On the official website of the airline. This innovation has appeared recently;
  • Hurry with a choice it is not possibleto consider all of your habits. If a person accustomed to comfort, it makes sense to buy a seat in first class.

Simple tips will help the traveler to make the flight much more enjoyable. There will be only positive, happy memories.

Watch the video how to choose a seat: